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  1. Meijer

    I was told that all Meijer stores eventually plan to scrap all the full size self checkout lanes. If it's theft that they are worried about, there wouldn't even be self checkout lanes at all. At Alpine, there's two sets of 6 on the grocery side and one set of 6 self-serve express checkout lanes. I would say that they need to improve upon their security. As of right now, I think the Meijer store on Clyde Park/54th street still has the full size self checkout lanes near the grocery section, but was told in July of 2016 that they would be going away. According to pictures in Google maps from like September 2017, they still have full size self-checkouts. I much rather check the items out myself rather than having a cashier check out our items.
  2. Meijer

    Alpine Ave Meijer Finishing Updates As of November 5, 2017 with an announcement at the end. The biggest change since my last visit is the new cafe seating area which is now mostly complete. The cafe space features a theme from back in the day Meijer got started, has a brick like wallpaper, posters of what prices of stuff used to be back in the day, a coca-cola freestyle machine which that itself is working, but the ice maker is not working yet, nice lighting, tables and chairs and a coffee area. During the mornings, you can have a cup of coffee and a donut for just $1. However, the coffee cups and the coffee are there at the beverage station. If you were to look at it, you would think it's complimentary. But I'm told that it isn't. But there really isn't anyone watching inside the space to see whether you steal coffee or not as well as put soda in a cup to drink. The coffee cups are very small. We'll just have to see how this plays out overtime. The flooring on the back side of the checkout area is making progress. They've replaced the flooring up to lane 27 as of right now. The flooring between lanes 27 and 28 was stripped down to bare concrete and has yet to receive it's tile. In the HBA section, the lighting above the shelves contains advertisements. There's also an area in the electronics section that has this too. New directory maps have gone up in the entrances as well as at the price check/kiosks. However the directory maps at the price checking kiosks are just on a normal 8.5x11 inch piece of paper. With that being said, the re grand opening ceremony takes place next week Sunday from 12PM-4PM. They really need to get busy working so that everything would be done by the ceremony.
  3. Meijer

    I don't know if the Alpine store will be getting the Wahlburger's restaurant as the construction taking place in the Alpine Meijer store doesn't appear to show signs of one going in, but it's certainly not out of the question for in the future. Anyways, it's time for the construction update for October 26, 2017: We will begin in the space where the new cafe is going to be. The cafe space received the new wooden floor which you will see throughout the center portion of the store and a coca-cola freestyle machine has made an appearance in the space. It is however not the same Coca-Cola freestyle machine that's in the front actionway. The front side door going into the deli section had a piece of wood over it as well. Also some of the lights that were up in the space have been removed, but now it looks darker in the space. They should move the current lights around to balance the light better. Next: I thought the remodel was pretty much done, but in the back concourse checkout lane area, the area from Lanes 10, 11 and 12 up to Lane 15 was sectioned off and had received new white floor tile. I will have to say that the new floor tile looks a lot brighter than the current white tile that is down. I'm beginning to wonder if all of the white tile throughout the entire store will be replaced? And in regards to the speakers that are in my last post near the Skechers mini store. Anytime ads are playing on the center TV, the sound comes through those speakers. Also, it seems that the store received a new intercom system too. The speakers appear to be the same, but anytime an associate comes over the PA system, you will hear a beep now. The lighting in the produce department was switched out to LED lights. Finally, in the HBA area, in several posts, I posted a picture that was located above the shelves on the other side of the retail cart storage room going to the pharmacy consultation room that there was a white background with some text in it. Turns out that those are lights as they were lit up. Didn't get a picture of it, but hope to next time unless it's something that will have advertisements in it. Pictures of the Cafe area:
