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  1. The topic here is current and future developments in the Village, not it's history. Can we please get back to discussing that?
  2. Check out his site at raleighskyline.com. His work is photographic art and some of the shots are amazing.
  3. Raleigh/Durham metro ranked #2 best place to live in the U.S. https://www.usnews.com/info/blogs/press-room/articles/2021-07-13/boulder-colorado-is-the-no-1-best-place-to-live-according-to-us-news
  4. I honestly feel like the Goodnights are simply ready to retire, or at least slow down. They've made their billions. I don't believe they have any heirs who are likely successors, so why not hand the family business off to capable hands? They still will earn more money than imagineable because i'm sure they will reap a hefty payment plus retain a boatload of preferred stock, and probably other equity incentives. For the Goodnights, this is a no brainer. For their employees, that's another story.
  5. The numbers indicate that Atlanta is overbuilt. In boom times things are great, in downturns not so much.
  6. Very interesting how they Broke out Raleigh from Durham and Chapel Hill, but most of the other metrics focus on the larger metro area.
  7. Great writeup. I wasn't even aware of some of these. As you said, if only a third of these towers get built, Raleigh's skyline will be impressive, even for a city of 500,000. My guess is that we'll see 50-60% of that list built, simply because the demand is there and the space is sorely needed.
  8. I like this condo project, but honestly this site could have benefited much from a taller structure.
  9. This really is a beautiful development. From Capital Blvd and at street level. Definitely a plus for downtown. And I agree, a 40 story tower will really make that view pop. I had a chance to cross the barriers and walk around the development, and the retail space is something special. I like the urban, brick and steel concept that Kane has designed. Can't wait to see what retailers will occupy the spaces.
  10. Let's hope they can bring their vision to fruition. That site is the perfect location for a tall tower to showcase in the nothern gateway to downtown.
  11. I would love to see something rezoned for above 40 stories. Does anyone know if there is a moratorium in the city on towers above 40 stories?
  12. I just hope that they don't demolish all of those older buildings/wahrehouses close to Atlantic Ave. to make way for this project. Those bldgs have character.
  13. Maybe a couple of these proposals can be combined, and give us an 80 story tower?
  14. FCB is a very, very conservative bank. They have their roots in JoCo for god's sake. It seems that they want the cachet of being located in Raleigh, without the responsibility of being a good corporate citizen and philanthropist.
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