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  1. Has the second station track at RUS been cut in yet?
  2. My understanding of commuter rail is that the grassy area between the track and the station will become the commuter rail platform, and will be accessible without going through the station. Not sure if another track is planned just serving commuter rail. But that’s a design that was presented to the passenger rail task force in 2015 and it’s a bit fuzzy in my memory.
  3. New opening date for AMTRAK service announced as July 10
  4. Special event service from JW Clay Blue Line Station for upcoming races at the Speedway http://charlottenc.gov/cats/bus/riding-cats/Pages/CATSSpeedWeek.aspx Ride CATS to the Monster Energy All Star Race and Coca-Cola 600 On Saturday, May 19, 2018, and Sunday, May 27, 2018, CATS will operate bus service from the LYNX Blue Line J.W. Clay Blvd. Station to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Monster Energy All Star Race and the Coca-Cola 600. With the opening of the LYNX Blue Line Extension, customers attending this year’s races
  5. AMTRAK Station is in the zone for Parkwood !!
  6. an annual parking permit for residents is $450.00. That works out to (with 32 academic weeks) about $2.80 per day. Both $6.60 and $10 are WAY more than $2.80. Of course students get unlimited light rail for $25 per semester so they pay nothing extra per day. Seems to me the real problem with having free parking in the deck is that students could just leave the car there for the semester.
  7. I think the issue is students who would just park there in September and leave the car for days or weeks until they might need it for some activity not on the BLE, or to go home on the weekend or break.
  8. Has CATS released any light rail ridership totals for Friday, Saturday or Sunday?
  9. Typically in the business world the words "Grand opening" are puffery and have no connection with anything
  10. Just got email fro City of Raleigh that grand opening of RUS is April 30 at 9:30 am
  11. and here is the LRT schedule effective March 16: http://charlottenc.gov/cats/bus/schedule-change/Documents/18-03/501%20LYNX.pdf (except 7th St to UNC-C opens 10 am Friday March 16)
  12. OK, we have the "inaugural" of the BLE Friday at 10 am, with 12:15 am basketball doubleheader at Spectrum Arena with UNC-Chapel Hill playing. Probably over around 5 pm. Then a second doubleheader at 6:40 pm with possible end to the second game around midnight. What could go wrong? Is service actually starting BEFORE 10 ? Certainly would be a good idea. Will we have continual peak hour service all day ? Shorter headways than usual that evening? I assume this is all planned -- it was known when they set the March 16 opening that this would be one of the biggest non-Panthers game events of t
  13. email from City of Raleigh indicates Raleigh Union Station opening may be pushed back to April 30 or May 1
  14. likely in a drawer at Norfolk Southern
  15. Heard in Charlotte yesterday at BLE light rail inaugural that Raleigh Union Station dedication will be April 27. Also got an email from a friend in Raleigh today with same info. Presumably AMTRAK service shifts there that day. Also heard from two folks in Charlotte that the third Piedmont train will have its first run June 4 (tentative) but no schedule out yet.
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