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    One Glenwood

    That box panel on the upper right is impressive at night when it is lit.
  2. Historically taller towers were built in areas that maximize their visibility (i.e. visible from interstates) as well as in areas where land costs where very high (i.e. CBD of major cities). I'm not saying that it's a ridiculous idea, i'm just saying that there are better options in downtown Raleigh for 40+ story towers.

    Warehouse District

    Another box with windows. Lovely...
  4. I wonder how visible this tower would be from the money shot and from I-40. It would make more sense to build such a tall development on Kane's newly secured land in the Warehouse district.

    Triangle Economic News

    That center photo was taken from the Dillon deck. Very cool.

    Triangle Economic News

    Here's the statement listed on the homepage of NC's premier biotech organization: North Carolina’s life science sector registered another run of robust growth in 2017, ending the year with more than 700 companies employing over 63,000 people. The year was packed with major public stock offerings, billion-dollar acquisitions, venture capital deals, company expansions and accolades for the state’s bioscience prowess. https://www.ncbiotech.org/news/nc-life-science-landscape-grows-during-2017 Furthermore: A series of reports by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) highlighted North Carolina’s position as a top state in the nation for driving innovation and economic growth by attracting and growing the biopharmaceutical industry amid an increasingly competitive global environment. The reports pointed to two successful models: the Biotech Center and the state’s system for education and training to help close the skills gap. With all of the growth year over year, mainly in the Triangle, how can you argue that the industry in the Triangle, or in NC as a whole, is headed south? It's easy to pick article's that support the position that you want to believe, but if you look at all of the hard data publicly available, it points to continued growth in the biotech sector. Not decline or stagnation.

    Triangle Economic News

    Really? These are bold statements that are not supported by facts. If the Triangle was loosing it's reputation as an innovation center, you would not see so many tech companies focused on product R&D committing to bring resources here and startups ramping up their operations in this area. Sometimes I wonder if you actually know about the things you post.
  8. Wasn't Hatem also proposing a 20+ story project in the Warehouse D? I've become skeptical of Hatem's plans for highrise projects every since the Lafayette bit the dust.
  9. I would agree. I'm particularly bullish on the Warehouse district and not just because I live there. Citrix, the Dillion, Union Station, and now the Food Hall have increased the foot traffic dramatically, and to say that this area has been given a new life is an understatement. I look forward to many good things to come in that area.
  10. What is the main cross street with Davidson St? I've been to Plaza Midwood. I like going to a Veitnamese restaurant just up Central from Plaza Midwood.
  11. I'd be interested in checking out NoDa. Never been to that area and want to see if it has the cool factor.

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    While almost any tower announcement is good news for downtown, I really wish some developer would step up, push the limits, and propose something 30+ stories. At this rate it feels like 40+ is only a dream. For a city with as much demand and low vacancy rates as Raleigh has in its core, you would think that the city would become a lot more scrutinizing over the available parcels of land.

    Triangle Economic News

    The article mentions that this will be a HQ, not just their primary engineering hub. That is even better news. These types of developments will strengthen Raleigh in more ways than one. Having more high paying jobs is the most immediate benefit, but what many people fail to recognize is that tech jobs tend to stabilize local economies better over the long term than jobs in many other industries. I say the more tech jobs for Raleigh, the better.

    Triangle Economic News

    This is excellent news. Let's continue the tech momentum and growth of the local tech talent pool.

    301 Hillsborough

    I would hate to see the Saucer go. I love watching drunks slumber out of there late at night from my balcony.