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  1. I saw on LinkedIn that the Grand Rapids Chamber posted images of MDRD and they are much brighter than what is seen earlier in this thread. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of gold trim and the rest of the decor, but perhaps the images don’t do it justice.
  2. I can’t recall the details but a friend once told me about a laundromat that had one washer that was a false front. It always had an out of order sign on it but if you knew the code or whatnot, it would swing open and was an entrance to a speakeasy. Might’ve been in Philly.
  3. Both those images make me think there is a tremendous lack of windows considering the location on top of the tower. Who wants to go up there to sit in those dark tones?
  4. If you like banks and dental practices, that stretch of cascade road is for you.
  5. I’m sorry to be harsh, but anyone who takes up a whole parking spot with one of these is just being an a-hole.
  6. Is someone actually suggesting that you can have too many taco choices?
  7. There’s this... Cleanup Funding Approved for Vandenburg Center
  8. Thanks! Now I can’t unsee that.
  9. Thank you, HPC, for protecting Grand Rapids from the harsh realities of the future.
  10. Benvenuto to the jungle, we got fun and games...
  11. Not to imply that it’s an easy task, but thanks to this pandemic and who knows what other factors, this project seems to be taking forever.
  12. Personally, I still enjoyed Charley’s Crab, although I didn’t visit that often. It really seemed like an anachronism in today’s downtown - and that was part of its charm.
  13. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  14. [sigh]. The Hinman building looks as squatty as I feared it might in that photo.
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