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    Thanks Cindy
  2. I wanted to open a new topic, but this falls under sbc development. I found this quite interesting and pretty awesome! Branding Shreveport/Bossier: "Shreveport-Bossier City has partnered with North Star Destination Strategies to develop a community “Brand” for marketing the city to visitors, residents and businesses in the year 2007 and beyond. According to North Star CEO Don McEachern, at the heart of Shreveport-Bossier City
  3. No, not the one with the winding staircase. That one isn't in front of Tiburon. You'll see it. I mean, it's directly across from the Tiburon entrance.
  4. Has anyone been down Swan Lake Road lately? I've noticed that the big house right across from Tiburon looks like it's abandoned. Also, about a 1/2 mile up the road they are clearing land. Anyone know about that house or what's going where the land is being cleared?
  5. Just curioius. What "looks" safe?
  6. You're right, South Bossier isn't growing as much. It's more like it's getting cramed. My wife and I were going to build in Savannah. But, like everyone else has said, who wants a house near railroad tracks and right near the base. I can stand planes, but planes AND trains! Plus, you have to go through every other neighborhood to get there. Imagine what it will look like when the older neighborhoods are starting to deteriorate. As far as Bossier High School goes, last time I heard (2001) it was supposed to be shutting down for constantly failing some inspection. You know, the one that they see how well students are taught. There's really no need for Bossier High, IMO. The old BPCC campus is totally deserted, so I see no reason why Airline shouldn't expand. Or tear BPCC down and extend. Who knows.
  7. It was about the same number of students, plus or minus 150, when I graduated in 2000. With all the new growth, a new school is needed. Airline already supports much of Bossier. Benton high school needs to be rebuilt in my opinion. Maybe a new location to take the load off of Airline. If you think about it, every smart adult wants there child to go to Airline. It is the best school in this area. I'm not saying this because I went there, it's just true(at least it was when I was there). Much of Dogwood kids go to Airline and they are supposed to be going to Haughton. Stockwell place kids, carriage oaks kids, tiburon, swan lake, etc. That's a lot of kids for one school. Considering the growth of North Bossier, Airline will either have to expand or Benton will need to rethink things.
  8. On the topic of Shreveport/Bossier City development, does anyone know what's gonna happen to the old BPCC next to AHS? I think AHS should expand.
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    Attention Lurkers!

    Richy, you are absolutley right about the "white flight" areas. It's funny that both the black and white races are known for certain crimes. I can listen to the nature of a crime and pretty much tell if it was a white person or black person. I think that's funny. But I could answer your question about why black on black crime in a number of ways and I guess that's why there is know real answer. First, black people in the impoverished neighborhoods, aka "ghetto" or "hood", are upset that they have to live the way they live. So, like animals, they are protective of everything they own or stand for because it's all they have and most likely all they ever will have. I was at that point in my life where I thought I'd never be able to own a house. Some reading and education and here I am, one of the youngest people in my neighborhood to own a house (24). I beat the odds, and that's my passion. I love it when someone thinks I am one way and suprised to see that I am the other. The problem is, higher education cost money, and black people know that. With most of us being in those "hoods" we feel as if there is no getting out. The military was the best option for me. It opened up so many doors for me and pretty much paid for my education. These days, there is no excuse. But, only the educated know that. If you have a family of uneducated people that know nothing, it carry's on. Afterall, we were told we were free, but we had to survive somehow. Imagine, for a minute, being a slave and then being told you are free with nothing but the clothes on your back. Now go survive, but good luck because we are still gonna hate you and kill you when we see you and do anything to prevent you from being a dominant race. The same goes for the whites, asians, mexicans, etc. that are in those neighborhoods. Now, those that had a chance to live the "american dream" and blew it, I don't feel a bit sorry for. The ones that choose to spend their life savings on rims, and "systems" and think credit cards is free money are just ignorant. I could go on and on, and I'm sure someone could contest. But, I think you get the general point. To me, no race is dominant of the other. You can run and I can run. You can get educated, so can I. It's just a matter of personal will as to who's better at it. Unless your race can do something that another race can't, then I would say that race is definently dominant. But, as of late, I haven't seen any flying white men, or underwater dwelling mexicans.
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    Attention Lurkers!

