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  1. elcelc

    New projects in Monroe North

    Say goodbye to one of our beloved tower cranes...
  2. elcelc

    New projects in Monroe North

    "What? You're going to complain about my new building blocking your view? Here, let me cantilever some more concrete your way. See how you like it now."
  3. elcelc

    New projects in Monroe North

    And let's solve that parking problem in back of the new hotel...
  4. elcelc

    New projects in Monroe North

    a couple shots from the river
  5. elcelc

    601 Bond

    Well I was "working from memory" at the time. No claim to a great memory obviously... I'm a little surprised they've started the finishes already with so much activity still to come. Room for error (dropping of the odd hammer or two) must be better than I expected.
  6. elcelc

    601 Bond

    They just started placing the parking level brick panels.
  7. elcelc

    601 Bond

    Nice spy photos! Working from memory, they have another five or six floors to pour yet at roughly one per week.
  8. elcelc


    You can add Two Guys Brewing into the mix now. Their soft opening was today at Byron Center and Porter in Wyoming. Expect real hours to be announced soon.
  9. elcelc


    DeHops Brewing Company & Cafe just opened up in Standale. It's just south of Lake Michigan Drive a bit east of Wilson. https://dehops.com/ And Michigan Moonshine Distillery will be opening in Grandville in the new development at Wilson and Chicago Drive. They were recently denied opening in Jenison despite previous verbal approval. They get a brand new building out of the mess, so good for them. Facebook announcement
  10. elcelc

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    I wonder how this did during the flooding? Some of downtown Grandville and most of the area along 196 were swamped. "Now with bigger moat!"
  11. elcelc

    Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    Quite the view from these guys... http://belknapbluffs.com/
  12. elcelc

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    I'm sure the sloppy bits at the bottom of the walls are just unfinished awaiting baseboards. I doubt the reporter is correct in calling them "hard-wood" floors though. 10' ceilings is pretty impressive.
  13. elcelc

    Suburban Projects

    The sign there says, "Like us on Facebook". It doesn't seem to exist on FB though. Nice start guys... I did read they plan on adding 6 parking spaces there which will be tight unless it's ground level parking. It's very tight with the railroad right-of-way there.
  14. elcelc


    Switching from beer talk to moonshine. Well except in Jenison. http://www.mlive.com/jenison/index.ssf/2017/12/no_food_no_drink_mandate_uphel.html
  15. elcelc

    New projects on the West Side

    I looked at this location about a year ago. Wow. Decades of meaty, smoky, crust was peeling of the walls in the back. Looked like tree bark. They had just started working on it then and were going for a white box. I was NOT interested in seeing the basement.