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    Public Policy - urban design, planning, transportation, state education, and infrastructure. <br /><br />NCST Admissions and affordability. Along with their Baseball Hockey Football Basketball. <br /><br />So i love policy & politics, and my sports. The NY Jets will be champions before I die. And the Yankees are the Evil Empire, you're just jealous!
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    Yankees FTW However our +1 above .500 is less than awesome.
  2. Thanks for the rec'g guys I do understand about Capitol Broadcasting and the MLB rules about minor league teams. But I think with the proper "mo", we could see the Carolina Bulls play in Dix Field before we knew it! Now a football staduim for Shaw and St. Aug's would be great! However we've seen how the City Coucil loved that idea. I mean seriously, how do you vote down that project? Sigh. I think a sports venue would do wonders for the "Park" area and keep it 'Green' as well.
  3. And more and more I hear about keeping it a Park worries me that this will indeed be where it is at in 20 years. But seriously, a) does anyone know where the GA is on this issue? b) Baseball, baseball, baseball. Think about it seriously, and I believe it could happen.
  4. I too like Silver's plan. I esp. like the campaign for more parking and a use of trolleys like Portland. ^ That new roundabout plan for Cameron Village and Oberlin is rather striking. I think when looking at safety and physical beautification it is the place to start.
  5. Here's a new question (well atleast to me) about how to use the park. Why not use 1/4 of it to entice a new MLB franchise to NC? MLB staduims are not so big that it would require all 306 acres for parking, shops, or the stadium. It would also stop the City Council from building a new Arena dowtown. Since that is already on their mind. Imange having this: Or this:Petco Park in San Deigo: 70% Ownership to SD In the city of Raleigh? Have a whole 100-200 acres surrounding a lush and popular downtown attraction would be beyond anything a Park or Homes could bring the City and State. Or I'm just crazy. And love baseball.
  6. yankeeblue


    Lets Go Hurricanes!! Big win over Boston last night, and we're back in the hunt. Well not quite yet but with the re-acquiring of center Josef Vasicek from Nashville, things are looking like we are going to make the necessary playoff moves. Seriously if we could just score on our PP we would be looking closer to our Stanley Cup selves than we have all season. And with the majority of our games left at home, we really have our own fate in our hands.
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