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  1. Biting my tongue on an extended rant, I would only ask if this numbskull even checked with the constituents he supposedly represents before he threw out his “why not Sparta?” nonsense?
  2. The switchback path reminds me the path to the fort on Mackinac Island.
  3. Other than the GVSU building lacking the symmetry, arches, architectural ornamentation, height, and grand entrance, I can see the similarities.
  4. If only there were a legally available product that could help them avoid having these discussions harshing their mellow.
  5. What really kind of boggles my mind is that a building expansion with an an addition that seems intentionally designed to architecturely conflict with the existing structure’s design made it through all the levels of review and approval without someone looking at the renders, scratching their head, and saying, “hold on a second…”
  6. Resurrecting this thread reminds me that I believe there is another go at a solar farm on this site being kicked around. Not sure on the status though.
  7. If the goal is to locate it far from hotels and other walkable downtown attractions, then this is a great idea.
  8. They should just gate it all off and charge admission for tourists to take a step back in time by visiting “70’s / 80’s Sprawl Land”
  9. Might as well make the crane a permanent fixture since by the time they are done, this glass will be outdated and they’ll have to start over again at the top with a new design.
  10. Amway laying off 900, most of them at the HQ. There go a lot of potential customers for those numerous vacant storefronts in the new downtown Ada. That’s actually a real bummer for those poor folks as this stupid pandemic drags on.
  11. You’ve clearly never driven that stretch of road on a regular basis. What’s the math on that drive if you’re the 12th car in line behind a combine going 10 mph who then waits to turn left into a field and once he finally moves, the first car in line behind accelerates to a blistering 35 mph and nobody can pass because the exact same damn thing is happening in the lane going in the opposite direction? It’s a real freaking nightmare on a more regular basis than you can imagine.
  12. Some people just can’t take “yes” for an answer.
  13. Very interesting. Not sure people utilizing the event space are going to be keen on cyclists and dog walkers and such passing through and stopping at the drinking fountain. “Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, I would like to... hold on, we’ll just let these cyclists pass through... as I was saying, I would like to... no no, it’s ok, you and your dog can go aaaannd yes, get the dog a drink... all set? Alright, where was I? Oh yes, I would like... wait a second, didn’t you guys just ride through in the other direction? No, the arena is back that way. OK, you’re welcome.
  14. “Ovation” seems a bit presumptuous.
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