  4. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Finishing Updates As of October 22, 2017: From this point on, all updates will be referred to as finishing updates as most of the remodeling is finished. With that being said, here's the latest of what's happening at Alpine Meijer. All of the new signage is up including the signs that were not replaced the other day when I was at the store such as restrooms, bottle return, etc... Also the new directional signs telling people where departments are located are also up throughout the store. Signs that are hanging such as the Jewelry and Accessories sign are in the center portion of the store. Signs that are up against a wall such as the health and wellness sign picture below, seasonal, toys, automotive, etc... are displayed on the walls. (See pictures below) The remodeling in the center portion of the store is essentially finished. All of the new flooring has been laid down. The entire center portion of the sales floor features a wooden like tile floor even though it's not real wood. All the shelving was in place and things are mostly stocked throughout that entire portion of that area. Items that were being housed in the action ways for the most part have since been moved to their respective departments. Over by where the skecher's mini store is at, there are some new speakers that appear to be hanging on the ceiling. See picture of them. I don't know what they are there for. Also see picture of the new monitors displaying different skecher's shoes. The area that used to house the Subway restaurant and what was the temporary clearance section hasn't had a lot done to it except for the fact that there is a backsplash on the lower half of the back wall and what appears to be a beverage counter in the space. Walls still have yet to be primed/painted and flooring laid down. In terms of the lighting in the space, I don't think the lights that are in there should be used. Or if they do use them, they should lay them out better. Maybe not many lights are needed in there. Also if anyone was at the store today, you may have noticed that there was no music playing or anything coming on over the speakers. Must be the audio system is broken down. So other than that, the light above lane 15 or 16 I think it is still needs a new bulb or fixture as it's still dim, at the checkout lanes on the grocery side of the store, you may have noticed that the first three lanes on the left say 1, 2, 3, the next set on the right say 4, 6, 8, in the 2nd set of self-serve checkout lanes it 5, 7, 9 and on the right of that it says 10, 11 and 12. I don't know who's idea it was to put those up like that, but they need to fix it. Also, I really want full size self checkout lanes back. If they don't bring them back, then increase the item limit in the express lanes as I prefer to use to self checkout lanes when checking out my groceries. I do believe the Meijer store on Clyde Park and 54th street still has the full size self checkout lanes. The store history on how Meijer got started is going to be located in both entrances as it appears to be the only place to put those up. There are things up on the wall that look like would hold that display. Here are my overall thoughts on the remodel. What I don't like: I don't like that there is no longer a furniture department in the store. Some furniture items Meijer sold were pretty good things such as Sauder furniture, department such as jewelry are very small and no longer have a display case with jewelry in them, there is only one set of fitting rooms for the women's, men's and kids clothing departments. But the set of fitting rooms is located in the women's department which is on the left side of the center portion. I think the fitting rooms should have been more towards the center of the clothing section. Or they should have built another set of fitting rooms towards the men's and kids clothing departments. Also not a huge fan of the signage they chose to go with. What the Meijer store on Knapp has I seem to like better. Also it seems some of the aisles are a little crammed too. What I do like: The store looks more like a high end grocery/department store with the changes. I personally like the wooden stuff they chose to go with.
  5. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer updates as of October 18, 2017: One will notice throughout the store that permanent department signs are starting to go up representing their respective departments. Some of them are up, but not all of them. There are still temporary signs such as the restroom signs and bottle return room for instance. The new department signs are shaped like a square if hanging or are labeled on the walls. At the former subway space which was a temporary clearance section for a while, the outer wall that had a doorway on it has been completely demolished. In the space, new drywall has gone up and has been patched. I'm willing to believe the cafe may be returning that used to be there before the Subway went in it's place. The section west of the new baby department has been sectioned off, stripped of it's old flooring and was in the process of having cement put down to have new flooring going down which was taking place either today or night. Once that part of the flooring is done, there is only the center portion of where the former shoe department used to be that has yet to receive it's new flooring and the area be nice and organized. Shelving in the former shoe department that has been holding household goods was in the process of being cleared out. Parts of it were sectioned off too. The Skechers mini store now has the monitors up on the walls displaying pictures/slideshows of different shoes they offer. That's about all I saw for today. Once the area that has been bare concrete for quite sometime receives it's new flooring and shelving and stock go into place, as well as new directional signs telling where things are go up as well as a few miscellaneous items get fixed, changed, etc..., The remodel should be completed within the next 3-4 weeks just in time for the holiday shopping season ahead.
