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    601 Bond

    It's somewhat busy in the mornings but I'm sure once the units start to fill up, it will be even more so. I don't know if tenants are moving in yet. There is another space next door that's being worked on right now but I can't tell what it is.
  2. This is still being reviewed by the city. Maybe Wyoming doesn't feel the need to publish anything yet.
  3. I've gone once or twice to these and had a great time. Super service and different menu choices.
  4. That is not very close to the current site plan. I'm honestly surprised Wyoming doesn't have an update available somewhere.
  5. Wow. I almost would have felt better if it had intentionally had been designed to be Wyle E Coyote style fake doors. But nope, just another stupid mistake.
  6. You should see my desk! I'm not sure what the city has available for public consumption currently. But design phase is very far along. More substantial plans will be available soon at the city.
  7. 28 West is far from dead. Phase 1 (6 apartment buildings) will be in to the city very shortly for permits.
  8. This site always has some choice aerials through the years. The two airports are pretty interesting. https://www.historicaerials.com/viewer
  9. I don't recall Ionia being permanently closed north of the new ramp in earlier press releases. Currently, people who park on Ionia or those lots and walk to the hospital are in a dangerous spot. They literally walk down Ionia then jump the concrete barrier to cross Division. This will help them for sure.
  10. Here's what they're widening to. The concrete columns were put up or extended last year, now it's simply add steel frame and fill with concrete.
  11. It's not just widening the 196 bridge over the Grand River. They are proposing to add a ramp from Division to the existing Ionia ramp to WB 196. At least they hope to do these projects simultaneously instead of completing one huge project, opening the highway for a month and then close it down again for the next project. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2019/02/187m-proposal-would-add-on-ramp-to-i-196-in-grand-rapids.html
  12. Down the road from Ferndale is this one in Royal Oak. Obviously the finishes here are top notch. I'd like to see cost of container vs cost of flatbed full of 2x4s to get a better idea of real value here. http://thecasaclub.com/royal-oak-shipping-container-house/
  13. Letter Of Intent. Possibly with stipulations regarding member growth over the next couple years, I can't say for sure. Still not a done deal, but money is on the table.
  14. Regarding the food co-op timeline, two years off is actually a good thing. They now have time to build their membership base which will help in funding. With a location announced, they should see an immediate bump in membership and it's now on the radar for those who were unaware of the co-op before. It's a bit slower process than a big corporation just spitting out a six-figure check to secure the location.
  15. So just for comparison, Pine Knob/DTE north of Detroit is about 15,000 seats, 3 lanes of highway both directions and an exit pretty much right there. That can be a traffic disaster on event nights. Millennium Park would be similar sized artists at about 12,000 seats, 2 lanes of highway each direction and an exit at Wilson which is already a cluster every rush hour, It's the only surface street to cross the river between Wealthy and Allendale. Anyone want to imagine the traffic on a night when Hootie and the Blowfish and G. Love come to town? There has got to be consideration for another bridge/exit, maybe at Market.
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