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  1. If I recall correctly, the city imposed the affordable housing mandate on his 40 story tower in Smoky Hollow, which may be slowing that development down.
  2. Kane is quite the visionary, and Raleigh is the benefactor. I just wish the expansion included taller, sleeker towers. That would help balance out the things with the east side.
  3. I read in the TBJ today that an estimated 45,000 more apartments are needed in Raleigh. No sure if that is across the metro or just in the city limits. In any event that's a lot of demand. That most certainly will drive more high rise residential development, which could explain the push for re-zonings in areas like the Warehouse District and Glenwood South.
  4. Found this cool video and photos of the North Hills Main district expansion: http://madeline-lohmeyer.squarespace.com/north-hills-expansion
  5. I suspect that this is only the beginning. typically with rapidly growing cities, taller and more impressive developments follow the first big wave of developments in the 20-30 story range. Those developments drive up the surrounding price of land as well as availability, which in turn forces developers to look at going higher for subsequent developments.
  6. My understanding from talking to others in the local commercial real estate and development arena, Kane can get whatever financing that he wants at this point from major financiers in the US and Europe and beyond. This is why he has so many projects currently in the pipeline. If he wants to go big at Crabtree, i'm sure that he can make it happen and it will be impressive.
  7. We're very, very lucky to have a visionary like him in Raleigh.
  8. Looking good and growing fast...
  9. Noticed today that The Eastern signage is finally up. That is a gorgeous tower.
  10. Very exciting stuff. Smoky Hollow was originally planned as a 40 story tower. Interested to see what the final floor count will be.
  11. With Ineos US HQ and possible manufacturing down the line, as well as VinFast's huge manufacturing operations planned for Chatham County, Raleigh may become an electric vehicle automotive hub in the near future. Since Advance Auto Parts is headquartered here, i'm wondering if they envision any opportunities with these new developments? If not, they should be seeking to get some of the action.
  12. Midair performance at the grand opening last week.
  13. That doesn't change the fact that this "Carolina Core" concept is bogus and intended to be deceptive at it's core.
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