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  1. I am on your side. The whole thing is an colossal joke. Be careful though. The members of urbanplanet will gang up on you and have you suspended. They did that to me after only voicing my opinion which was not argumentive or biased. It was the same as what you posted practically. I was suspended for a week and never given a sensible reason. I was about to elevate the situation for the board discriminating against me for  having a view that wasn't suitable to the "special" few. Thanks for you posting. I don't really give a rat's ass. I just think it is such a stupid, embarrassing issue. I do believe that a vote needs to occur concerning he "open" bathrooms. I don't worry about LGBTs. They are fine with me. I just don't like being in the men's bathroom peeing and women walking in. I guess I am a bit modest about that. But, according to some, that makes me a bigoted republican which I am neither.


    1. RaleighHeelsfan


      lol...yeah. I was banned for a couple weeks. that is why I am late replying.

      But liberals twist everything you say around. That is why I said in one post it is like talking to a wall...they don't listen to anything someone else has to say. Oh well.

      But I am ok with gays...transgenders, whatever. But what the WORLD is doing to NC right now is a total joke. It makes me VERY angry. The hypocrisy is just mind boggling. But nothing we can do. I will never listen to those artists again that are banning NC.

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