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  1. A lost opportunity was that new tower in NHID. When you're heading east on 440 it's clearly visibly directly in front of you. Putting something better designed and more iconic in that spot would have been a winner.
  2. I'm so ready for that flight! On another note, passenger traffic out of RDU has exploded. During high peak hours the Pre-check lane is ridiculously long. Worse than most other airports that I travel through, and I travel extensively. The airport authority needs to seriously consider how to expand that airport this go around to adequately support growth for the next 40-50 years instead of continually kicking the can down the road.
  3. My takeaway is that this tour will be used as a test for the market. If proven successful in North Hills with a clear demand for high end luxury shopping demonstrated, I can foresee a "Shops at North Hills" popping up in the future. I'm also very bullish on this.
  4. Raleigh's Heights House hotel is named one of the best hotels in North America. https://www.fodors.com/worlds-best/hotels/north-america
  5. I like Raleigh Kings better... I always thought that spot would be perfect for a ball park. Let's hope it eventually comes to fruition.
  6. Same here. I received the official notification in the mail today from the city, so there's no turning back now.
  7. This project has been quiet for a while but a groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for October 24, 2023 at 8:00am.
  8. Nashville is even closer to Atlanta than Raleigh or Charlotte. It's also only 4 hours from Cincinnati which has the Reds.
  9. I also thought the Flyers, but Philadelphia has that name for their hockey team. I think that the Raleigh Aviators has a nice ring to it. Whatever is chosen, it should be Raleigh XXX instead of Carolina XXX.
  10. The name should be something representative of the area or the state, like the Raleigh Croppers, as in tobacco cropping. Or the Raleigh Sirs, for Sir Walter Raleigh.
  11. An Omni is a decent top tier brand for downtown, but this will be a beautiful hotel.
  12. Great news!!! Lufthansa is a great airline and Frankfurt is a major air hub in Europe, not to mention a big financial hub. This is a win for the Triangle.
  13. Does anyone know if Ruth's Chris will be moving to a larger space?
  14. Something is better than nothing. They must have taken note of that Pre-Check line any day of the week. It's worse than any other airport that I travel too.
  15. The previous iteration was 32 stories. If they are adding approx. 38 more units we could reasonably assume that they would need to add floors.
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