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  1. RaleighHeelsfan

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    I don't believe the Panthers will leave uptown. But if they did...we are urban enthusiasts....come on...that would be the end for me. Why is that ridiculous? Honest queston!
  2. RaleighHeelsfan

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    Sorry u disagree with me. But YES...i would never pull for them again! My opinion is always dumb here
  3. RaleighHeelsfan

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    If the panthers ever move out of uptown and especially to SC...i will never pull for them again. In fact...i would hate the Panthers more than any team. Bet many feel the same.
  4. RaleighHeelsfan

    Wilson Development News

  5. RaleighHeelsfan

    Wilson Development News

    New Innovation Center to be located in Downtown Wilson. Construction to start sometime this fall. Pretty impressive for a town this size. I know Wilson has already been ranked highly for start up companies. I guess Greenlight (their city owned high speed internet and tv service) might be finally paying off. http://www.wilsontimes.com/stories/entrepreneurship-and-innovation-at-heart-of-new-downtown-center,121700
  6. RaleighHeelsfan

    Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    It's funny because if you count the people actually in the stands and White Sux games...there are more in Charlotte! lol...Season ticket holders never show up. The other day, it was a cold day in Chicago and only 200 fans showed up! Half of them had Cubs shirts on...
  7. RaleighHeelsfan

    Wilson Development News

    Manufacturer to bring 44 jobs to Wilson. Another really good company! http://www.wilsontimes.com/stories/manufacturer-to-bring-44-jobs-to-wilson,121081
  8. RaleighHeelsfan

    Triangle Economic News

    Rail should go to Wilson then Greenville. Wilson is closer to Raleigh and practically should already be considered part of the MSA in my mind. Wilson downtown also has the bones, and the city as a whole is 10x better than Rocky Mount. Rocky Mount is a scary place all the way around. (I am not talking skin color, I am talking ALL around) Drugs are way out of control. Don't get me wrong, Wilson has problems too, but it does not come close. Wilson has right near 50,000 people. (I am sure they have now past that) But they have a ton of people who commute to Raleigh. The west side of wilson is only 35 minutes from downtown Raleigh...30 minutes from North Raleigh. For a couple years i commuted to downtown raleigh from near the pitt co line, took me 50 minutes. I live in F-V and it takes me an hour to get home from work!!!
  9. RaleighHeelsfan

    Wilson Development News

    31 more jobs being added in wilson: http://www.wilsontimes.com/stories/linamar-plans-expansion-to-wilson-facility,107456?
  10. RaleighHeelsfan

    Wilson Development News

    445 new jobs announced today. Company is called Fresenius Kabi. "global health care company that specializes in medicines and technologies for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition." http://www.wilsontimes.com/stories/company-expansion-to-bring-hundreds-of-jobs-here,104864 Mods. Can you delete the other wilson thread? Whirligig station. The city is converting an old warehouse into apartments and retail in downtown Wilson! Good to see a town in eastern NC doing so well...or at least making a turn in that direction. Sounds like it will be really cool. http://www.wilsontimes.com/stories/apartments-will-preserve-wilson-history-111,104449
  11. RaleighHeelsfan

    The Good News Report

    It's amazing how the ACC and NCAA moved games out of NC because of HB2...But the NCAA and ACC will allow games to be played in China...where the people have NO RIGHTS. Just like Kermit the frog...but that's not of my business...I will sip my tea. Double standards in this country are out of control.
  12. RaleighHeelsfan

    Wilson - 445 High Paying Jobs?

    Per The wilson times: http://www.wilsontimes.com/stories/445-high-paying-jobs-coming-to-wilson-county,98578 Article states we would find out the company by the end of October. Has anyone heard who that company is? There is supposed to be a public meeting on 11-06-17 Sounds like really good news for that area!
  13. RaleighHeelsfan

    Amazon HQ2

    When Charlotte does their pitch, It will include NC State, UNC, DUKE, ECU, Wake, Clemson, SC, UNCG, UNCC, Davidson and all of the other Raleigh and Charlotte schools. Growing up in eastern NC, I can tell you Raleigh and Charlotte is where most of these kids end up living. Same can be said for most students in SC. They end up in Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh. We are on the top of the list with colleges. Probably second to Boston.
  14. Thanks CJD, dale, and pillar. Good to know there are still open mined people in the world. And I have yet to read one post where someone stated they support the Klan, or Natzis or any hate group...lol All that talk is Fake News
  15. RaleighHeelsfan

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    Looks like ruins to me. The guy is a total joke.