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  1. It is not yet online. You will have to do the calculation yourself based upon the assessed value. For those of us in the USD it is: ((New Assessed Value/4)/100)x 3.155(new USD rate)
  2. The new USD rate will be 3.155. Personal example: My property increased by 43% in assessed value. With the new tax rate I will be paying less in property taxes. Hope that helps!
  3. For even established developers add 3-6 months to their timeline. For unknown developers add more.
  4. Agree with this. My condo building does not allow short term rentals, although we did have some owners attempt to AirBnb their places. The guest were usually quiet and fine, but occasionally loud and disruptive. It is a quality of life issue. I think with the massive influx of new hotels this will drive the profitability of AirBnbs down in this city, creating less incentive for non-owner occupied units.
  5. Good breakdown of the proceedings here:
  6. Literally never heard it called that. It's an amazing town when it's not freezing.
  7. If this forum is about height fetishism they are in the wrong city . But I agree, bna. Urban planning issues are quite political. Avoiding those topics leaves us talking about boxes and roundabouts. That would be a pretty boring forum.
  8. It is purely mathematically set. It really all depends on how much commercial value has gained and the quantity of commercial added. I doubt you will see 45, if you do I do as well. I think it will be closer to 20-25. Some will gain and some will lose. My guess is your small government buddy fm will gain, and you and I will lose. But you and I have gained a great deal in value on our properties. I am more than happy to pay a small percentage to our nice city. I have a great deal of pride in Nashville and am willing to invest in it.
  9. The 4.516 you are referring to will be lowered in conjunction with the commercial rate to ensure an equal amount of tax dollars are brought in. That new rate will come out in the coming months. You will find out your new bill later this year. That help? This isn't my job btw. I just pay attention to things as as a property owner.
  10. This is also incorrect. You cannot use the same multiplier on the .25 factor from the last assessment. It will change. You will most likely see a 10-20% increase in property taxes(as will I for that matter). This is all publicily available information. Its important to understand how systems work before getting angry.
  11. 50% bump in assessed value is not going to equal a 50% bump in taxes. Overall amount of tax collection remains the same county wide. How people forget this every reassessment blows my mind.
  12. I am literally 20 yards from this project and am amazed at the relative quiet of the construction and blasting. Maybe living on a main road has dulled my hearing?
  13. Drilling beginning this week (including this morning at 1710 belcourt, gbt realty 76 apartments). Picture is from across wedgewood.
  14. I don't disagree with a word of this. I have never brought up the argument that private developers do this(it's their right to). Completely agree this should have been handled better by both parties over the past 20 years.
  15. It's amazing what happens when you don't fund projects!