  6. Meijer

    Just a few quick updates at the Alpine Meijer store as of October 12, 2017: Beginning at the temporary clearance space. The space was completely cleared out and well under construction. A new door way between it and the hot foods/deli area has been installed. I'm thinking that a new restaurant is in the works for the space. Heading to the checkout lane area, some of the checkout lanes were receiving upgraded conveyor belts and bagging carousels. They are wooden looking like many of the counters such as the customer service counter to name a few. The new home section is slowly but surely taking shape. It appears that the entire back section of the home section has received the new wooden floor, shelves put into place and stock going on them while shelves in the center part of the home section where the floor is still bare concrete are slowly being cleared out as that section will soon receive new tile of some sort. The wooden floor goes all the way to the old tile floor where the baby section was at. Where the old tile flooring is that is wood like looking that used to hold the baby section, it's holding home good items, but soon that flooring will be replaced with the new wooden tile flooring throughout the center area of the store. I did not go to the south end of the retail section today as I was in a hurry to get some stuff and get out. I'm sure more stuff has happened, but that's all I saw for today.
  7. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Updates As of October 5, 2017: Beginning where the old floral department used to be. The floral sign is still hanging there even though the floral department is no longer in that space anymore. The back of the home section just north of the shoe department had received new flooring and was in the midst of being stocked. Further north of that, there was a sectioned off area that had just received new flooring either overnight or earlier today and shelving was being moved into place. The reason I could tell that the flooring was just installed was from how awful of a smell there is back by the rear actionway. Moving to the north side of the store at the south grocery actionway which heads east/west. The new floral department is taking shape and is about 95% stocked. East of that, the new baby department is taking shape. Heading further east of that is currently holding items from the home department which will be the home department, but I still believe it has yet to receive it's new flooring. Still has the old flooring from the old baby section that was there. The area that has shelves that has the concrete floor still has concrete floor, but as the east side of the home section receives it's remodel with new flooring, shelves, stock, etc.. I anticipate that items in the area with bare concrete will move to their new homes very soon so that eventually the area with concrete will receive new flooring. In the grocery section, the meat cooler up against the north wall has received new decals as have some other areas of the grocery section. That's all I noticed as of right now. No pictures today though.
  8. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Updates As of October 1, 2017: Now before I begin, I didn't have a lot of time to be at the store so I'm sure many more things have taken place that I maybe forgot to report. With that being said, here we go with the updates. Beginning outside: All of the the lot lighting has been replaced with LED lights. They are white LED fixtures. Underneath the awning, all of the lighting has been replaced with LED lighting. Also, the meijer sign at the street currently holds a temporary meijer sign. Heading inside via the grocery entrance. The grocery entrance has received the carpet that the retail entranced received a few weeks ago. Also the restrooms in the grocery entrance have been renovated. They look pretty much the same as the restrooms nn the mezzanine floor. Also the walls in the grocery entrance have been painted a whitish/very light blue color. The walls are now awaiting the Welcome to your Alpine Meijer signs above the inner grocery entrance doors inside the grocery entry. Also the cart storage room has received the same color of paint on it's walls. Heading fully inside to the checkout lane area. All of the lane number signs have been changed out to the new style of numbers which are the blue numbers. The first six self-serve checkout lanes are now 12 items or less only. There is another set of six self serve check out lanes which are lanes 7-12 right next next to the first six lanes. Those too are also 12 items or less only. It it rumored that eventually more self serve checkout lanes will be added and that there will only be very few full size self checkout lanes. With the 6 new checkout lanes added, this brings the total number of checkout lanes to 36. (used to be 32 lanes). Also, the two fluorescent light fixtures by lanes 5 and 6 have finally been replaced with the new lights. However, the light further down which I'm not sure of what lane number it is now is still very dim. It also appears the the conveyor belt stands have been replaced as well. Also since the checkout lane area has received upgrades, the convenience center that would feature cigarettes and other tobacco items has been removed and it's very likely that they are no longer being sold in the store at all. You can still buy those items at the Meijer gas station as far as I know. Looking up on the mezzanine floor. It looks like the fluorescent light fixtures over the south stairway have been replaced with the new fixtures that are up there. I did not go up there during my visit today, so I'm not sure if wall work is completed or not. Heading to the retail section, one will notice some new graphics up on the walls throughout the retail section. These