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  1. Specialized IT people in financial services and pharma/biotech routinely make around $100,000+ in bigger markets like Boston, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. Financial analysts, investment specialist, and financial services managers can easily command that and more. Needless to say these 1200 jobs will help boost the economic prosperity in the Triangle in many areas, such as retail and real estate.
  2. Today the N&O ran a very good article on the Union Station development progress: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article149587754.html
  3. The N&O article stated that the starting salaries would be $100,000. Not sure if they meant the average starting salary or not: "1,500 jobs with starting annual salaries of $100,000"
  4. 1500 positions with annual salaries of at least $100,000 will be a huge economic boost for the Triangle. This is one of the reasons why there is so much high end development happening in and around downtown. It would be great to see them build a new tower on the N&O site.
  5. Niall Hanley is opening a new space below Café Luna next week called Watts & Ward...
  6. Here's the scene from Dix last night. Over 1000 people showed up for the first "MoviebyMoonlight." Great views, great crowd, and great, food trucks. I'd say it was a huge success. This needs to become a regular spring/summer event.
  7. I live at the Dawson and am thrilled that I can now just run around the corner and have several quick food options. That is priceless for me.
  8. Someone (from outside the area) speculated that the developers may be themselves the culprits and it could very well be arson. This thought had not previously crossed my mind, but now it makes me think. If these developers are having issues with such developments that aren't easily resolved, burning it down, collecting a big insurance check, and starting over could be more economically beneficial to them. I have a hard time accepting the fact that anyone would willing jeopardize lives and property in order to profit, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. Just listen to that first 9-1-1 call and the statement by the developer. All of this seems very bizarre and almost pre-planned. I'm hoping that RPD does a very thorough investigation.
  9. Furthermore, any city's first priority should be the safety of its residents and businesses, not providing affordable housing downtown. If you can't afford to live downtown, then there are various transit options available, but there is no option for a life that has been lost because of cheap construction that went up in flames.
  10. I'm sorry but I don't agree with this at all. The ends do not justify the means. Simply developing affordable housing downtown does not justify creating a huge fire hazard in a dense commercial and residential area within a booming city. I'm certain that if there had been a substantial loss of life from this fire and threats of large lawsuits, the developers and the city would most definitely rethink their goals of cheaper developments that support more affordable housing downtown. It's not worth it if it comes at the risk of actual lives.
  11. Unfortunately the city code currently allows it. I have argued for years that these wood framed structures do not belong in dense urban areas, and this is the main reason why. They are much more dangerous and risky than steel and concrete. When you have one of these go up in flames, as the Metropolitan did, you not only loose that building, but it also threatens nearby structures, lives, livelihoods, pets, and anything else in the surrounding area. This should be a serious wakeup call to the city of Raleigh. They need to stop letting these developers get by with the cheapest construction possible. If they can not afford to build safe structures, then they should not build in downtown Raleigh.
  12. and the people who live in that area are as well.
  13. Looks like the entrances to this site have been taped off and crews will start work on the site soon.
  14. I can deal with this design. At least balconies would not be facing my unit at the Dawson.
  15. A TBJ article confirmed that the towers will be 31 stories and 20 stories.