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  1. Raleigh Union Station

    coming from the prison there are TWO tracks going northeast -- first the NS track (which meets the CSX track at Southern Junction and crosses the mainline at a diamond and heads to Fuquay and points further south) and then the CSX track which wyes with the track that runs on the east side of the news station.
  2. Raleigh Union Station

    went to the legislative meeting this afternoon. Mayor Nancy spoke 5 minutes, then Roberta Fox and Tom Eatman. Fox and Eatman never used the phrase "Phase II", and never mentioned SEHSR. They called phase II "RUS BUS" repeatedly. It will have 6 or 8 bus bays and will allow the 30% expansion of bus service in the Wake Transit Plan as being the second downtown Bus Hub. No mention of shuttles between RUS BUS and Moore Square (pardon me "GoRaleigh Station"). The West Street extension under the tracks (design funded by the referendum on the ballot next week) got a brief mention as apparently there will be a West Street BRT route originating at RUS BUS that doesn't require passengers to cross either an active street or RR tracks if they board at RUS BUS. Not sure where it goes after leaving RUS. Western Blvd ? S Wilmington St? New Bern Ave ?
  3. Raleigh Union Station

    RUS status update for legislative committee meeting October 2 in Raleigh (meeting is open to public)\2017-2019 agenda: Biennium/2017-10-02_Meeting/Agenda_2017-10-02.pdf
  4. North Carolina Intercity Rail Transit

    Piedmont 3rd frequency (meaning 4 trains a day RGH-CLT counting the Carolinian) was funded by the just enacted NC budget, service start date probably around 6/1/18, timetable probably out October or November 2017
  5. North Carolina Intercity Rail Transit

    TONS of information just posted on a legislative website this afternoon for a Wednesday morning March 22 meeting at the General Assembly: look here:\2017_Session look for March 22 Rail meeting linked from there is a passenger rail presentation by Paul Worley Interesting mention of potential stations at Hillsborough and Lexington (which have long been in the planning stages) but now also a mention of Harrisburg. Lots of ridership and financial details, maps, etc
  6. Raleigh Union Station

    it's being replaced as part of the project
  7. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    August 15 is opening of fall semester at UNCC (even though classes don't start til August 21) which means freshman will arrive around the 15th. That pretty much has to be a drop-dead date to avoid parking chaos. Year Calendar PDF - Latest.pdf
  8. To put the question on the ballot requires signatures equal to 15% of total vote cast for Governor in 2016. That's 70,442 signatures of registered voters. (the 2007 repeal was triggered by petition signed by 15% of votes cast in 2004 -- 47,874 was the signature threshold then)
  9. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    also passed in every Morrisville precinct, most Garner precincts, and about half of the Apex precincts. It also passed in little old Zebulon (that's the precinct in the far eastern part of the county, totally away from the urban areas that voted heavily yes)
  10. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    This map only includes the 200,000 votes cast on election day. Election day voters rejected the tax. It does not include the 300,000 who voted early and were strongly in favor. The map will be redone when they integrate early vote with election day probably early January. I expect that will show big margins in favor in Cary
  11. There is a station proposed for Hillsborough construction in 2017-18 possible, funded partially by local transit tax. I also heard of a possible Lexington station.
  12. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Wake transit plan and referendum approved unanimously Wednesday by the GoTriangle (formerly TTA) Board of Trustees. Final vote will be by the Wake County Board of Commissioners June 6, then on the ballot November 8
  13. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    The first formal step to levy the 1/2% transit tax in Wake County (joining Durham and Orange in a special tax district) took place Wednesday night May 18. After a joint public hearing of CAMPO (Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization) and the GO Triangle (formerly TTA) regional transit board of trustees, CAMPO approved the transit plan unanimously. At the GoTriangle board meeting May 25, on the agenda will be approval of the transit plan PLUS a resolution calling the referendum for November 8. The Wake County commissioners take up the same two items at their June 6 meeting.
  14. I was present at that meeting the other day, I felt like screaming at the talking points being read. Great news today however, the LRT cap repeal was approved by another House committee by a unanimous voice vote with no negative pushback, this time it will be in the state budget bill.
  15. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line UNC-Charlotte semester starts 8/15/17 when freshmen arrive, classes starts 8/21/17. I am sure they would like to get it operational by then so as not to screw up fall parking assignmentsfor students/faculty/staff