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  1. Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    Quite the view from these guys... http://belknapbluffs.com/
  2. Grandville Castle Apartments

    I'm sure the sloppy bits at the bottom of the walls are just unfinished awaiting baseboards. I doubt the reporter is correct in calling them "hard-wood" floors though. 10' ceilings is pretty impressive.
  3. Suburban Projects

    The sign there says, "Like us on Facebook". It doesn't seem to exist on FB though. Nice start guys... I did read they plan on adding 6 parking spaces there which will be tight unless it's ground level parking. It's very tight with the railroad right-of-way there.
  4. Beer

    Switching from beer talk to moonshine. Well except in Jenison. http://www.mlive.com/jenison/index.ssf/2017/12/no_food_no_drink_mandate_uphel.html
  5. New projects on the West Side

    I looked at this location about a year ago. Wow. Decades of meaty, smoky, crust was peeling of the walls in the back. Looked like tree bark. They had just started working on it then and were going for a white box. I was NOT interested in seeing the basement.
  6. New projects on the West Side

    They took over the old Northport Brewery last year.
  7. New projects in Monroe North

    Embassy Suites front and back... And starting to pour the parking ramp on Icon II
  8. New projects on the West Side

    When/where is this hearing?
  9. Grandville Castle Apartments

    That would actually be a cool tour. Any chance of others tagging along?
  10. New projects in Monroe North

    Gettin' close...
  11. Beer

    I'm a little disappointed in the reporting of where a business is "considering" moving to. Definitely jumping the gun on many levels.
  12. New projects in Monroe North

    Naw. Even with hand drafting, 100' was often the base elevation. 0'-0" sometimes and even in rare cases it was USGS - 674.81' instead of 100'-0". It's just easier to figure heights and elevations when all your numbers are positive.
  13. New projects in Monroe North

    It took 5-6 hours to place the entire tower then they took a long break and topped it off around 4:30. Here they are about 3/4 the way up and one with the cap in place to end the day.
  14. New projects in Monroe North

    That's the crane that makes the crane. Hold tight for pix...
  15. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    Birch parking lot on the far left here and Farah's on the right. That's going to be an exciting meeting I bet.