graphics are pictures that reflect their respective departments. For example, the HBA section has pictures of medicine bottles, thermometer, etc..., sporting goods has pictures of balls and stuff and so on and so forth. Many aisles in the seasonal department were being cleared of stock, but I'm pretty certain that stock for the season is being changed out. The center section of the store: This is the section of the store that is currently under major remodel at this time. Beginning at the southeast corner at the east/west actionway. Greeting cards have been moved over to the former kids department. The former kids department has received the new wood flooring title that you will see throughout most of the center section now and that section is now home to cards and party items. Moving west down the actionway, the floral department has moved to the northeast area boarding the south side of the grocery section east/west action way. The department has received gray flooring. It is in the process of slowly being stocked. However, one will notice that the floral sign is still hanging at the old floral department. This could confuse some people. So where cards and party gifts as well as the floral section used to be, it's now home to the women's clothing area. Further west of where the former floral department was, it's all women's clothing and other stuff I covered in previous updates. I can now say that construction appears to be about 90% finished on the border of the east/west action way in the retail section. Heading over to the bottle return room. The bottle return room has received the new tile that is in the restrooms, but it's the same color as the tile in the restrooms. And there are new ceiling tiles and lighting in the room. There is now only one sink in the bottle return room for washing hands. The room was very stinky though. Heading to the grocery section. The walls from above the dairy section going all the way to the delicious to go department (if it's still called that) received primer most likely and maybe paint, but I wouldn't know since I wasn't at the store for a couple of weeks. And then they received what looks to be like a wood paneling type of wall paper which also features decals of their respective departments. The dairy department is the only department to receive it's new sign that says Dairy. The meat and seafood sections as well as the bakery, and deli departments also received their new signs on awnings. They all say since 1934 but all say something a little different. Also, all of the aisle signs have been changed out the the dark blue style signs. The signs only have three rows stating what's down that aisle. There will still be 18 aisles as well. So bordering the south side of the east/west grocery action way, it starts with the new floral department, heading west of that is where stock was cleared out of and is currently holding various items I am going to predict that it will be home to the new baby section, heading further west, that section of the store was cleared out and is awaiting new flooring work, it is where the home department will begin which will go from about 1/2 way down the east/west action way on the grocery side and go all the way around to the edge of the north/south action way in the back leading up to the shoe department. The area that used to hold the shoe department currently holding home items still has not received new flooring. Over the next few weeks, everything from about where the new baby section will be located going west and more into the center that doesn't have any tile on the floor will be the focal construction zone. I am prediction that they have maybe 3-4 weeks of work to in the parts that have not already been remodeled in the center section of the store. So now the remodel is at a point to where I can safely make my predictions on what the center section of the store is going to look like. I know I've mentioned this a little bit above, but here is my full prediction. Beginning at the northeast side of the east/west grocery action way, that department will be floral, moving southward, it will be cards and party gift items, moving west of that will be the kids clothing department which will go a bit back, moving west of that will be the men's department which too also goes a bit back into the center portion, and then the women's department will be to the left of that and boarder the east/west action way on the retail side. That department will be larger than the rest of the departments. Behind the women's department on the right of the east/west action way will be the new jewelry department which to me is going to be much smaller than the old jewelry department. There won't even be a display case of different types of jewelry. West of that will be the shoe department which will feature the skechers mini store. The skechers mini store is waiting for it's TV monitor. Going down the north/south rear action way, north of the shoe department will begin the home department of various home items and it will boarder the clothing departments in the center. It will continue north of there to the grocery actionway and head a bit east of that until it boarders the baby department. The baby department will then boarder the floral department. Did you all notice that I left a department out? That's right. There will no longer be a furniture department in the store. Don't know why Meijer has decided to remove the furniture department from it's stores. All in all, the store is really beginning to take shape. I would estimate that the remodel has about another month to a month and a half until it's fully completed. The departments on the sides of the store are pretty much going to stay where they are. Some might get or have already received upgrades such as new shelving and counters.
