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  1. Just curious, why divert all traffic down to the Belk? To me the Brookshire seems the more logical path as it allows for a more straight route, has the potential to be upgraded to interstate capacity all the way to I-85, and would no longer cut off uptown from SouthEnd. More on topic... I am all for parks uptown, and I do dislike 277, but the price per acre for a capped park seems awfully high. Why not convert some of the surface lots that remain uptown into smaller parks? Sure we would lack a large, flagship park, but a couple of smaller ones may see as much, if not more, use due to the
  2. ^ All the better reason for a complete demolition. Warm up those bulldozers!
  3. ^ I have to agree to a point. Many of the rural Interstates being constructed are indeed overkill. However, the conditions of the highways they are replacing are often horrendous. Perhaps a more balanced approach would be to use the money granted to the interstate highways to improve the existing roadways, add shoulders, and such. Investment in our peripheral areas is necessary, but many of you are right in asserting that what NC has done is overkill.
  4. ^ My apologies if my prior statement wandered a bit from the topic at hand. I was specifically trying to address the issues of equity in the statewide transportation funding formula discussed on what is now page 15 of the forum. The questions of 'highways through the swamp,' giving the east more money at the expense of Wake and Mecklenburg, and the like. My personal belief is that simply restructuring the landscape will not provide the intended benefits to the rural areas which the state hopes to achieve. In many cases they need infrastructure improvements, but it is unrealistic to ex
  5. I cannot help but wince at the notions of environmental determinism that are woven into this dialogue. While I am a relative newcomer to the Carolinas and do not fully understand the cryptic structure of the state's funding formula, I do notice some problems. North Carolina's rural areas, especially those in the east, are depressed and poor. This is certain. However, there is no evidence to support that extending more freeway networks to them will improve their economic situation. Accessibility plays a central role in the location of firms, yes, but so do numerous other factors incl
  6. While I can understand the questions about the vast amount of retail space present in this new development, I cannot help but feel a bit of a contradictory tone toward the development in general. Please allow me to elaborate. Charlotte is growing and all the new people and business will have to go somewhere. Unfortunately the development between uptown and 485 is some of the lowest density, worst planned imaginable. How then can a new development along the lines of Birkdale be viewed with fear or disdain? It could just as easily be constructed as a "llifestyle center" of tons of little,
  7. I know I am jumping in late in the discussion, but I have a few questions. 1. Since when has weekend activity related to a university occured on campus? Most weekend activity on all campuses I have attended and travelled to (Big 10 to D III) centers around entertainment districts near the campus. Bars, concert venues, coffee shops, parks, and cafes are all magnets for university student activity. The campus buildings themselves, and the campus grounds, are largely dead as everyone congregates in these areas. Only those who live on campus tend to congregate on campus, and this generall
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