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  1. Brutalism lives!
  2. No, that's the new Ada Village design. This place will be home to such sports as bicycle jousting.
  3. With a name like "Scott Brew" I think this guy really had no choice but to move there.
  4. Look on the bright side, if this flames out as an apartment building it will make one hell of a great location the The Haunt during the Halloween season.
  5. Actually, it wasn't bicycle trolling at all. It was city planning trolling - poking fun at the high-minded concept that in a city that experiences the weather of GR, people will quickly switch to riding bicycles or stand in the open air at a sign that says "bus stop" simply because you take away parking and add bike lanes and bus routes. I've got nothing against bicyclists in general. Although I did enjoy the photo of the tractor trailer pile-up. I can see that happening on Ionia Avenue one of these days.
  6. Yep. Everyone should just stay home.
  7. You don't need a car in Grand Rapids. A bike will do nicely.
  8. I thought he was just exhibiting typical behavior for a west sider. (... awww hells no, did I just go there?)
  9. John Ball Zoo made USA Today and many other news outlets with their latest viral video! John Ball Zoo in USA Today
  10. Wouldn't that moving ticker violate the same ordinance that got the dome on McKay Tower in trouble?
  11. What they need to do on 131 is make one lane a bike lane, one lane a bus lane and reduce the speed to 35 in the remaining auto lane. Then people will ride their bike or take the bus and everyone will be happy and leprechauns riding unicorns will descend from the clouds in a rain of pixie dust as the unicorns fart rainbows. All the dirty automobiles will magically disappear and the people will be so happy they will join hands and sing as the city’s parking garages are torn down and replaced with 12 story low income housing. Hallelujah, peace and love, amen.
  12. I'm still curious as to what's going in at the former Forest Hills Inn location. They've torn the exterior of that place to pieces.
  13. Skateboarding is not a crime!
  14. Not to belabor the point, but... One may be a private organization and one may be a municipality, but they both have the same goals (or should) - a welcoming environment, people, activity, vibrancy, etc. How is it incumbent on one to ensure that convenient and accessible parking is available and not the other?
  15. FMG has as much choice as the city when it comes to providing parking. FMG recognizes that if they reduce available parking they will more than likely reduce the number of visitors in the short term and in the long term they will develop a reputation as inhospitable - regardless of whether or not they tell people to take the bus to the gardens or car pool to the gardens, etc.. On the other hand, the city hasn't quite grasped that concept.