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  1. “Wow, that guy revving his engine loudly is so cool” said nobody ever
  2. That Erickson crane is the bee’s knees.
  3. Just out of curiosity, anyone know what the “unforeseen issues” were? Did I miss that somewhere?
  4. You’re right! The google streetview car must’ve driven through right after it came down. Orange barrels are still there and everything.
  5. Wow! Does that mean Red Lion is coming back? When will it open? [sarcasm]
  6. Is that crane on the roof of the AGP going to come down before the snow flies?
  7. Unfortunately, the same could be said about the mindset of much of our city/county leadership
  8. Rosies Diner is a story in the Detroit Free Press. Not exactly Grand Rapids, but close… A west Michigan classic, Rosie's Diner is looking for a new owner after permanently closing in 2011.
  9. Out for a bike ride recently in the Ada / Cascade area and came across this interesting situation… This property just north of Koetsiers greenhouse is now gated with signs saying “Property of MDOT No Trespassing”. What does MDOT want with this landlocked 10+ acre property? Any ideas?
  10. They’re just a humble non-profit organization focused solely on the health of the residents in the communities they serve.
  11. I’ll join the “windmills are cool” brigade. Recently drove past the collection near Ludington and it was a pretty awesome sight. Also, there really is no such thing as “clean coal” and any technology to make gains in that area immediately puts coal behind other energy sources for cost-effectiveness.
  12. Biting my tongue on an extended rant, I would only ask if this numbskull even checked with the constituents he supposedly represents before he threw out his “why not Sparta?” nonsense?
  13. The switchback path reminds me the path to the fort on Mackinac Island.
  14. Other than the GVSU building lacking the symmetry, arches, architectural ornamentation, height, and grand entrance, I can see the similarities.
  15. If only there were a legally available product that could help them avoid having these discussions harshing their mellow.
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