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  1. So how did they increase the SQ FT of the tower after it has already broke ground? I am confused but what that means? Does that mean the building will be taller?
  2. I really don't understand why people think wells would not come to Charlotte. Bank of America did. There are more people out there ready to get out of NYC than you think. Even so, I bet most jobs come here over time and that is all that really matters.
  3. Please take your yankee complaining ass back north...please
  4. Charlottes had one proposed for a while. Not broke ground I don't think.
  5. Lol...agree...or they have those stools with no backs...they don't want you to stay long for sure!
  6. I cannot figure out how to copy the link. But downtown Wilson set to get full service YMCA...200 new apartments...20,000 sq feet of retail. Completion date in 3 years. Will be on old BB&T site. Wilson times if you want to read article.
  7. I feel like Dallas and Atlanta are the favorites. if a "top" university is a must, why would they pick Charlotte? I mean, I hope they pick Charlotte but....
  8. Is that where the red roof inn is? I thought a soccer stadium was part of that plan?
  9. We are probably at the end of this cycle though. I bet finally next cycle downtown Raleigh will take the turn we have always wanted to going tall!
  10. "Parking deck wrapped in apartments" LOL...yeah...there will be a parking deck alright...and it will sit there for years unfinished...
  11. Is this gateway station or something different? I was hoping for a lot more if it's gateway...
  12. WOW, what was the wind speed?? Anybody know?
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