  9. Meijer

    I wasn't actually at the store yesterday, but I have heard that construction is now taking place at the checkout lane area. From what I am told, more express lanes are being added with 12 items or fewer, there will still be 20 items or fewer lanes, but I heard that eventually, the number of full size checkout lanes will be reduced dramatically. If anyone happens to go to the Alpine store in the new few days, can they try to confirm this? I may not be back there until Friday possibly.
  10. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Remodeling Update as of September 17, 2017: As I entered the store via the grocery entrance, there was a sign on the door as well as the doors of the restrooms stating that the restrooms would be closing for their makeover on Monday, September 18, 2017. This means that if anyone needs to use the restrooms while at Meijer, they will need to take the south stairwell up to the mezzanine floor or take the elevator up to the mezzanine floor. The elevator is located directly south of the south stairwell near the retail entrance. As I walk down the front promenade, more wall painting/trim work is taking place. The walls above both entrances that would hold the Thank you for shopping at Meijer signs have been fully painted white. Where the ice maker is, it looks like it's wall has been painted, but is still awaiting trim work. Also the walls on the mezzanine floor have yet to receive their paint and trim work. Moving south of the retail entrance. Looking up, the walls from the HBA section going all the way to above the dairy coolers in the grocery section have been fully painted. The very top edge is brown, a big section below is white, and the section below it is an off white color. I'm not sure of the exact color name. Even though the walls were painted, baseboards and other trim work have yet to be done. Moving to the floral department. It looks like it's about ready to receive a makeover. Shelving is in the process of being cleared and the department should receive new flooring and other upgrades. Whether floral will remain where it is or move somewhere else is yet to be determined. Moving westward, where the big open space was last week has received the new fake wooden floor type of tiling and will now be home to the clothing section. If memory serves correct, it's women's clothing in that spot. Also, new fitting rooms have been built around that area and the old fitting rooms that were in the center of the store have been demolished and in it's place looks to be empty shelves. However, the old shelving that held books was still there. It was located just on the west side of the floral department. Heading further west. The new Jewelry department is slowly taking shape. It's about 50% stocked at least. But it appears to be that it's going to be much smaller than the old jewelry department. Heading further west, the shoe department is still roughly 90% stocked. Heading into the electronics department. The wall above books is now painted the colors mentioned above. The brown that you will see in a few posts before this one must have been a mistake. It's stock level is at about 95%. Things were moved around for sure. The video game display cases will not be returning. Heading to the center of the store. As I mentioned above, the old fitting rooms have been demolished since new fitting rooms were built a bit southward. Where the former shoe department used to be, it's carpet has been ripped out and currently has bare concrete on the surface. Sitting on top of the bare concrete is the Home Decor section holding many of the items. I really do not know right now what will occur with that section of the store at this point or the other parts in the center section at this point. Many items still sit in the center section at the back concourse. The bottle return room is receiving a makeover. The walls have been stripped and a green material is on them. The sinks have been removed from the room, the ceiling was stripped of tiles and the walls were stripped down to the studs. However the bottle room is still open. It will feature the type of tile that the bakery department received, but it's color should be beige. The bakery department has received a new red tile wall which looks like bricks, but they are not bricks. That's about all I've got, now here are some pictures.
