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  1. The article mentions them seeking 100k sqft. 20k less than their current lease.
  2. An express route from the airport would not be supported by the citizens of Nashville if there are no stops in between.
  3. This was proposed by the previous owner of the Mall at Green Hills and was to be located where the new parking garage is on Cleghorn.
  4. This dispute only involves 19.5 of the 50+ total acres occupied by PSC.
  5. I don't believe there is any retail space in the West 46th.
  6. Hopefully it's not like the one recently proposed for Memphis:
  7. Render showing the backside of The Bridge Hotel
  8. ^^to include 12,000 square feet of retail
  9. It appears as if work is impeding on the 'Stix' art installation at the KVB roundabout. I could be wrong, but there is some kind of site work occurring and the plants were removed.
  10. My apologies for not explaining earlier. I stumbled upon the renders at vize.com.
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