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  1. So NHK has to be picked up by a large dish now? Or via direct vendors? Know of a local business that specializes in getting NHK (because I don't believe local Direct TV carried it at all), but not sure if they just tapped into national Direct TV outlets. Does anyone know if it's possible to get the real NHK, not the repackaged variety served in the US and Europe?
  2. I'm not a "treehugger" in the sense of those ELF nuts, but as a conservationist who understands mankind needs to be mankind (not some concrete and tar monster), I hope more city planners will expand on the greenspace and respect Mother Nature more - instead of learning over and over and over who rules the Earth. It's truly sad that in larger cities a zoo or a park is all nature they'll see (other than on TV). The beauty of fishing; the resourcefulness of hunting; and harvesting a bumper crop out of fresh vegies out of your own kitchen and yard waste. Planning a nice garden this spring, totally organic (and not using manure...e. coli is jumping species now), if for anything to save $40 a week on fresh vegies and put all the grass and leaves to proper use. In the future, we're moving to solar and/or wind power (already completely converted from gas). Be good to get paid by Georgia Power for a change! Conservation is not only good for the environment; adds to your health; patriotic to be self-reliant; it can even pay!
  3. Might wish to remove the .htaccess. It's not needed if content is shared (or a different redirect to prevent hot linking needs to be employed), as it hurts thread participation.
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