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  1. samsonh

    Sports Thread

    They play Indy last game, so that’s in their control. And yes hopefully Baltimore will fall once.
  2. samsonh

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Dale, people will always complain about their commute. He gave you reasons why the numbers are what they are, I’d stop arguing!
  3. lol bin bin I never said no tall buildings would be constructed. Just that sales are slow, which they are. This building is priced too high imo
  4. No these are unsold units, not apartment or Airbnb. All different sections of the building.
  5. My guess is this tower is a ways off. Sales are terrible in 505 judging by property records. The developer and some of his employees have bought units, but huge swaths of the building are sitting unsold.
  6. samsonh

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    This is not how companies operate.
  7. Dale, want to respond to my post quoting you? Or omit that?
  8. I am sure it has taxes. It has no income taxes though, which is clearly what I said. Nashville has taxes too! In fact rather high sales taxes
  9. You do know Washington state has no state income tax, right?
  10. And it has taken about three years to build.
  11. Or bridgestone realized that having back office IT support is cheaper in antioch than adding ten floors and a new elevator bank to a building. These are businesses and don’t really care about adding 5 or ten floors to a building. And it would be much better to be a little space constrained than having vacant space in your namesake building.
  12. Very few hoa’s allow STR. Just purchased a new place, it isn’t allowed. We do not allow it in my current building either. I for one would never move to a building that allowed it.
  13. samsonh

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    I understand that. But it has to do with the priority of the university and it's spending.
  14. samsonh

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    Vandy also graduates students much smarter than the average university. Students who go on to make a lot of money. I am sure most of them are fine being on this list