    I thank everyone for helping me understand. Unfortunatley, what Brian said is true about african-americans in the Shreveport area. At least most of them. As I said, it's turning around, but all too slow. You're corect, I may have read into it too much. But you must understand where I'm coming from. I get criticized because I am a certain color. I am pretty much expected to do wrong everywhere I go. At times, I do where "do-rags". I don't sag in my pants to show my @ss (that's ridiculous), but I do where some of the "urban" wear. It's so funny that the word "urban" is used to replace black fashion (urban culture, urban wear, urban this, urban that). Anyway, you can see my dilema. People, particularly whites, see a black guy that is probably up to no good. When I first met my wife, it was surprising to her grandparents how educated I am. Is that surprising to see an educated black person? Anyway, you have to see that I am bombarded with stereotypes and idiots that don't want to take the time to get to know a person or understand that persons situation. That's why a lot of black people are real sensitive on that issue. But, I can certainly understand the census. I mean, it is a fact that blacks are responsible for a majority of crimes in certain areas. Anyway, I'm glad to see the new Target shopping area. I know I am sick of driving to Shreveport to do any shopping. Brian, I actually live in Dogwood myself. I saw the comment that Dogwood was getting pretty trashy. It's not getting trashy, just old. Though, I see more and more driveways full of broke down cars, boats, and RV's. Apparently the neighborhood convenance isn't strict enough or it's loosely enforced. Another thing that doesn't help is the trashy add-ons people make to their homes. To give you an example, Legacy's convenance states, in layman's terms, that you can't have a "cheap" storage shed in your backyard and if you have a shed, it must be made of housing material. In other words, the shed will probably need to look like a detached room. This is only one of the many strict policies but it keeps property value up. Thank you guys for the response. I'll being posting on the other forums as well. -J
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    Attention Lurkers!

    Hello all, My name is Jason, and I'm a lurker. LOL. I have been browsing the forums for shreveport/bossier and it's quite interesting. I would love to chime in on topics, but it seems as though this is a place for bashing black people. For some reason, I keep coming across this "white flight" thing and bashing on a black mayor. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jason. I am 24 years old, black, and married to a beautiful white woman. Sorry to rain on your parade! I was born and raised here, but I joined the military immediately after graduating Airline High School. I was Air Force Special Ops for 5 years in Fort Walton Beach, Florida where I met my wife in Panama City Beach (45 min away). I just recently put in to get stationed here (Barksdale), and here I am. My job in the Air Force is Electronic Warfare Systems Technician. I am currently 3 semesters from completing my Bachelors of Science degree in Profesional Aeronautics with three minors; Management, International Relations, and Intelligence. My wife works at Home Depot (Airline) and is majoring in paralegal studies. We purchased a lot in the new Legacy subdivision about two months ago and our home is near completion. Thank god, because everyone knows it's no fun to live with your parents. LOL. Especially with a baby. Being in the "bible belt", you would think racism would be cured. Apparently not. At the same time, I am open-minded enough to understand where people come from. I mean, it is true that a lot of african american people are in poverty and crime stricken. But the same goes for every other race, just less of that race. There is no excuse and it ashame that some black people feel like they have to blame it on everything under the sun. Can we turn it around, sure we can. Unfortunatley it's happening all too slow. I wish everyone could travel the world as I did and see that there's more to life than that. It surprises me to see how many idiots there are in the world. I've read white supremacist, black supremacist, and asian supremacists sites and they are all equally dumb and true followers lead by a persuasive idiot. Ok, enough of my ranting. Sorry to ruin your day, I could go on and on. Boy, years of speeches and undergrad projects starting to come out. Anyway, what do you think about the future of the legacy subdivision and swan lake road? I'm hoping to see a great return on my investment. Thanks to the help of the new Target shopping center development.