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  1. Anyone know the story of the old apparently abandoned baseball field just north of the Meijer HQ in Walker?
  2. Corewell sounds like a good name for a well drilling company. When I first received the update I thought it was typo for Carewell.
  3. So what we need is ArtPrize to become a tech event with investment bros and a bit of art?
  4. Lots of cities want to chase tech companies. That recent Inflation Reduction Act had incentives for domestic renewable energy related business . I don’t know a lot about that industry but it seems like it would be a mix of tech and manufacturing. Does a Silicon Valley equivalent exist for renewable energy or could GR attempt to jump in on that game?
  5. It would seem that what both the city and developers lack in vision, they make up for in risk aversion
  6. I’ve seen worse renderings. And, at 12 stories, it’s perfect for Grand Rapids
  7. I know this is a horrible thing to say, but the way Acrisure seemingly came out of nowhere and has blown up with a what appears to be an unlimited budget, sort of gives me Cybernet vibes for some reason.
  8. Well, I can tell you that my, as yet still unborn, great grandchildren are definitely looking forward to the groundbreaking ceremony
  9. The worst part is, IIRC, that ramp from 96 east to 131 south is two lanes. Couldn’t one lane have been kept open while the other was under whatever construction was deemed necessary then switched? That project and detour seems like amateur hour from MDOT.
  10. I believe the Devos family’s Matthew 19:24 research project is still looking for a home
  11. Serious deja vu vibes here. Someone check for a reset in the matrix.
  12. Maybe subway cars for the line that will run from the airport to the amphitheater project?
  13. I don’t think it’s a rant. You make a good point. I’ve noticed the same thing. Streets, roads and highways in the area don’t seem to have kept up with population growth and traffic patterns in many cases.
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