  11. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Remodeling Update as of September 10, 2017: Side Note: It is hard to tell if any painting took place on the exterior of the building as the colors seemed to be a little off. More so on the center part of the building. Seemed to be that the bottom part between the grocery entrance and retail entrance was a brighter color, but I could be wrong. Anyways, I entered the store via the retail entrance. As I noted in a previous update, the retail entrance had black carpeting put down other than some carpeting with cuts just inside the outer doors. At first I thought that it was down temporarily as the new floor was being constructed, but it turns out that the carpeting is there to stay. The same thing will soon happen with the grocery entrance I'm assuming. I also still think the walls need a final coat of paint before the welcome to your Alpine meijer sign goes up above the inner doors. Walls look like they either received one coat of paint or a coat of primer in both entrances. So the carpet also extends inside the actual store at the retail entrance as well. In a previous update, I mentioned that the restrooms on the mezzanine floor have reopened. I went up today to take a look at the restrooms and they look really nice. See pictures below. The walls along the front promenade as well as the walls up on the mezzanine have had trim removed and are in the process of having work done. The ice machine next to the elevator was pulled out as wall work was taking place behind it. The wall above all the departments such as customer service and where great clips is located has been painted white and appears to be the final coat of white. New signage should be going up soon. Moving down the east/west actionway on the retail end of the store, past the floral department where books used to be has been cleared out completely, but people can still walk through the area. Not sure of what's going there yet. (See picture below) Moving more west, there's shelves of some general merchandise but they are all cramped there. I'm assuming they are only temporary there. Where vacuum cleaners and some cleaning supplies used to be, the area has had new flooring put down and will be home to the new jewelry department. (Although I think the jewelry department maybe slightly east of where vacuum cleaners used to be). Shelving is just starting to go in and the area only about 5% stocked. (see picture below) Moving further east where candles used to be, in a previous update, I had mentioned that the area was cleared out, in another update, I mentioned that a new fake wooden tile floor went down and was temporarily holding some clothing racks. That area located on the right side and corner of the east/west actionway and the north/south actionway is now home to the new shoe department and I will say that it is about 85-90% stocked. That area will also be home to the new mini skechers store featured in all meijer remodels regardless of the level of meijer remodel. (see picture below) Heading to the electronics department. The electronics department will stay in it's current location. A new photo counter has been installed which is a nice dark brown counter. I also mentioned that where the books are located might be a temporary spot for them. It turns out that is the new permanent spot for books and magazines. Books and magazines are where the video games used to be at. As for video games, I'm not sure where they are now or where they will be located to if Meijer still continues to sell them. The old shoe department has been mostly cleared of stock. Only some shelving and the carpet remain. Carpeting will soon be ripped out and new tile of some sort will be installed there, I'm assuming that is this week's project. It could be home to more clothing, but not 100% sure yet. (see picture below) Most of the walls in the retail section have received the white coat of paint below the brown which is up high, but they still need some touch up work. The wall above the books in the electronics department which was all brown in a previous update has received some white paint but still needs touch up work. I think the departments on the sides of the building such as seasonal, toys, school/office, sporting goods, automotive, do it yourself, paint, pets, etc... will stay in their places, but possibly receive some updates. Things such as new shelving and things moved around a little is all I anticipate to happen. New signs of course too. In my previous update, I mentioned that most of the lights in the grocery section were replaced with new lighting in pictures above. The rest of the old lighting that was still up during my last visit has now been replaced with the new lighting you see in the entire grocery section. All in all, things are messy in spots, but starting to take shape in others. Now for some pictures. The picture showing the white walls with some yellow was taken in the HBA department. It obviously needs more paint before signage goes up. Also, taking pictures is very hard as every time I take pictures, I'm risking getting kicked out of the store. I'll try to take pictures whenever possible.
  12. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Remodeling Update As of September 1, 2017: Starting inside the grocery entrance. It looks like the walls inside the space have received a coat or primer. Eventually they will receive a very light brown color and above the inner entrance doors it will say Welcome to your Alpine Meijer or something along those lines. Where the Subway used to be, the space now houses the clearance area with all clearance items inside. It will most likely only be like this during the remodeling project. I didn't fully go back to the e4 department, so I'm not sure what all is new there. However, where the books are at, I'm hoping that it's not the permanent location for them. I just think it makes the electronics area look bad. If Electronics is staying where it's at, books should go where either stationary is or where the DVD/Blu Ray movies used to be. They've moved to another area of the department. As for the rest of the walls throughout the store, starting in the retail section, it looks like they've begun receiving a coat of primer. Some walls either had a 2nd coat put on or have received paint. As for the wall colors, the top boarder will be brown, below it will be like an off-white color and below that it could be a lighter brown color. I'm basing this off of other Meijer renovations that have taken place. On the right side of the north/south actionway and at the edge of the east/west actionway, the area that was cleared out last week has received what appears to be wood flooring like tile. Currently it's holding some racks with clothing. I'm not sure what is planned for that space as of yet. Various other items on the right side of the north/south actionway in the retail section such as vacuum cleaners have been moved and many things are being temporarily house in the east/west actionway at the back of the store. Almost all of the grocery section has received the new lighting that looks like the light in the picture on the previous post. Lighting over the meat coolers, and lighting from the produce department to Aisle 13 over the actionway as well as a few other lights have yet to be replaced. The retail entrance has received carpet in the entire entry. I'm wondering if it's like that because the floor has been ripped out or if this is permanent. The restrooms on the mezzanine floor have reopened. I however did not go up there to see what they look like though. So here are a couple quick pictures I was able to take while at the store. So over the course of the next week, I think the remodeling is going to kick up into high force and things will begin to be rather out of place for a bit.
