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  1. I post about twice a week on average. If that’s trolling, then you are in luck. I always hope for a better life for all Nashville citizens. I disagree strongly with your views on how to get there. And I’m a Davidson county taxpayer. Seems relevant. also; I can be harsher and more pointed if you would like!
  2. Feds bid the job out like anyone else. Problem with this project has always been appropriation of money. It’s all private companies doing the work.
  3. The framing of this debate is always interesting. Anyone that doesn’t believe unfettered capitalism is best is a socialist or communist. Lol
  4. This is reality. Libertarians have a view of the that is untethered from reality. The free market failures of the past 20 years have taught them no lessons.
  5. New ceo seems like he really knows what he’s doing actually. Last leadership group was pure disaster though.
  6. They work for a disruptive company that is quite successful. That company has benefited from tax breaks because of its large size, they are far from the only company to do so. Your point is falling on deaf ears. Those Amazon employees would be working for someone else if not Amazon, because they have a valuable skill set. Your post makes me think you are bitter about their success. Don't be. We can expand the pie, just because someone has a large piece doesn't mean you cannot also have a large piece.
  7. Those are all real issues. I know since I fit into one of the categories you mentioned. As you may have noticed from many of my posts that you typically disagree with, I support social safety nets that help those very types of people. But oh well.
  8. More jobs means more opportunity. This is a great place to be if you are willing to advance your skill set or if you have people skills. Tons of money to be made. It is tougher on those that work in teaching/municipal/state jobs because they cannot go out and make more money. Most other people can. Tons of great jobs out there right now, and more on the way.
  9. Pathe has no impact on the overall debate and will change few people's opinions. COLA would be great, but you may have to raise taxes for that. Money does not just appear out of thin air because people want it to.
  10. I have heard zero negative feedback about the Amazon deal and think the incentives were actually quite light for the benefit received.
  11. Anyone else get their two months free rent brochure in the mail today? Wonder if this will be another bank of the ozarks write down?
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