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  1. Afro Saxon

    IN PROGRESS: 360 State Street

    Amazing, they are arted to exceed what they expected themselves. New Haven is on a roll.
  2. I have to question the wisdom of keeping the current tenets. We have enough low income housing in the North End, not sure why this should continue on as such. This land can be used to lure back those we have lost to Windsor and Bloomfield over the last few decades.
  3. Afro Saxon

    IN PROGRESS: Front Street @ Adriaen's Landing

    Good point, sometime I get over nostalgic or impatient and forget that downtown, though not as lively as it was in my youth has begun to grow- and has more going for it than it did 10 years ago.
  4. In regards to moving the resident of the project most of the residents do not seem to be from West Brook or even this side of town, I'm not sure about BP to be honest. That would be a great area to live in, close to Jamaican and Soul food spots, Bishop Corner, Barber Shops on Albany, both Keney Park and Elizabeth Parks with-in walking distance. I am optimistic but scared to get my hopes up.
  5. So much potential in that area. How do I know we are going to let this go to waste.
  6. Afro Saxon

    PROPOSED: Route 34 redevelopment

    New Haven seems to be setting itself up well.
  7. Afro Saxon

    PROPOSED: Tenth Square - Former New Haven Colloseum Site

    If Trinity didn't move for the state house I wonder if things would be different. I always thought it was odd that UCONN was not located in Hartford.
  8. Afro Saxon

    XL Center Renovation/Replacement Plans

    Who will we be building this for? For what purpose? Who will use it? The Wolf Pack? I like the idea of a new arean being built but I'm not sure I can imagine it being put to good use.
  9. Afro Saxon

    IN PROGRESS: Front Street @ Adriaen's Landing

    I'm estatic about it. One of my favorite stores.
  10. Afro Saxon

    PROPOSED: Harbor Point Development

    I wonder what the price range will be.
  11. Afro Saxon

    IN PROGRESS: Front Street @ Adriaen's Landing

    How do the more upscale stores determine which cities are viable?
  12. Afro Saxon

    PROPOSED: College Square

    I'm in a tug of war. On one side I'm seething from jealousy on the other I'm excited to see how this and the other development turn out in NH, I can't wait to visit.
  13. Afro Saxon

    Hartford Restaurant/Retail

    Oft repeated, but I'll repeat it again. We need a bookstore. I do not care if its a major or independant, it simply needs to be an adequate size and exist.
  14. That's factually false. The Northeast contributes far more to the nation's tax coffers and receives far less in refunds. Also, is home to far more large companies. The South has driven job growth in the Nations, but they also pay less on average. This Rentschler field idea sounds pretty good. It seems reasonable. Do you think East Hartford could have trouble attracting many of the businesses and residents due to negative stigmas?