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  1. Pantherhead

    Charlotte Webcams

    Cool find. Looks like it has a dead bird or something in it's claw.
  2. Pantherhead

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    Speaking of "green" grocery stores, has anyone checked out the new HT in south Charlotte(off Audrey Kell rd., I think). A friend of mine told me that CNN news was there a couple of days ago because it was the nations first green grocery store. Anybody got any info on this?
  3. Pantherhead

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    Yeah, it got pushed back a couple of times, march 5th, then mar. 12th and finally the 19th. Some didn't think they would make it by the 19th but they kicked into high gear over the past few weeks to get it done. Beautifull store, if this is what Bi-lo plans on doing with all future stores, then there may still be hope for them yet. Makes me worry about the teeter across the street, they just spent a couple million on a remodel. But I don't feel like it was nearly enough. Can't believe I'm saying this but compared to the new Bi-lo it looks like a dump.
  4. Pantherhead

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    That's pretty much what I figured. I wasn't sure if they have all that other stuff(electronics,etc.) or not. Thanks for the input.
  5. Pantherhead

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    The Super BI-LO at the corner of Weddington Rd. and Mckee rd.(near Matthews and Stallings) is almost finished. I think I heard it's opening on March 5th. Anyone know if it's that much better than a reg. BI-LO? There's already a Harris Teeter across the street. I can't see that many people switching from Teeter to BI-LO unless it's really nice. Those folks over there don't really care much about low prices. They just want nice, well lit stores with good meat, good produce departments, and clean bathrooms.
  6. Pantherhead

    Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

    I wouldn't go see Bon Jovi if someone paid me $1000. But Radiohead on the other hand, I would gladly pay $500.00 for the opportunity. Their shows normally sell out in a few mins. Anyone have an inside scoop on a date for this show?
  7. Pantherhead

    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Sonic Youth-"Rather Ripped"
  8. Pantherhead

    UNC Charlotte Football

    I don't know where you get "most people" from. Do you have any polls or data showing this to be fact, or this just a gut feeling?
  9. Pantherhead

    UNC Charlotte Football

    Just think how great uptown would be on saturdays with the light rail line coming from UNCC. People could stay after the games, party, and not even have to worry about getting a DUI
  10. Pantherhead

    UNC Charlotte Football

    Cool. I hope they can find a way to make it work. I'll make sure to check it out when I get home from work.
  11. Pantherhead

    UNC Charlotte Football

    I would love for them to have a football team, but don't forget that for every dollar they spend on mens sports they have to match it for the women's sports as well. Every time I've heard it discussed, Judy Rose(I think that's her name) shoots it down with all the usual reasons. Like not having stadium for one thing.
  12. Pantherhead

    NASCAR Hall of Fame

    I think they would have gone to the other cities if their sponsors twisted their arms a little. Maybe just not as willingly and often as having it here in Charlotte. Nascar made the right decision. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I just hope it doesn't wind up costing Charlotte too much.