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  1. Amazon HQ2

    Change the word more to most...
  2. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    Raleigh is the City of Boxes.
  3. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    Yes this would be the second in Raleigh. I do think the market is ready for more condos. I'm seeing a lot of interest in condos in my building at the Dawson. As the warehouse district and lower Glenwood continue to get built out, more people will line up to invest in and around these areas.
  4. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    Looks like Snoopy's days are numbered...
  5. Triangle Economic News

    Nothing attracts more people better than the prospect of a high income.
  6. We've begged for years to just get one grocery store downtown, and now we're getting two: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article91906452.html?utm_content=buffer8b0e6&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  7. Amazon HQ2

    Exactly. The only reason Amazon decided to go through this process of considering metros with 1M + population was to uncover a diamond in the rough. Don't be surprised if Amazon picks a city that doesn't perfectly fit it's stated requirements, but rather has the ability and desire to grow the way Amazon wants. That's what happened in Seattle and I suspect that's what will happen with HQ2.
  8. Triangle Economic News

    My thoughts are if Amazon did choose Raleigh, it would be for purely visionary reasons and not because the city best matches up to their stated wishlist. They would want to help Raleigh grow in such a way that suits their short term and long term needs, as well as attracts many other tech companies that could increase the overall talent pool. Believe it or not, this could be a much more appealing option to them than choosing a city that clearly meets all of their requirements, but yet is not flexible enough to mold as Amazon wants.
  9. Triangle Economic News

    Raleigh lands on another shortlist for HQ2. I actually like this list of 5 top contenders. The only change I would make is swap Detroit for Boston. https://www.inc.com/christina-desmarais/amazon-hq2-proposal-deadline-has-arrived-here-are-top-5-contenders.html
  10. Amazon HQ2

    Dude you are confused and attempting to confuse others. Your statements are all over the place.
  11. Amazon HQ2

    What I said was..."Amazon knows this and will choose a city where they can ATTRACT and RETAIN the best talent" which is what I said will probably be their #1 requirement. If you're qoing to quote someone, make sure its accurate.
  12. Amazon HQ2

    I've lived and worked in Silicon Valley for a number of years so i'm very familiar with how things work in the tech industry. Yes, they want to extract as much knowledge from key employees before they jump ship, but they also need to do everything they can to prevent them from taking that knowledge to top competitors. In Amazon's case this is vital because they have such a highly successful, proprietary, and lucrative business model. Citrix in Raleigh is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with some of their former employees for non-compete issues. There is a reason why the best talent remains for years and years with companies like Microsoft and even SAS in Cary, even though they get high offers from other companies. These companies bend over backwards to keep those employees. Just ask anyone who has ever worked for SAS.
  13. Amazon HQ2

    I can see Denver, Dallas, Atlanta and a few others that fit the bill. Pittsburgh is also another interesting option.
  14. Amazon HQ2

    Lifestyle for employees DOES impact the bottomline...more than you think. Large companies are well aware that selecting the right location is vital to being able to ATTRACT and RETAIN the best talent. This is super critical in industries like technology, where competition for the best talent is fierce. Since HQ2 will mostly consist of white collar jobs, if Amazon were to choose a location where their types of employees (in mass numbers) reject moving to, they could loose much of their talent, as well as potential employees, to their competitors. I'm sorry, but most top level execs and hip geeks are not going to want to give up their posh lifestyles to move to a city where they cannot find the amenities that they are accustomed to. It ain't gonna happen! These people know that they are in high demand (after working for one of the world's largest and most profitable companies) and can command high salaries with just about any high tech company anywhere, and will jump ship and go work for Amazon's competition just to be able to remain in Seattle, Silicon Valley, etc. If you don't think this would have an impact on the bottom line... Amazon knows this and will choose a city where they can ATTRACT and RETAIN the best talent...period! This will probably be their #1 requirement. That is why cities like NYC, Boston, and DC appear to be ahead of the pack.