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  1. wingbert

    ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    For off years it should get away from something that could be perceived as the discount version of ArtPrize. Do something else that could be alternated every two years. BeerPrize?
  2. I would say that the height of the buildings may not be important but the quality of the architecture is. London was mentioned earlier by someone. While London may not have supertall skyscrapers, the do have some iconic buildings - both old and new. The Grand Rapids dedication to the the dual disciplines of homogeneity and value-engineering means we haven't seen much in the way of really interesting architecture since Van Andel Institute and Devos Children's Hospital were built.
  3. wingbert

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Build more roads, drive more cars, avoid more transit options at all costs and get free money - How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around The Country
  4. wingbert

    42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    Grand Rapids design aesthetic - "Go beige or go home".
  5. wingbert

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Dilly Dilly!
  6. What's with all the criticism? As long as it is well-planned and well-constructed you automatically have to love it, right?
  7. wingbert

    That weird retail space at the base of Plaza Towers

    I'm telling ya, that should be an Orvis shop.
  8. wingbert

    Suburban Projects

    Yeah, the old part of Ada is weird... Welcome to New Ada. Just a homegrown slice of good old traditional America!
  9. wingbert

    New projects in Monroe North

    oh dear lord... Never mind.
  10. wingbert

    New projects in Monroe North

    Actually, people are ridiculing downtown Ada. I hear it all the time.
  11. wingbert

    New projects in Monroe North

    Nah, it seems pretty fair. The point was about change feeling forced. The scope of the project and the meticulousness of the planning is irrelevant.
  12. wingbert

    New projects in Monroe North

    Not that you're wrong, but it's funny that this same level of disappointment and ridicule isn't being leveled at the manufacturing of a fake downtown in Ada.
  13. wingbert

    Cable cars in GR?

    So it might connect downtown to the new Ada?
  14. wingbert

    New projects in Monroe North

    I don't know... Free movie, BYOB, I think the sheeple will migrate to it. It will be a good test to see how much I196 creates a disconnect between Monroe North and the rest of downtown. It's a long walk from Hopcat. Maybe Atwater will benefit.
  15. wingbert

    Predictions for the coming year

    Something big as in , another big disappointment?