  13. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Remodeling Update as of Saturday, August 26, 2017: Most of the construction work seems to be taking place around the now former e4 department in the back of the store. The video game display cases have been removed and in it's place are now books and magazines. It is unclear if this is a temporary location for those or if it's permanent. But from the way they looked like on the shelves, I'm going to assume that they are temporarily there. Above it, painting on the wall has taken place. It is now the brown color that newer and remodeled meijer stores are going to. Also, many of the shelves in the electronics department were being cleared. I thought at first that the department was going to stay where it currently is, but now I'm not sure. If it moves, it would move to about where automotive is currently located. If you look on the walls starting at around the toy section and even going into the grocery section, you will notice that the brown color is painted in spots. Where department signs used to hang on the walls, they've been patched in with white putty as those walls await paint and their new signage. The section across from stationary where candles used to be was cleared out for the most part. I'm guessing that new shelving will be going in. I don't seem them replacing the floor again since it was done in 2007. I was able to take a couple quick pictures, however I was not able to get a picture of the area that held candles and other things, but was able to get pictures of the brown wall, the temporary department sign and a picture of what could be new lighting throughout the grocery section. Also, the restrooms on the mezzanine floor are closed for renovations. People needing to use the restrooms will need to use the restrooms in the grocery entrance. Still, the two fluorescent lights in lanes 5 and 6 have not been replaced yet, and the light by the lane 12 sign is still dim. Also the lights in front of the restrooms on the mezzanine floor have not been replaced yet.
  14. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Remodeling Update: Well the remodeling is getting into full force. All of the department signs throughout the store, as well as the signs that say delicious to go, deli, bakery, meat and seafood, customer service, etc... have been removed and replaced with blue temporary signs with the names of the departments, but they also say bringing a new shopping experience in Grand Rapids, MI. The only original signage that still remains are the grocery aisle rockwell signs in the grocery section. The "Thank you for shopping at Meijer" signs at both exits have also been removed as well. I didn't notice if the "Welcome" sign was gone or not in the entrance as well, So my prediction on the lighting in the grocery section is indeed correct. However, they are not replacing the lights with strip lighting that you see in the retail section of the store. They are replacing them with LED light fixtures. A few of these new fixtures are up in Aisle 3. I don't know how to describe them, nor was I able to get a picture of it. Will try to get a picture next time I'm there. Also, the lighting underneath the awning in front of the store outside is also being replaced with newer LED lighting. While there, two of the fixtures at the end on the grocery side have been replaced. The two old lights by Lanes 5 and 6 have still not been replaced, and the light by lane 11 or 12 is still very dim. So I believe next week, painting of the walls will take place where department lettering used to hang. That's all I seemed to notice while there today.
  15. Meijer

    Alpine Meijer Remodeling Update: Really not much to report. Work at the former subway seems to have stopped. Plastic is covering the opening and I can't even see through it. If any new lighting went up, it probably went up in offices. But where the lighting hasn't been changed out yet, it definitely needs to be changed out. It looks bad. The two old lights over lanes 5 and 6 have still not been replaced, and the one by Lane 11 and 12 is still very dim. We shall see what all happens.