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  1. Check page 26 of this link for the debt payoff schedule. Reports/fy_2015-2016_audit.pdf Payoffs in the first few years are quite small, then elevate in the 2020's. They can(and most likely will) refinance the debt when eligible (in 2024 I believe).
  2. All, A two story restaurant will be built where the temporary regions branch is. There will be a small gap between that and the main building. It is supposed to be a celebrity restaurant of some sort.
  3. Nope definitely apartments. Converting to condos is a big deal for developers and there would be tons of news about this conversion(like 1212)
  4. Not disagreeing and I have no problem with it. Was simply commenting on the quoted post.
  5. They are actually super free market, which is why you see boxy buildings ironically.
  6. Ahh I see, well yes some plans always get nixed. That's the nature of development, it is certainly not unique to Nashville. This project has a super long time frame, and a couple years of infrastructure work most likely before building can even begin.
  7. What do you mean how hard it is to get things built? Tons of things are being built. The city is super accommodating of development.
  8. I would be shocked if BBS moved to Franklin. It's a law firm, they need to be downtown.
  9. Not sure if anyone has mentioned but the Emery office project on 18th is in the excavation phase.
  10. Yes lots of people in this city make north of 100k, lots make north of 250k as well. Just have to be in the right fields.
  11. It is not yet online. You will have to do the calculation yourself based upon the assessed value. For those of us in the USD it is: ((New Assessed Value/4)/100)x 3.155(new USD rate)
  12. The new USD rate will be 3.155. Personal example: My property increased by 43% in assessed value. With the new tax rate I will be paying less in property taxes. Hope that helps!
  13. For even established developers add 3-6 months to their timeline. For unknown developers add more.
  14. Agree with this. My condo building does not allow short term rentals, although we did have some owners attempt to AirBnb their places. The guest were usually quiet and fine, but occasionally loud and disruptive. It is a quality of life issue. I think with the massive influx of new hotels this will drive the profitability of AirBnbs down in this city, creating less incentive for non-owner occupied units.
  15. Good breakdown of the proceedings here: