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  1. Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project

    N&O had an article on this today as well to which Kane is quoted in it as wanting to preserve as much of the current building there as possible, so I'm assuming what is there will somehow be incorporated into the larger building that will be constructed. There was this nice tidbit as well: Read more here:
  2. The Edison

    The developer has just got approval from the planning commission to raise the height of the Edison office building from 225ft. to 290ft. The office building will be about the same height as the Red Hat HQ.
  3. Triangle Business News

    I agree that not moving the HQ may be a short term thing. When I first read that, my first thought was that is what they are saying NOW, but it seems to me to be setting up for that to happen down the road. If it does occur, it would be a nice HQ pickup for Raleigh.
  4. Kidd's Hill/Crabtree area development

    A developer has bought the Kidds Hill Plaza site and got the green light for construction of luxury apartments:
  5. Carolina Row at Crabtree

    I think this will be an excellent project for the area. I really like that they're going to build a pedestrian bridge to add connectivity to the mall!
  6. Downtown Raleigh's Future

    TBJ has an article out today on how it is becoming hip for businesses to locate in downtown Raleigh. I hope this continues the trend of increasing density downtown and helps planned projects get off the ground quicker, in addition to spurring new projects.
  7. I'm really excited about the hub and the possibilities that it will bring to the Raleigh. It will no doubt put an even greater spotlight on the triangle on a national, possibly even global scale. A couple articles I read stated that they were going to be hiring 1,000 people over the next 4 years and sustaining that as a minimum, so I would imagine they will need dedicated space employing that many. Another bright spot is those are jobs that are part of a public-private partnership at the federal level so they are unlikely do disappear in layoffs or something of that nature. In short, they are good, secure jobs. I would think that it could employ beyond those numbers eventually as well on the assumption that there will certainly be more companies that currently aren't part of this partnership that will want in on it sooner or later.
  8. Triangle Towne Center

    More news coming out of TTC: Aeropostle to open its first Triangle location for its kid's store at TTC, Icing is getting ready to open a location there, Claire's is expanding its store by 50% and Champs sports is adding an additional 1,000 sq. ft, American Eagle is remodeling their store, and Charlie's Steakery and Little Tokyo are opeing restuarants inside the mall:
  9. Triangle Towne Center

    H&M opening a second location in Raleigh at TTC:
  10. The History of the Triangle

    It's official, the Crabtree Jones house will be moved! The house is being donated to Preservation North Carolina and PNC is buying the house a lot, ensuring that it will be around for a long time to come.
  11. Blue Ridge Road District Study

    The state has transferred 34 acres of prime real estate to the NC Museum of Art Foundation. The foundation is the primary body responsible for bringing revenue into the museum. The land is the former Polk site, located at the intersection of Wade and Blue Ridge Rd. The foundation states that is doesn't have any current plans for the land, but will spend the next 18 months studying what they want to do with it before opening it up to developers. The foundation will retain ownership of the land in either case and only lease it to developers, so the foundation will have a great amount of control in ensuring that that whatever is built will blend in with the museum and surrounding area without overwhelming it.
  12. Blount Street Commons

    Developer LNR has reached an agreement with the state to not buy the remaining acreage and will end development when the current land they had bought is developed:
  13. Triangle Food Scene

    Didn't want to start a thread just for this and it is technically food-related, so I thought I'd put it here. Publix is now confirmed to be entering the Raleigh market!
  14. I was reading that this morning...he stated that another company could buy out Duke, but I would imagine that would be difficult now with the Progress-Duke combination to pass by regulators in its entirety when you consider how much of a hard time they had with the Progress-Duke merger to begin with. I would say that any deal would likely result in spinning/selling off of assets, be it to another existing utility, spinning off Progress/Duke/entirely new company, or a combination of these things. Regardless, it doesn't appear that the government side of this is going to cut them any slack, be it from the utilities commission or Roy Cooper.
  15. Triangle Towne Center

    Saks chose the TTC because of a combination of it's proximity to high income areas such as Wakefield, the low rental cost, and the executives were sold on the overall feel of the mall, according to an article from the N&O from years ago, which unfortunately I can't find. The Saks at TTC last I knew has been one of the more profitable stores in the chain and had signed a lease extension into 2024, so I doubt they will be leaving anytime soon.