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    economics, urban planning, political philosophy, metaphysics, metaphysical epistemology, the nature of consciousness (both individual and collective), teleology, Plato and the Socratic dialectic, philosophies of mind, panpsychism, eudaimonism, psychopathology, sociopathology, psychoanalytic theory, sustainable building, propaganda, public opinion, consumer culture, personality theory, public policy, research, affordable housing, historic preservation, GIS.
  1. Hey, sorry I haven't been around. The last year or so has been pretty crazy, but I'll be back again soon!

  2. Are you still around? I don't hear from you anymore...


  3. yekaterinab


    Hey everybody. I'm Yekaterina, and I moved to the bay area in August '08 from Providence, RI. If you want to know about where I used to live, check out these links... ...or just watch Family Guy. I'm an undergrad at the local community college, as a double major in Econ and Urban Planning, and I hope to see some great things happen in California with regard to planning and development. I am looking forward to some interesting discussions about California, especially since I'm still a newbie.