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  1. love the idea of the overlapping transportation grids and also overlapping modes of transportation now lets add a line to worcester and new bedford we'd be big time
  2. good idea in principle i guess. ive been to many charettes, many of them back in college, but i always had a few reservations about them for planning purposes they seem great because issues are brought up and communicated to the locals, people feel like have an ownership in the future of their community, planning becomes easier in a sense because lots of little or unknown facts and local histories can be brought up in the planning process and problems can be forseen in some cases, and opposition can be seen on small scales so as to plan ahead because of its inevitability on the other hand, things can sometimes become too specific and that does take a lot of creativity and artistic ability away from the architect and/or designers specifics can also hold back planners and also hold back the greater good of the larger area of which a community is a part of that said, its always fun to talk "what if's"
  3. looks a lot like the route 128 station in Mass except there is a busy airport next door
  4. lowes is trying to capture the RI market if you were their strategy plannersm, would you not do the same to stem the tide of home depots? these stores talk a lot about owning markets and market share this is how they accomplish that among other things
  5. are there examples of a skybridge this long anywhere to be found online? I think it will be a great asset for the station district - if that ever gets built! Will this still be the closest amtrak station to a major airport in the US? I've heard that somewhere along the way... peace im outta here
  6. "Resident Annette Lemieux, who was once one of the most outspoken opponents of the project, said she was pleased with the compromise and said Calart
  7. yea i know how it works... but thanks for the update i just think its ridiculous that i heard about this project while i was in high school and now i'm well out of college and working. maybe by the time i retire ill be able to take the train down to tf green to travel, who knows! 1.5 billion invested in westwood, mass by 2 private developers... private money they only have the train, no major airport, this should be a no brainer for warwick provide some incentive for private investment and watch the station distruict rise up....
  8. IF WARWICK OR RI DOES NOT DO SOMETHING FAST ABOUT THEIR STATION DISTRICT I'M GONNA GO BANANAS... START BUILDING NOW! http://www.boston.com/business/articles/20...dote_to_sprawl/ "WESTWOOD -- Two familiar names in Massachusetts commercial real estate are joining up to replace a worn-out industrial park with a $1.5 billion city in the suburbs, where people would live, eat, shop, work, work out, and hang out, right at one of region's busiest transportation hubs. Cabot, Cabot & Forbes of New England Inc. and New England Development of Newton are busy drawing up plans for Westwood Station, a 4.5-million-square-foot development that would transform 130 underused acres into homes for 1,000 families, and offices or shopping destinations for thousands more." >>> How many places in RI could you see fitting the same bill or having potential for this type of development??? let's see what you guys think!!!
  9. "Shoreline East to Warwick? Wait, that's crazy! I assume this would be so that New London can have rail access to T.F. Green, but is the demand really there? Amtrak (if it survives) will run from New London to T.F. Green..." - Cotuit >>> the line from "New London to Warwick" really has another name... its the line from "Foxwoods/Mohegan Sun to TF Green" I like...good business decision for those casinos. maybe we should negotiate a subsidy from them for the cost of running the commuter rail...
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