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  1. I could be wrong but I think it IS the Euro Bistro. Euro Bistro moved down the street to the west.
  2. On the occasions I pass by the Branns on Leonard with its “tribute” flags, I have to wonder if they are truly an homage to those who served or just ham-handed marketing. It always makes me think of the movie “Unforgiven”: Sheriff "Little Bill" Daggett: You just shot an unarmed man! Bill Munny: Well, he should have armed himself if he's going to decorate his saloon with my friend.
  3. Meh... I kinda enjoy being a curmudgeon. We can’t all be Joey Blue Skies all the time. Someone has to provide a bit of perspective every once in awhile.
  4. I suppose you’re right, Joe. Forcing them to close their location and move elsewhere then raising the rents should they want to return is a perfectly friendly thing to do. I stand corrected. Please accept my apologies.
  5. Because of course, after chasing away most of the long-standing Ada businesses, the only thing left to fill all that retail space they’ve created are going to be Amway family owned businesses where actually turning a profit is optional.
  6. It could also be they source a lot of the operational staff through a third party like Manpower.
  7. Oh joe... I apologize if my jest felt overly snarky. Raildudes dad already answered the question. The continued hand-wringing just seemed a tad dramatic. If the supplier, the onsite workers, the GC, the PM and the owner haven’t called an emergency halt to construction due to this horrifying aesthetic flaw, then you can probably sleep a little easier knowing you don’t need to worry. Unless you are of the mind that you’ve spotted something that has escaped notice by the professionals involved and they are going to reach the end of this project, look up, and go, “hey, how did we not notice this earlier?”
  8. “Studio Park” isn’t a very interesting name. They should’ve gone with something more creative like “Downtown Theater”.
  9. Could I drive in the “bus only” lanes if I bought this thing?
  10. One thing’s for sure, whoever lived in the fourth apartment from the left must be a hellacious smoker. Look at those spaces where pictures hung on the walls.
  11. Looks like a velodrome that was turned into a pond before being completely filled in. The mystery deepens...
  12. Welp, nice knowin’ ya Founders.
  13. I agree it was a cool thing to watch. My attention may have wandered a little, were any of the “North Monroe” projects included in that montage?
  14. Did this also include a fusion power plant and a subway to the airport?
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