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  1. Peer into the future with me...
  2. Forget the monthly parkers and all that hoo ha for a moment and think about the hourly parkers who are the customers and clients of downtown businesses. Hey there Mr. or Mrs. Client, come to my office (for an hour or maybe two) for a meeting. I know you don't work downtown and know all the parking options so here's all you have to do... "hope the ramp by my office has a spot available" "be sure to drop what you are doing and leave extra early so you have time to drive around until you find something" "park across the river and take the Dash bus over” “come to the closest bus stop to my office on the Silver Line or some other bus route” “ride your bike to my office” “park over at the Calder Plaza lot and walk to Heartside or wharever (real fun during next week’s temps)” “bring change and park at a meter (but don’t be 30 seconds late or the city will be there to ding you with a ticket)” “go and download an app to help you park downtown when you leave your office in your car to drive to my office” "your time isn't important so work around these things in order to do business with me"
  3. Where the parking app gets its data is an important factor. Anecdotal observations are unreliable at best. Frustration in the Parking Garage - Where are all the spaces?
  4. Well, they can't very well move that many people downtown because there's no place for them to par......... ... oh never mind.
  5. I didn't leave it out to hide anything. That one little reference is important to your message but the rest of the quotes include parking as part of the rationale. Nobody claimed they only moved because of the parking situation. I don't think it's all that hard to follow the rationale: company is growing and needs space to grow -> more employees means increased issues with parking convenience and cost -> suburban location with 30 spot parking lot included solves space and parking problems. It's nothing personal. It's just someone managing their business. I mean, the owner specifically said, "We needed parking and space," not "space and parking" or "space and maybe a little more parking" or something like that.
  6. Genautis said. “We looked at downtown, near downtown....I love downtown and being able to be there and be walking distance to clients, festivals, events, but there wasn’t anything available. We needed parking and space.” Plus: A staffing firm formerly based downtown has moved — citing the need for more office space and its own parking lot. "Genautis also said the lack of access to affordable and convenient parking was a factor in the decision to move." “As we increase employees and start hiring…we pay for parking for everyone,” Genautis said.
  7. Hey look! An opportunity to convert some former office space to LIHTC housing!
  8. "NOCO Provisions" coming soon.
  9. It's pretty sad that this unimaginative effort at naming still demonstrates a superior effort at creativity than the "Downtown Market".
  10. Here's my question, with all this focus on the supposed beautification of downtown Ada, how in the hell did they allow a store to open right in the heart of the village called "Ada Liquor". Not something clever like "The Bottle Shop" or simple like "Ada Spirits"??? However, Ada Liquor just doesn't sound like the kind of image the Amway families would want to project. These people can get their own private heliports approved and have downtown city streets reconfigured to fit their own vision. How could they let this happen? I mean, which sounds like a shop in downtown Ada and which sounds like a shop on Michigan Street - Ada Liquor or PartyCooler?
  11. I'm going to have to agree with mpchicago. x99's example above is definitely better than the fugly structures I found and I would hope that any work on the building would be driven in the direction of this photo rather than the dumps I showed. The HPC has stuck its nose into some other situations where their involvement seemed a little over-the-top and arbitrary. However, this is one of those cases where their focus could actually do a lot to benefit the neighborhood and the city. But seriously, the name Dollar General just shouts "Cheap Crap".
  12. Yep, perfect for Heritage Hill. Nice and classy.
  13. Apparently a good old fashioned insurance arson was too much to hope for.
  14. Other suggestions for the city of Grandville: Medieval Times White Castle Blarney Castle gas station Castle bounce house A meadery Various business utilizing the names Camelot, kingdom, royal, and nobility