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  1. Also corporations will lease units for their top executives that they relocate temporarily to the area.
  2. I was out walking around downtown today and walked past tower two at Bloc[83] and saw the Envestnet sign on the building. I did some research online and discovered that they are consolidating their local headcount in that building. Furthermore the article I read referred to the area as "Silicon Raleigh." First time that i've ever heard that term, but maybe it will become more common for that strip bounded by Morgan and Hillsborough streets where a few high techs are already located. https://www.envestnet.com/press/envestnet-expand-footprint-further-silicon-raleigh-move-tower-two-bloc83
  3. That is insane!!! Paying $14K per month in rent? To put this in perspective, that's equivalent to 7 or 8 mortgages on houses with the same sq footage.
  4. How is Raleigh paying the price? The development hasn't even really started.
  5. I have been reading and posting in these threads for years, and things have not changed since i've started. I can understand how someone with a very very strong desire to see their city rapidly urbanize and develop an impressive skyline would be irritated by seeing all of the impressive development going on in other NC cities that isn't happening in their city. On the other hand, trying to push ridiculous ideas and making things seem like something other than what it is, is not the way to go. Furthermore posting delusions on a public forum doesn't help.
  6. The building of high rises in any downtown is based on space needs...current and future. If there is no projection of long term future need for a huge amount of office, retail, or residential space in a downtown where land is scarce and expensive, you're not going to see skyscrapers being built. The only exception to this is situations where corporations want to build signature towers for branding purposes, like BOA and First Union did in Charlotte and Wachovia did in Winston-Salem. In a city the size of Greensboro with a small downtown and limited available land, most companies will opt to build out in the suburbs and outlying areas where land's readily available if they need a large amount of space, rather than build a skyscraper in downtown Greensboro just to build a skyscraper at a higher cost that really can't be financially justified. No sensible business is going to do that, and no lender with the money to lend would provide funding simply for ego projects. Again, there has got to be a need and justification.
  7. Three? I was only aware of 1 or 2 proposed for Durham.
  8. To take it a bit further, if they have such an aggressive timeline and most likely financing already lined up, they must also have a major tenant already identified. 2022 should be an interesting year for announcements in Raleigh and the Triangle, as well as erection of cranes.
  9. Now international firms are getting in on the action.
  10. That list of unit amenities sounds very impressive. Floor-to-ceiling windows, frameless glass shower doors, blackout shades...i'm sure the price tag for these units are on the upper upper end for this market. These almost sound more like condos than rental apartments.
  11. Went to lunch with a friend this afternoon at YardHouse and snapped this photo on my way out. Great view.
  12. New renderings were apparently released but I cannot find them. Construction should start this summer. Plans for the 32-story residential tower call for 261 apartments, including a mix of 200 one-bedroom and 61 two-bedroom units. The other tower will feature 250,000 square feet of space across 20 stories and will include office uses. Both buildings will have ground-floor retail and stretch around the existing historic Creamery building.
  13. Crews installing banners on the south side of the parking deck today.
  14. So I guess the fact that you were incorrect in stating in your post that this venue (shown in the images which you posted) has locations in Dallas, Memphis, Key West, Florida and a few other places doesn't require any kind of retraction on your part because it was the business' fault for intentional (or possibly unintentional) misrepresentation and infringement. Why do you think that the original establishment took the time out of their business day to post a disclaimer on this forum in relation to your post? I wish that life were always as simple as you make it, but it's not.
  15. I checked the website for the apparent legitimate establishment, and the logo in that first post is not the same as the one on the website: https://www.rockhouselive.com/ That should be the first clue.
  16. Apparently that was not the logo/sign for the legitimate establishment. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are posting facts. Ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to legality in most cases. There is a fine line between what's legal and what's not.
  17. I very seriously doubt this was posted as some sort of a joke. This is NOT the sort of thing to joke about. It seems fairly serious, otherwise they would have not taken the time to create an account here to dispute this boosterism. You guys need to be careful about posting announcements in public forums without having all of the facts straight. It may seem harmless to you, until you receive something like a cease and desist letter by certified mail. The last thing that you want is to end up involved in some sort of litigation because you promoted something inaccurate in a public forum.
  18. Here are some reported facts: Developed by Raleigh-based SLI Capital and New York developer Mack Real Estate Group of New York Located at the corner of South Saunders Street and Hammell Drive The total cost across both phases is expected to come in at around $600 for phase 1&2 The companies are hoping to kick off construction by the third quarter of 2022 Towers will be mixed use: apartments, office, and retail space
  19. The project includes a pair of 20-story towers – and that's just for phase one... https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2021/12/15/sli-capital-mack-real-estate-dix-park-development.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_45&cx_artPos=3#cxrecs_s
  20. I agree with you. Highwoods is moving aggressively with get the land that they owned in the warehouse district rezoned. They would not be making these moves if they were not planning something substantial in DT Raleigh.
  21. This was the rendering for the proposed tower on Fayetteville St. I believe this project was scrapped when Highwoods entered the picture.
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