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  1. I was informed that the Jenison Meijer is under remodel? For those who regularly shop there, would you care to share what all is happening as well as share possible pictures? Also is the mezzanine floor being removed?
  2. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed at the Alpine store that they have this new robot that checks inventory and pricing. I was wondering if anyone has seen this? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
  3. I was thinking that it should be a space for staff and guests to sit and relax in if it isn't being used for anything else right now.
  4. For those who shop at the Jenison Meijer store on a regular basis. I'm curious to know what's located in the big open space on the mezzanine floor? I've seen pictures of it on Google maps.
  5. Alpine Ave. Meijer Remodeling Updates for June 4, 2020: Up in the front, Lanes 20-27 were in the process of being overhauled with new conveyors being installed. The flooring in the front action way and in the lanes had also been replaced as well. The space that looked like would be the future home to the wheelchair cart storage area is now that. Last month, an associate told me that no the big room would not be used for that purpose despite the fact that it had the rails in there like the other storage areas have. The small room next to it I believe is for the curbside pickup stuf
  6. Construction is resuming at the Alpine Meijer. The Beer and Wine section originally scheduled for an overhaul is finally getting underway. Aisles 2 and 3 had been cleaned out, but the floors have yet to be stripped out. Aisle 4 which is home to soda's and sports drinks also had the sports drink side cleared out as well. Those drinks can be found in the rear actionway for the time being. You can find all the wines located throughout the rear action way as well as in the space where tables/chairs would normally sit just on the north side of the grocery entrance cart storage room. Aisle
  7. Alpine Ave Meijer Remodeling Updates for April 22, 2020: It really has been that long since I've been to the store which is why you haven't seen posts from me. But anyways I finally went and the first thing I noticed as I arrived to the store was the fact that the exterior of the building had been painted a grayish white color. I personally do not like the colors they chose. Heading inside via the grocery entrance. Looking above the entry door, the welcome to your Alpine Meijer sign was removed and above was a new brick like wall design. I'm sure a welcome sign of some sort will
  8. Alpine Ave. Meijer Remodeling Updates for April 3, 2020: This won't be very detailed as I was in a rush while there. Beginning up front. The overhang wall above the barber shop, service desk, etc...has been panted and is awaiting it's signs. In my last update, I mentioned that the former school and office department was housing sporting goods items and that I thought it would be the permanent place for that location. WRONG! It was just a temporary place to store some sporting goods gear. The aisles had been cleared of stock and were getting ready for construction. My prediction
  9. Alpine Ave. Meijer Remodeling Updates for March 21, 2020: Since it has been a little over a week that I last been to the store, I was expecting to see quite a bit of progress. There was some, but not as much as I had hoped for. With the COV-19 outbreak happening, things seemed to have slowed down a bit. Beginning up front. The railing at the edge of the mezzanine level has been completely dry walled over and mudded in. I don't think the wall will be closed entirely. It will soon be receiving paint or wallpaper of some sort and will list the department names. Heading to the
  10. I feel like Meijer is making this mandatory in all of it's stores. It's just a matter of when all of the stores receive this update.
  11. Alpine Ave. Meijer Remodeling Updates for 3/13/2020: Beginning outside today. On the south side of the grocery entrance, they were doing some work to the canopy and the surrounding area. It looked like they were doing some patch work of damage that occurred or something else. Not only that, there was a lot of loose paper laying around. Heading inside, as I was walking down the front promenade of the store, I looked up at the balcony where the mezzanine floor is and what was the railing at the balcony edge was being studded and walled in. I don't know why they are doing this as I
  12. Alpine Ave. Meijer Remodeling Updates for 3/11/2020: A few things did change since my visit yesterday. First off, as I was walking towards the new department, the main seasonal aisles near the garden center entrance were sectioned off. Overnight, they received new floor tile. As I was leaving the store, the aisles had since been reopened. Moving to the new pets department. The bird aisle is about 80% stocked with merchandise. The existing bird aisles were completely cleared out. Also, more stock from the existing pets department was making it's move towards the new pets departm
  13. Alpine Ave. Meijer Remodeling Update for March 10, 2020: As I entered the store via the grocery entrance, next to where the handicapped carts are stored is a sign stating where departments are currently located. The sign indicated that electronics was located in the back portion of the store and that sporting goods were located over by where school and office would be at. In some ways that's true, but what they couldn't do with the temporary map is state where exactly the departments are It's very close though. So let's begin with the area that was once the electronics departmen
  14. Alpine Ave. Meijer Remodeling Update for March 7, 2020: As I mentioned the other day, the now former electronics section was completely sectioned off. Today when I was there, that area was still sectioned off. Tile in parts of that area appears to have been replaced, but it doesn't look like the way it was done at the Clyde Park Meijer store. You can tell in the pictures of what tile is old tile vs what tile is new tile. There is quite a difference in the way the tile looks. Where the new tile was laid, new shelving is sitting on it. Also where the TV's and books were located, you c
  15. I wasn't at the Alpine Meijer today, but from what I was told, where electronics was in the SW corner of the corner is now completely gone. Bits and pieces are scattered around throughout the store. Not sure of what else is different. Also don't know when I will be making it back to the store.
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