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  1. Yep, perfect for Heritage Hill. Nice and classy.
  2. Apparently a good old fashioned insurance arson was too much to hope for.
  3. Other suggestions for the city of Grandville: Medieval Times White Castle Blarney Castle gas station Castle bounce house A meadery Various business utilizing the names Camelot, kingdom, royal, and nobility
  4. I always liked this building. It's a shame it had to die to satisfy the megalomaniacal fantasies of few pyramid scheme-touting Main Street Disney fetishists.
  5. I smile and shake my head at the sheer audacity of this project... with this design... in this location. However, despite hoping like hell that this thing is a long-term success I cannot escape the sense that this will be one of those things for which the term "White Elephant' was invented.
  6. We've kinda hijacked this thread with the wood discussion, but here's one more... How Cross Laminated Timber Could Change the US Building Landscape
  7. Well sure, it wouldn't all happen overnight. The real question is whether cities like Grand Rapids and Grandville would embrace the opportunity with zoning and permitting to allow for the types of businesses with docks and tie-ups to appeal to boaters seeking food, supplies, etc. There's tons of boat traffic on the inland waterway from Cheboygan to Indian River and beyond or from Elk Rapids to Torch Lake and back. That's lots of river travel. People will do it just to say they did it. Boating in and of itself, is a rather irrational endeavor. Sometimes you feel like it would be better to just stand at the end of the dock and throw money into the water.
  8. Wood is all the rage these days for the sustainability-minded. "A 2014 white paper by Chicago-based architectural firm SOM found that using mass timber for structural elements while using concrete only for supplementary strength at connecting joints could make a 42-story wood-framed tower feasible while reducing the building’s carbon footprint by 60% to 75%." - Plant Material Discovery Could Benefit Future Wood Skyscraper Construction Developer Unveils Plans for Wood Office Building in Chicago World's 10 Most Incredible Buildings Made Entirely of Wood
  9. I don't understand why they would leave downtown? Couldn't they just ride buses and bikes until self-driving cars become common? Companies like this have to understand that their silly need to "operate their business" right now is not as important as the city's long-term "vision".
  10. Perhaps there's an HPC that would like to review the historical value of the Sears store architecture first?
  11. So, a “national client” with "multiple Grand Rapids-area offices" and "approximately 450 employees" to relocate? Any guesses on who that could be?
  12. Speaking of the diocese... It appears the old diocese buildings on Burton that became a charter school are going to be available for a new purpose soon.
  13. Maybe they could screen in a parking level or two to really give it that Grand Rapids flair.
  14. They'll move to the 'burbs when people can no longer find affordable parking nearby.
  15. Brutalism lives!