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  1. The new CONRAC will have a tunnel connecting the facility to the terminals: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article234006637.html
  2. Looking forward to seeing the final rendering and height. The sky lobby should be on the south side of the building to give more visibility of the skyline.
  3. Very nice. It would also be nice to see some height extend east and west of Fayetteville St.
  4. Instead of always coming to his defense like most of you guys do in the name of protecting enthusiasm, or the fragile, or whatever, maybe you should start reading his posts with something other than rose colored glasses.
  5. That's an understatement, but you are correct.
  6. Bigger means better, at least in his mind. Didn't you know?
  7. Even though I wished that Charter Square North were taller, it has made a bigger impact on the skyline than I expected from that angle in the first photo.
  8. How many stories is tower 4 supposed to be?
  9. I saw this building from the S. Saunders St. money shot the other day and it looks impressive from that vantage point.
  10. Thanks for such a great compilation of photos.
  11. How long has these same arguments been made in these threads to no avail? There is a reason why most sensible people don't even post here. You just need to accept the fact that you can't fix stupid.
  12. Just one word...hype. We'll just see how this one turns out.
  13. Seriously? He feels the need to send a tweet announcing nothing more than his phone is ringing off the hook with potential tenants? Any you wonder why some people are a bit skeptical of this and some of his other previously announced developments...
  14. Interesting article. I'm amazed (but not really) that those homes are going for around $460,000. I knew that property values in that area would skyrocket, but this is incredible.
  15. This is the exact view that I see from my balcony...and i love it.
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