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  1. The bigger issue is clearly with financing. As you have said many times before, there has been racing there a long time. But with a project that will cost over 100 million and only a few race dates to cover that debt service, I am not sure it is really feasible.
  2. Looks like a rezoning request for the large Eventworks facility in the nations is on the calendar for the planning commission in October. Request is to rezone to mixed use.
  3. Agreed. This whole thing seems like a grift imo.
  4. How many total units are being built out there now? It is tough to keep track! It is great to see development hitting it's stride here and MetroCenter.
  5. Agreed, bus riding is actually nice. I wish we had more routes in Nashville.
  6. @Bos2Nashcan you explain to me the zoning change before council on 5604 and 5700 Centennial Blvd? Looks like they want to go slightly bigger than current zoning allows, is that correct?
  7. I believe we are currently at 6% plus $2.5 per night. But that could be wrong!
  8. Next door soccer is able to pay it's own bills, something Nascar doesn't seem like it can do or else we would have it
  9. Is this supposed to be good or bad? I see the main series trailing or barely beating NFL preseason games.
  10. Concourse D is nice, but how are 5 additional gates going to cost $250 million? That just seems high. Is additional infrastructure work a part of this?
  11. This whole area moving from light industrial to residential makes sense and will make the area feel safer.
  12. Yes the sidewalk situation is no good on most streets. The area has has had weak council representation and most developers have instead paid the in lieu of fee for sidewalks instead of building them. Just so incredibly shortsighted.
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