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    Clothing, Books, African History and traditions, Gullah, South Carolina, New Orleans, WASP/Preppy history, food & chocolate, cooking, Wine & Spirits and most importantly Hartford and CT's cities and towns.

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  1. Amazing, they are arted to exceed what they expected themselves. New Haven is on a roll. http://downtownnewhaven.blogspot.com/2008/04/500-unit-shartenberg-mixed-use.html
  2. Good point, sometime I get over nostalgic or impatient and forget that downtown, though not as lively as it was in my youth has begun to grow- and has more going for it than it did 10 years ago.
  3. New Haven seems to be setting itself up well. http://www.designnewhaven.com/2008/12/prop...r-route-34.html
  4. If Trinity didn't move for the state house I wonder if things would be different. I always thought it was odd that UCONN was not located in Hartford.
  5. Who will we be building this for? For what purpose? Who will use it? The Wolf Pack? I like the idea of a new arean being built but I'm not sure I can imagine it being put to good use.
  6. How do the more upscale stores determine which cities are viable?
  7. I'm in a tug of war. On one side I'm seething from jealousy on the other I'm excited to see how this and the other development turn out in NH, I can't wait to visit.
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