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  1. Since The New York Times has been so hot on GR lately, maybe their real estate section ought to do a story on this prime piece of undeveloped land just sitting there in the heart of this city. Donald Trump reads the Times real estate section, right?
  2. He's tight-lipped because he probably thinks there are mainstream media-types lurking around here ...
  3. Evidently GRDad knew about this hotel component back in September 2005, but it feels like news to me.
  4. Does anybody besides me ever wonder how much more vibrant our downtown (and our city) would be today if instead of investing in hotels and other projects in the core, Rich and Jay would have just built an office tower downtown as their world headquarters instead of a sprawling campus way out in Ada? I think the same thing about Steelcase. I love the CDC (the pyramid). I only wish it was downtown right on the river.
  5. I hope those folks who live on the upper floors of Morton House and City View Condos rest up now, because next year when those lanterns are finished it's not going to be easy trying to fall asleep if your bedroom window faces the GRAM.
  6. The blank wall in your example faces a surface lot. I don't have a problem with buidlings that take shortcuts on one side or another where no one is really supposed to see them. Hopefully, one day that surface lot will be home to a building, adding needed density to the urban core and hiding that oppressive solid wall of brick. The new GRAM is a different story. It occupies an entire city block. This discussion has gotten me a little nervous about the way the design addresses street level from the back side. I think it will be very inviting along Monroe Center, where the museum gift shop
  7. Don't forget ... the Santiago Calatrava-designed Quadracci Pavilion of the Milwaukee Art Museum is basically the front porch of the museum. Very little of it actually functions as museum space, meaning the art collections are enjoyed in Eero Saarinen's War Memorial ... The Saarinen building is a space many of the armchair architecture critics on this site would probably hate, but it functions exceedingly well as a place in which to truly experience visual art. That should be the measuring stick for deciding whether or not the new GRAM is a well designed museum: how well does
  8. "Secchia has (and has had) his hands on numerous properties downtown. He used to have his office in the Federal Square Building. He also used to own the Rowe Hotel (Olds Manor). Although that does make you wonder why he doesn't currently have office space downtown." CORRECTION: Peter Secchia currently does have office space downtown in the Exhibitor's Building behind the Amway Grand Plaza on Lyon. Off-topic, I know, but this forum is where the false statement above was originally made.
  9. I've gotten take-out from XO a couple of times now. Green Curry with Flank Steak: very good! Pad Thai with Chicken: bad. I mean, not disgustingly bad (I ate all of it), but dry and pretty tasteless. I haven't tried any of the Chinese dishes yet, but for Thai food, I think I'll keep driving to 28th Street unless I'm really crunched for time. Speaking of time -- and I HATE to add my voice to the chorus of folks usually complaining about this -- finding a parking spot at night on Monroe Center is a pain! I'll walk 10 or 15 blocks from a parking spot if I'm going to sit down and enjoy a meal do
  10. The Silver Cactus, 242 Carlton SE in Eastown, opens Sunday (Nov. 6).
  11. I noticed that, too. Does anyone know if the service road they're putting in along 196 will connect to Division?
  12. Come on, GRDad! I scared mpchicago by accident; you're trying to scare all of us on purpose! Concrete isn't always institutional; it can also be very majestic as a building material. Locally, check out the VAI. Or, check out the Teatro Armani in Milan that the GRAM architect did while working with Tadao Ando: Or the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts they built in St. Louis: Or the Museum of Modern Art they built in Ft. Worth:
  13. Didn't mean to scare you, mpchicago. I think I picked the worst possible page to link. Also see below ... http://www.tadaoando.com/ http://www.greatbuildings.com/architects/Tadao_Ando.html And realize, this is the mentor, not the actual man who did our museum. -woz
  14. http://www.andotadao.org/plaza2.htm This Japanese museum might give you an idea of what the finished GRAM will feel like on the outside. It was designed by Tadao Ando, who was a mentor of the LA architect the GRAM brought in to tweak their $912,376 (according to the Press) coceptual design.
  15. Call me an old-fashioned forum user, but I just don't get this Watering Hole concept. It is not very user friendly, at least not for the user who doesn't want to spend more than a few minutes a day on this site. When folks used to start threads about topics around here, I could easily ignore the ones that didn't interest me and read through the ones that did. Why can't 43 Pub be its own thread? Why can't favorite restaurants be its own thread? If someone has an answer, please respond in the new thread I've created called "Explain Watering Hole to Woz."
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