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  1. Raleigh Ques (as in BBQ)
  2. Nevertheless other cities like Philadelphia and Charlotte could/should have been on the map, but they aren't. Obviously there is some level of interest in Raleigh as a destination and not just a placeholder on maps.
  3. New Raleigh posted a cool video. https://www.facebook.com/NorthCarolinaFC/videos/10154680364660423/?hc_ref=ARQFLzKFFu006Ne6jvf85XvqpeqkOwffCgeJS1gktzFZL6R65xw8vR_zdM7Ay3z1-sc If this stadium gets built as envisioned, Raleigh will have one of the best sports complexes in the country.
  4. On a flight today from Europe to Montreal on Air Canada, I noticed that Raleigh was displayed on the flight map in bold, along with Boston, New York, and Atlanta, on the eastern seaboard. While this may mean very little, it got me to thinking about how Raleigh is perceived domestically and internationally in terms of commerce. Is the city seen as having arrived as an economic powerhouse in the east, or is it seen as making strides towards becoming a major economic engine in the US. I'd love to hear what others think on this topic.
  5. Raleigh sorely needs a sports complex downtown, or very close to downtown. It's just one of those things that makes an urban core truly vibrant.
  6. Raleigh is ripe for another major league team and MLS would fit nicely.
  7. Very cool video. It would have been nice if residential were scoped in this project, but i'll take it.
  8. Thanks for highlighting this. I trully respect your ability to highlight the positive things happening in NC metros in an unbiased manner.
  9. Great redevelopment effort going on in Winston-Salem.
  10. I agree. As others have stated previously, every inch of land downtown is valuable and its potential should be maximized. And this is especially true in the warehouse district. If the city had a more sensible council, things like this would be better controlled.
  11. I was out at Dix park around dusk and there was a huge rainbow that ended right on top of PNC tower. It was a stunning view. Didn't have my camera or phone with me, or I would have captured a shot and posted it here.
  12. Thinking about moving to Raleigh, KJHburg?
  13. The Kane website indicates that tower 4 will be 32 stories: http://www.kanerealtycorp.com/project/tower-4/
  14. The N&O is reporting that Cousins Maine Lobster will be a major vendor at the food hall: http://www.newsobserver.com/entertainment/restaurants/article155306409.html
  15. Very nice. This will do a lot to progress the transformation of that area of Glenwood South. Not to mention what it will do having a full service urban grocery store downtown.