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  1. Triangle Economic News

    Here's an image of the current Amazon HQ1 in Seattle:
  2. Triangle Economic News

    I just read a Bloomberg article that makes a compelling case for Raleigh being a top pick. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-09-14/big-cities-aren-t-better-in-amazon-s-contest
  3. Triangle Economic News

    This article ranks Raleigh #4 as a suitable HQ2 contender, despite have poor mass transit options. https://qz.com/1074386/the-hard-choices-amazon-will-have-to-make-to-find-the-right-city-for-hq2/
  4. Triangle Economic News

    Momentum never hurts...
  5. Amazon HQ2

    So say you. However...there are many experts that give Raleigh a better shot than Charlotte (for obvious reasons).
  6. Amazon HQ2

    Seattle had the original skid row.
  7. Triangle Economic News

    Not to overlook the mere importance of this development, but this type of site selection activity by IT firms will most certainly have some sort of impact on Amazon's decision. Infosys provides the types of IT contingent workforce and services that Amazon tends to use. They also have a current partnership. https://www.forbes.com/sites/saritharai/2014/06/27/amazon-ties-up-with-it-billionaire-murthy-of-infosys-to-launch-e-commerce-joint-venture-in-india/#6db8ffeef7a6 https://www.infosys.com/newsroom/press-releases/Pages/AWS-accelerate-cloud-migration.aspx
  8. Triangle Economic News

    What i'm saying is that they could have 1 or 2 towers downtown to house the main corporate functions (i.e. C-suite, Legal, Marketing, Finance) AND a full campus in RTP for operations (i.e. IT, sales, product development, mid level management). Again, they are looking to invest around $5 billion. That is a lot of real estate. Based on their current model in Seattle, I do not think they would place all of their headquarters buildings on a campus in an suburban area like RTP. This company is not like a Nortel, or IBM, or even SAS for that matter. They thrive in an urban setting. Wherever they choose to locate you will probably see their buildings located across that metro, and not all in one area.
  9. Triangle Economic News

    That's exactly what I was thinking. The Triangle could have a very strong proposal if they include multiple options for sites in the bid. I think downtown Raleigh as the HQ site is a must, because amazon is all about its urban campus in Seattle. The success of the downtown Citrix urban campus could be a strong selling point. In addition, having other parcels in RTP, Centennial campus, North Hills, etc as options for buildings to house Amazon operations would work well. In Seattle they have about 33 buildings, so obviously they would not try to build everything downtown and there are benefits to having things spread out across the metro. My fear is that Raleigh, RTP, and Durham will all try to submit separate proposals, and that would be disasterous. For this bid, a single proposal with Raleigh being the core really would be the strongest package for this area.
  10. Triangle Economic News

    Eventhough Boston and DC may meet the space requirements in certain areas, the cost of that available space is much more expensive than any available space in Raleigh. Also, eventhough Raleigh doesn't currently meet the mass transit requirements, the city will have the new Union Station ready soon which will be light rail enabled. After a selection is made, it will take Amazon several years to build out the space needed to fully support their HQ2 operations, and this could give Raleigh time to vastly improve it's mass transit options. It all depends on how flexible they want to be and which requirements they weigh the most. At this point I really don't see mass transit as being a showstopper.
  11. Triangle Economic News

    I'd hope that WFs doesn't give Austin an advantage, but something tells me that they want HQ2 to be in the EST timezone. I've dealt with many big companies and being located on the west coast puts them at a disadvantage when dealing with Europe and the Middle East. I would think somewhere like Arlington, Alexandria, or suburban Maryland.
  12. Triad Business Notes

    I do think that Boston is the frontrunner. Atlanta may also have a good shot, but don't rule out other smaller metros... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/here-are-the-cities-that-meet-the-criteria-for-amazons-second-headquarters-2017-09-07
  13. Triangle Economic News

    Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Bridgeport, Denver, New York, Provo, Raleigh, Tampa and Washington....these were all on my personal list, with exception to Denver, Bridgeport, New York, and Provo. I do think that one of those cities will get it, and will most likely be one of those on the east coast. I'd say Boston #1, Austin #2, Washington #3, and Raleigh #4. And thinking about this a little further, Amazon is most likely wanting another HQ to be closer to Europe, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. This bodes well for cities like Washington, Raleigh, and Tampa.
  14. Triangle Economic News

    They are looking to invest around $5 billion. That can build a lot of buildings. They could potentially build a tower in downtown Raleigh to serve as the HQ2 tower, a distribution facility in a town like Clayton or Knightdale, and a large IT campus in RTP with this large of an investment. The possibilities are enormous and I do believe that the Triangle is poised to make it happen.
  15. Triangle Economic News

    Amazon is looking to find a 2nd HQ in North America. This could be a very huge opportunity for Raleigh if the city could land this. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2017/09/07/amazon-plans-second-headquarters-dubbed-hq-2/640861001/ Raleigh is undoubtedly in a very good position to land this, for the following reasons: Since their HQ1 is on the west coast, they mostly likely will select an east coast location for HQ2. Raleigh is the most economically cost effective of all of the 8 major tech hubs in the US. The area has a wide range of demographics that Amazon likes to employ in executive management, technology, logistics, and distribution positions. Ease of access up and down the east coast and access to the midwest. Major international airport with nonstops to many major US cities.