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  1. Gallery on Fulton

    thanks, yes it's this one. Wouldn't that look slicker.
  2. Gallery on Fulton

    So which facade will the tower have? I just saw a more contemporary one on Rapid Growth, which looks nothing like this.
  3. River House Condominiums

    It's a nice tower, but I just wish it wasn't mirrored glass. I guess it's supposed to be an exact continution to the existing building.
  4. New Embassy Suites - Monroe North
  5. Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I absolutly cannot wait to visit this city. You guys made me LOVE it and it's spectacular architecture and landscape. Thank you!
  6. River House Condominiums

    Detroit is in Michigan. I thought this was going to be the tallest all residential in Michigan?
  7. Metro Detroit Photo of the Day

    My favorite Metro dowtown is Farmington, does anyone have more pics. I wish that dowtown is better kept up and taken care of. It has potential to be greater than Royal Oak or Rochester, in every way.