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  1. How would this compare to the old cafeteria that was in Belks? That place was great! I wish it wouldn't have closed. I know many people who miss it dearly.
  2. I completely disagree. Seems most people who consider themselves too good or sophisticated for NASCAR supposedly 'despise' it and think it's detrimental to their and Charlotte's image. Everyone I know in Charlotte, whether they be college educated or not, redneck, blue, or white collar, middle, high, or low class either like NASCAR or don't care for it but aren't put off by it.
  3. Old Station 4 was actually too small to house all of the old pumpers that CFD has restored. While the station is a nice touch and will be missed, they need a a bigger space to display the trucks. They are currently stacked in there and stored at various stations throughout the city.
  4. Surprise, Surprise. The opening for the next section of 485 is delayed another month due to rainy weather....
  5. Raintree21


    Manny Ramirez has been traded to the Dodgers!
  6. Oh yeah, I constantly have seen on tv both nationally and internationally, people with Charlotte Hornets t-shirts and sweatshirts.
  7. Some clarification has come on the Judge Morrison's ruling. He explained that while the commission should have let Jerry Reese more of an opportunity to review the case but that his ruling does not reverse their decision or prevent the county from using bond money for the stadium. The ruling is apparently not binding and the commission can either accept the judge's recommendation or reject it and send the case back to the judge. Of course, if they reject it, unfortunately Reese is allowed to appeal their decision.
  8. Here is the Catalyst website for those who aren't familiar.
  9. ^ If only the trees were still there...
  10. I wonder if there's anyway to require the developer to plant grass or something to at least decrease the runoff a little bit. It would also temporarily help (even if just a tiny bit) with pollution to have greenery there instead of dirt.
  11. The Double Oaks project got final approval from the City Council at last week's meeting.
  12. The shooting definitely doesn't help the mall's image anymore but maybe it will speed the process up some and get the redevopment (and wrecking) ball rolling.
  13. It was posted in the 3rd Ward Park thread but I figured it would be more appropriate here. A judge threw out Jerry Reese's latest lawsuit against the county to prevent the Knights from building their stadium. Of course, he immediately announced plans to appeal the ruling. A minor setback occurred though. Another judge ruled that a full state commission must review one of the bond packages related to the stadium instead of the small committee that previously approved it.
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