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  1. This still seems so disorganized. These guys want to build a billion dollar plus stadium somewhere, they have no team yet, they do not have the private funds for said stadium. The TSU location would be a disaster, the only hope this team would have to be profitable would be to be downtown. And that raises the costs dramatically.
  2. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/states-comparison more testing is not causing the high number of Covid cases. Lack of vaccination is. Creating havoc in our healthcare system currently. Pay rates for hospital staff are thru the roof and non elective procedures are being delayed.
  3. This seems like a good compromise. Don’t want to ruin small businesses but tourists need to be held accountable. Follow @scannashville for one weekend to see how bad it’s gotten with the fights downtown.
  4. I have heard some horror stories lately from unvaccinated clients. Hospitals desperately short on staff paying nurses loads of money for extra shifts.
  5. Was it the student housing company that turned out to be a Ponzi sceme? Sky lofts is the building that turned out to be a scam in Austin.
  6. Completely agreed. China is too blame. We are too blame as well. So let’s fix the problem. The market is clearly not fixing it.
  7. I’ve noticed bricks hauled away at most demo sites. My bet is that someone is willing to pay decent money for aged bricks.
  8. Kind of surprised we haven’t seen more discussion on the mess downtown Broadway has become lately. Fights are happening regularly. Heavily intoxicated people straining police resources. The situation seems to be getting worse.
  9. Looks like demo permit has been issued for old Watkins property in MetroCenter. That project, combined with the numerous other multifamily projects in the area, are poised to completely transform that area. And also hopefully make it safer.
  10. This light should help. Even currently this area can be a mess. People trying to cut straight across from dose to 440, in the mornings people don’t pay attention and get in the turn lanes way too early for west end. I’ve nearly been hit multiple times.
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