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  1. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    They are still paying off debt from the renovation. Yes, doing all the things you mentioned would have been great, but for a community supported non profit it simply isn’t reasonable. As a belcourt member I love the renovations. Today it’s packed and I love it.
  2. Are the rules that old? Were they not redone in most areas with one of the recent long term plans?
  3. It’s been too cold lately for some of this work. Not sure if it’s been too cold for laying concrete, but with this warmer weather it could be catching up.
  4. Yes Hyatt seems short but my guess is budget makes that height most economical. I have to think residences and office space are 3+ years out simply due to the inventory coming online in the next 18 months.
  5. Federal Courthouse

    It must be amazing for the world to be this simple!
  6. Height wise it will be laying in a bit of a gully it seems. Either way retail doe not seem like a great fit for that location imo.
  7. I doubt the smoothie king is there in 5 years, I envision a larger multi use building. I think retail would be tough in this proposed building, it lays lower than the rest of the area and that side of the street is purely residential.
  8. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    This is slightly incorrect. The senates plan keeps the million dollar limit of mortgage tax deduction. The tax plan should be moderately stimulative in the short term nationwide . It could have slightly negative consequence to Nashville due to the individual mandate repeal being included and Nashville havingsuch a large Hospital ownership presence. The tax deduction should have A slight positive effect as you mentioned, as we are an extremely low property tax county relative to others nationwide.
  9. I am certain they are shooting for closer to 500+ per sq ft. Also, remember hotels cost a lot of money to run, revenue =! profit
  10. Yes we have a group of older citizens that have an affinity for the fairgrounds and not letting it evolve. Tons of soccer fans in Middle Tn and this development would do great.
  11. Not sure you know what that word means tbh. Of the group I hang out with, 30-45, still have never heard it called that. Moving on.... Yes I suppose hypothetically a person could be happy it is gone because of the cross. Just happens that no one on this board knows anyone like that. Must not be a widespread notion then, agreed?
  12. But you don’t speak of “that cross building” derisively. I’ll take your word that people call it that. There however is not a culture of people who want it taken down because of the cross, which is what fmdj is claiming. Anyway, I hope the implosion goes safely, should be interesting to watch at least, maybe take the morning off work for that one.
  13. As someone who has lived in Nashville my entire life and known people who have worked in this building I can say I have never heard anyone call it “that cross building”, except of course for fmdj.