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  1. The university and the hospital split from each other in 2016. Finances are very different for a non-profit hospital than it is for a well endowed university. The university now has more money to put toward such projects.
  2. I found this website regarding the One Nashville Place plaza reno. Has this project already started? http://www.hodgsondouglas.com/one-nashville-place "HDLA, in collaboration with ESa, worked with Unico Properties to re-imagine the exterior public gathering spaces at One Nashville Place, an iconic 24-story, Class A high-rise in Downtown Nashville’s Central Business District. Using the spaces existing features, HDLA seeks to transform its dated, underutilized public plazas into vibrant places for the everyday office tenant and the casual passerby. The newly envisioned spaces feature n
  3. A Texas-based taco restaurant is opening in this building. https://nashville.eater.com/2020/9/15/21438494/velvet-taco-nashville-midtown-blue-bar-coming-soon
  4. Also from the article: "We'll take aesthetics into consideration and work with Metro Nashville to see what's important to them. We think shortening the closure is going to be more important at this location, to get traffic back and get the bridge in service for all those developments on the four corners of the bridge."
  5. Looks like the top level of the Elliston 23 parking garage was turned into a park.
  6. Why would the city allow this development to have road access on 18th when there is an alley available?
  7. I wish that the W integrated the two historic structures like they did for the previous proposal for the site.
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