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  1. Is there a record of current private residential streets? I only know of one.
  2. I once read a post about a great view from a men's room window in the Masonic Temple. Maybe that is it!
  3. John E, so glad you joined up - what a contributor! Happy New Year! !!
  4. Ha! Now, what did I find on live maps but a surface parking on that triangular lot behind GRPD. Where did that beautiful building go? An art supply store on the front point on the first floor was in that building, I think for all the years I lived in GR. I loved that building.
  5. That is great news - a real surprise in this day and age. Interesting about the men's room vantage point! In exploring the building (mid-1960's) I don't believe us girls ever ventured into mens rooms!
  6. Very interesting inside also. When I was in junior high, my friends and I would serve dinner to large groups of Masons for a few bucks. We always spent time running around the whole building, up and down elevators, etc. If it leases office space, I hope they have not destroyed the interior.
  7. Jealous here! After 32 years of Southern Christmases - still can't get used to it. Of course, all my shopping was done on Monroe in the 60's & 70's. Enjoy yourselves!
  8. Just started reading "The Reckoning" published in 1986. Scarry how far back some people knew what was coming but the big 3 turned a blind eye.
  9. I'm not sure this belongs anywhere here but, it's fun: check out www.beaufortgazette.com "Beaufort chalks up another accolade" and you'll see our waterfront - about two blocks from my work. I notice that St. Joseph, MI is also listed in the article.
  10. Thanks, Dad. What memories! I think no matter what generation, GR people all seem to be fascinated with the city in which they live! What a place.
  11. That is cool. Does anyone remember exactly where the old brewery (Fox?) building fit in on Michigan Hill? I remember taking note of that historic building back in 1961, for some reason.
  12. As long as you don't find cold, clammy palms
  13. It was pretty creepy in the late '60's when some of us female teenagers walked through it. And dark!
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