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  1. detwaa84

    Gallery on Fulton

    thanks, yes it's this one. Wouldn't that look slicker.
  2. detwaa84

    Gallery on Fulton

    So which facade will the tower have? I just saw a more contemporary one on Rapid Growth, which looks nothing like this.
  3. detwaa84

    New Embassy Suites - Monroe North
  4. detwaa84

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I absolutly cannot wait to visit this city. You guys made me LOVE it and it's spectacular architecture and landscape. Thank you!
  5. detwaa84

    Metro Detroit Photo of the Day

    My favorite Metro dowtown is Farmington, does anyone have more pics. I wish that dowtown is better kept up and taken care of. It has potential to be greater than Royal Oak or Rochester, in every way.