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  1. The real question is why? Why spend upwards of $500 million for a game or maybe a few sec championships? This would be a colossal waste of money
  2. I'm not being passive aggressive. Sorry you take it that way. I'm being very upfront about the needs to make Autonomous driving feasible. Even basic reading on the subject shows that not only does technology need to be better but so do our roads. This requires money and investment, something our republican governor is proposing currently and that I support.
  3. It amazes me that people believe automated cars for the masses are coming next year. There have to be MASSIVE investments in infrastructure before AV will be safe. Not to mention advancements in the current technology. This is still 10-20 years away. Not to mention we have a segment of our society that doesn't believe in investing in infrastructure.
  4. Every moment I have spent in Memphis and New Orleans has been a blast. New Orleans culture is particularly unique. This is a bizarre stand you are taking. i hope the routes cone to Nashville when demand is there. We do not need to subsidize this.
  5. I would be shocked if this is built. His budget for this 12 story hotel is the same budget for many of the 4 story apartment complexes going up around town.
  6. This project seems feasible, phase I I imagine would take 15 years, unless a couple of major corporate headquarters move in and kick start the project before 2020.
  7. What deadline is looming? They have purchased the property already
  8. Wifi is by individual plane. The airplane wifi market is about the drastically change over the next few years.
  9. This might be the most researched and detailed post ever on the Nashville forum. Thank you!
  10. Wouldn't it be better to blame the private company handling the demo than the government? Blaming the government when zero government employees are handling the demo is interesting though.
  11. The new high rises are offering as much as 3 months free rent. There is definitely a glut. You won't be seeing rising effective rents for the next couple years at least.
  12. This is an interesting take. Vandy got rid of a beautiful KFC for that surface lot, which will eventually be used for the Medical Center. I would imagine Vandy has some medium range plans for that property, 13.5 million is not chump change. The University is constantly growing and this space will be utilized for more than a parking lot within 10 years.
  13. I think everyone wants Nashville to get better, Germantown to get better. You've made it clear you are a property owner in the area and want that value to improve. Understandable. Surely you can understand how gentrification is impacting some in a negative manner? Many of us on this board have greatly benefited financially from this boom we are undergoing, but it's important to help those who cannot capitalize in the same way. At least that my opinion.
  14. Everyone has a price. Once the land is valuable enough it will be gone. I imagine as Germantown fills up and Capitol View finishes up you could start to see some movement here.
  15. I think it's pretty obvious and understandable why people might be upset by that advertisement in a transitioning neighborhood.