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  1. NIMBY is a disease we must fight tooth and nail. 206 units near downtown and in an urban neighborhood > an abandoned O'Reillys. I do not understand people moving into the city and then fighting against density.
  2. Metro did not come up with their own independent evaluation of the costs of maintaining the current stadium, purely relying on the Titans. Also, they always forget to say that money from the East bank that goes to stadium debt costs is money that cannot go in the Metro General fund. And those areas will still require service, infrastructure, etc.
  3. It appears LC Nations is about to start. A reminder: https://nashvillenownext.com/2021/01/04/lc-nations-rendering-progression-shows-how-it-will-become-a-transformational-nations-icon/
  4. Many would disagree with your characterizations of other countries not being free. Also, just because you say something does not make it true! Not going to continue this, these libertarian arguments always go the same way.
  5. I understand this rationale, but I think it ignores the reality that a large percentage of the population may not have the funds or ability to uproot their lives and move across the country.
  6. The one thing that strikes me the most about Armacing is that he is a self proclaimed libertarian but also a huge proponent of state's rights. Just very peculiar imo
  7. Agreed. The freight numbers are coming down because massive new capacity has entered the market. It’s capitalism. The consumer is spending a lot, as evidenced by numbers released today. And the negative GDP print was affected by much lower government spending and much higher imports than normal. It’s easy to be doom and gloom, but companies say the consumer is strong.
  8. This is nothing new, has been happening for years in Nashville. Zoning employees are regularly poached because they know how to get projects approved and the private sector can pay much more. This is not a bad thing, its great for these employees that get a huge raise.
  9. Finally, but I think they are all STR? Hopefully I am wrong.
  10. Those look better, but I still can’t believe we haven’t completely shut traffic down on Broadway. It would be safer and just a better spot in general.
  11. Titans certainly did not liquidate any assets to keep one of their top 3 players. Team being cheap.
  12. I hate that parking pedestal, kind of kills the point of density when an entire block is just parking.
  13. That $100 million is tangible in the same way. They can easily go to a big bank and get a loan against the team to finance their portion. As to the second, it is customary for tenants to put money into properties they do not own. Commercial real estate is built on this.
  14. The team goes up in value by over $100 million a year, the NFL is about to sign massive new TV contracts. How much of the Adam's contributions are actually NFL grant money? I promise you she is not liquidating assets to fund this. The wealthy do not sell assets, they take loans! She is not incurring a tax hit to do this.
  15. That’s good to know. I had it wrong then. If they are truly making a 700 million cash contribution I am much more pleased. Will need to see it first.
  16. Bna, usually you and I see eye to eye on things, I think taxpayers are getting hosed in this deal. The Titan’s owners are not shelling out cash as some here might believe, they are relying on increases in the tax base on Metro land to pay their portion. They are not liquidating assets as many on here believe. This is worse than the already bad deal NY state just gave the Bills. When they start touting charity work by the players as a reason to build the stadium you know it’s a bad idea. i say all this as a massive Titans fan, the math just makes zero sense.
  17. Good question. The lack of clear communication and the rushed nature seems not good. With development of this scale we need to take our time. If that means it is not ready until 2027 or beyond so be it.
  18. They can get low cost loans from the NFL, and loans from elsewhere to fund it if they wish. The team is extremely valuable and cash flow is immense. They are certainly able to acquire the funds, 100%.
  19. Yeah this is money that won’t be spent on the city itself. The owners are wealthy enough to pay for it themselves, they just don’t want to.
  20. Because it is M cubed it is almost certainly STR + those room types and sizes scream STR
  21. There will be zero public appetite to finance two stadiums. I think there is not a whole lot of Davidson county appetite for just the titans stadium.
  22. Agreed it’s just like a TIF. But as I and others on this board have said, the East Bank is developing on its own. A new Titans stadium is not kicking it off. Taking increased revenue from this district is a giveaway to the Titans by another name.
  23. Yeah this seems like a bad deal for taxpayers and that no one is being really forthcoming. How much money from the state is from this new "district"? I am a huge Titans fan, but am pretty against public money going towards this in this large of an amount.
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