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  1. I am unfamiliar with the process other than I filed a review on my first home. It was easy and it was granted. I am sure for higher dollar projects that the legal process can be much more complex.
  2. Sure, anyone can appeal. It depends on how many of the appeals they grant. 2017 was the many appeals were granted.
  3. The rate would decrease, but a lower rate on a higher appraisal will make the bills basically the same.
  4. Yeah this is a non event, unclear why people are excited about it. Reappraisals are revenue neutral so the rate was always going to go down.
  5. The C suite stays in California, they move back office and jobs that require less talent and less pay to Tennessee. California is doing just fine. Tennessee would be well served trying to incubate our own talent to be able to create our own Fortune 500 companies, it requires substantial investments in education to do so.
  6. This seems like a really disappointing project for such a prominent location.
  7. Ajcp seems to be an honest player from what I’ve seen. This strikes me as a money grab by the old exit in owners and the new people are making good on money that was given.
  8. All construction in town is slow. Demand is so high that getting subcontractors is difficult. Weather further complicates things and throws off timetables.
  9. Fencing up and demolition of the old house beginning today.
  10. Who owns the lot where all the tractor trailers are always parked? Any plans for that yet?
  11. I think this might be wrong. They are marketing it as for sale STR units. So you would buy and then STR it out. The website and all marketing seems to indicate this is the case. The marketing slogan is "Their Nashville adventure, your odyssey." https://odysseyatthepark.com/
  12. I also like the retail/restaurant component. I dislike the fact that the Odyssey is all short term rental. But it will be nice for that block to regain some life. And I share your feelings about 31st/Burch.
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