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  1. How are these only 85% sold after all this time? I knew sales were super slow initially, but this tells me interior quality must not be that high.
  2. Bristol does not have deep pockets fwiw. You can view their financials before the company went private. They were not pretty, and I cannot imagine declining attendance + Covid has helped that situation.
  3. The financing is very much up in the air at this point from what I can tell. The $50 million from Nashville would be paid for by sales tax and "other" revenue streams( seems to be undetermined at this point). But it seems the figure to get this track to good racing condition and to be a place people want to visit will be far higher than that. Will Bristol be able to pick that up? I kind of doubt it. This proposal needs to be more concrete imo with defined responsibilities of every party.
  4. Thanks for posting the thread, I don’t follow Matt and had not seen it. Seems like a nearly unanimous no from neighboring residents. Do we have a $ figure on Bristols commitment? The money from the city will not be nearly enough to create a modern speedway experience.
  5. The 51st crosswalk is better since the construction but it still feels a bit dangerous at times. Mainly because so many people get confused at that intersection combined with the large trucks going through.
  6. Let me be clearer, it’s not worth responding to an oped that is conspiracy theories and no evidence. Moore is a smart guy, with some good thoughts, and some non traditional thoughts. Factual debate is always great.
  7. This has been covered in previous posts and the rationale by a fellow republican above. Not worth even responding to an oped by Stephen Moore.
  8. Ehh, this was pretty much everywhere when the new numbers recently came out. Harmed Texas, Florida, and Arizona. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/politics/os-ne-census-apportionment-congress-20210426-im26ddkybjdk5maey3dqzgu3wi-story.html
  9. So zoning laws create homelessness? Houston should have no homeless then.
  10. His criticisms are not correct. He is using scare tactics. Sounds stadium, MCC, and mls stadium all have dedicated payment streams to pay down their debt. MCC in particular has so much cash that they will be able to pay off their debt early if they would like. He admits pension is fully funded but adds that the stock market having bad returns could change that. Well duh! That’s true of any defined benefit plan. Then he adds the bit about California style debt problems, without adding that California has the best economy in the nation and a massive budget surplus(unrelated to the stimulus I mig
  11. An incredibly poorly written and resourced opinion article.
  12. Has metro government ever done anything correctly? Jesus, a plurality of your posts are about how bad metro or one of the coopers are. It gets tiring.
  13. You can trace the underinvestment in commodities all the way back to the GFC and it’s aftermath. These current high prices will stimulate investment and over a 1-3 year period massive amounts of capacity will come back. As to the lumber shortage, similar issues are at play with regard to fewer sawmills post GFC combined with fires in BC that destroyed huge amounts of forest in the past couple of years. Can’t grow a tree overnight, and even if you could the underinvestment in sawmills means more trees right now wouldn’t change a whole lot. High prices will fix high prices, overused
  14. The politics of every council member is pretty well known, or you can check their social media presence. Progressives and conservatives are both for this. Activists are raising a stink trying to get funds. This proposal is clearly a win for everyone involved and has strong city and state backing. It will not fail.
  15. Yep to all this. I believe corporate America will rethink some of the just in time mantra that has been preached the last 20+ years when all this is said and done.
  16. Agreed. Unsure the best fix for this. My numbers show a very similar discrepancy as yours.
  17. The covid vaccine is remarkably effective. If everyone would get their shot(s) we would be over this very quickly, masks and all.
  18. Happens every four years. My home’s numbers are reasonable and appraisal was much lower than I expected
  19. I am unfamiliar with the process other than I filed a review on my first home. It was easy and it was granted. I am sure for higher dollar projects that the legal process can be much more complex.
  20. Sure, anyone can appeal. It depends on how many of the appeals they grant. 2017 was the many appeals were granted.
  21. The rate would decrease, but a lower rate on a higher appraisal will make the bills basically the same.
  22. Yeah this is a non event, unclear why people are excited about it. Reappraisals are revenue neutral so the rate was always going to go down.
  23. The C suite stays in California, they move back office and jobs that require less talent and less pay to Tennessee. California is doing just fine. Tennessee would be well served trying to incubate our own talent to be able to create our own Fortune 500 companies, it requires substantial investments in education to do so.
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