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  1. The Clyde Park Meijer store will hold its grand reopening ceremony on July 27th from 11am-3pm. Free food and other fun activities.
  2. At 150,000 sq ft, are they not stocking as many items?
  3. So yesterday I had the chance to make a visit to the Plainfield Meijer store. I had not been in the new store since it had been built. I will have to say that it looked pretty similar to the Alpine store for the most part except for a few things such as the fact that frozen foods are up in the front of the store, and the area where bikes are store, the store is pushed out a bit towards the southwest direction. I found it to be odd but interesting, and the other thing I noticed too is that the Subway in that store is still open. It still has the Rockwell prototype that is slowly being phased away from it's stores. Not sure of when that location will be getting remodeled. It is also on a smaller side too. It's only a 192,000 sq ft store.
  4. Any new updates from the Clyde Park Meijer? I know they gotta be getting close to being done with that store since the grand reopening ceremony is sometime near the end of the month. Also are the bakery and deli signs illuminated in neon lighting?
  5. Wow looking nice. Thank you for all those pictures. If I read that right, there are going to be 26 grocery Aisles? How can they fit that many Aisles in? Also, did frozen foods move or are they still in the same spot? What used to be where the dairy cases were that held milk? And finally, did they build restrooms in the front of the store and if so, where are they located?
  6. Were you able to get pictures of other interior parts and even some up to date exterior areas?
  7. What app was this screenshot from?
  8. So there's the main cart storage area and then the secondary cart storage area for carts that have baby seats and those other type of seats? I'm now wondering if the grocery entrance is going to be built in a similar matter where the cart storage areas are in the vestibule itself like they are in the new retail entry?
  9. Looking at the picture of the retail entrance, it looks like that entrance could be open within the next few days or so if it's not already open. I however don't like the fact that it's not a super high ceiling when I compare it to how high the roof is. Looking at the space to the south of the new retail entrance, Is that going to be the customer service desk when done? Nice to see it coming along even though there's still a ton of work that needs to be done.
  10. I have a feeling that all optical stores will be closing in the future. The one at Alpine closed a few years ago.
  11. Wow quite a bit of progress happening there. Definitely looks chaotic if you are someone that shops for groceries there on a regular basis. Thanks for the update.
  12. Has anyone been over to Clyde Park and 54th lately? Any updates as to what's happening with the store?
  13. Good news everyone for the time being. The Pearl Street Bridge has reopened! Westbound side however is down to one lane. Either construction crews finished up whatever they had to do with the hotel or they reopened it because of the I-196 westbound freeway closure.
  14. Class was canceled today. As a result, this gave me an opportunity to head down to the Clyde Park and 54th street Meijer to see what was happening. One thing I will tell you is no matter what area of the store you are in, it's complete chaos. Things such as sectioned off areas, Aisles out of line, etc... The new Pets department looked nice though. Electronics was looking good as well too. Graphics on the walls have yet to go up once the walls are primed and painted. So in the center section of the store, it looked like they had new flooring down, but the drop ceiling has not been removed from much of the center portion yet. To me, that should have been done before stripping the floor and putting down new flooring. At the Pharmacy, it looks like parts of the Pharmacy are at their permanent spot, other parts look like a temporary setup, but I know that it's all a work in progress. Unless they have not painted the ceiling yet, the gray ceilings make the store look dark and I don't particularly care for it. The new bottle return room is up and running, but construction is still happening in there. I'm wondering if you will be able to access the store from the bottle return room? The southwest area of the store is under complete construction. That is where the meat and seafood departments will move to and I think deli may also move some as well. Finally the last little bit of the old Grocery entrance glass atrium is now gone. Anyways that's about all I know. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't feel comfortable doing so and I was in a bit of a hurry too.
  15. I guess that makes sense.
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