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  1. While looking at the Ritz website I found the highlighted area interesting... could be because of link w/ BofA Corp. tower... or not. Hotel Information Treat yourself to a sophisticated retreat of decadence and impeccable service. The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte is among the city
  2. I'm sorry, but how does this apply to NASCAR?
  3. Interesting.... http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/calen...isting_id=12430
  4. Bringing in the NASCAR HOF will help to accomplish all the art projects. I've you have such a passion for getting things like that done, why don't you put your money into it? I hate to tell you, but those aren't major attractions. A NASCAR HOF would bring a ton of money into the city. It may cost the taxpayers a little, but it will pay off from the economic stimulus provided by it. If you don't want to seem like a snob... don't act like one.
  5. This HOF, when it is built will be the equivilent of the Baseball, Football, and Basketball HOF all combined into one complex. Charlotte, and the State of North Carolina cannot afford to lose such a large tourism booster. Think of the impact it would have. They estimate that at least 1 million people will visit it every year. Depending on the design of the HOF, combined with the other great NASCAR attractions here, it could generate an annual visitation is excess of 2 million. Even with a bare miniumum of 1 million, think of the changes that would accompany it; Charlotte's skyline would b
  6. I sketched this up. I'm no artist, but something on that scale could draw a crowd! Someone flying in from the airport would see that thing sticking up 2,000 ft into the air and be drawn to it. Are you telling me that out of the 26 million people that went through Charlotte-Douglas last year, that 5% wouldn't be curious enough to ask about it and go to it? I think we need to have something in the city to draw appeal for all those people going through the airport.
  7. Has anyone heard anything new on the Wachovia building or the EpiCentre? I'm starting to think these banks aren't really interested in the Charlotte area anymore. We need to spur development by lowering taxes both localy and at the state level. The rail system we're putting in will be great if people actually use it. I also think that with a landmark like a huge observation tower we could attract more tourism. Douglas had what 20 million people go through there last year? If an observation tower were to be built could we at least get 1% of those people to go to it? Your thought?
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