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  1. Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    Too bad it couldn't be across the river at the corner of Bridge and Scribner and connect that with a skywalk over the river. However, I don't think there's enough space over there and you wouldn't want to disturb President Ford's final resting space.
  2. Suburban Projects

    Yeeessssss, but drive it every day. People are just starting to get up to speed at that point. But hey, I hope you're right and it's nothing. Maybe the drivers of west michigan will suddenly all become more courteous, careful and aware of their surroundings and all will be right with the world. It's all good, forget I said anything.
  3. Suburban Projects

    Kinda like how they said traffic counts didn't indicate a left turn light was needed onto Fulton even though people who drive through there every day were crying to the news media about it right from the get-go? They changed their tune pretty quickly on that one after further investigation and installed the left turn arrow.
  4. Suburban Projects

    I would suggest they should've planned ahead and put a turn lane in for the curb cut. Clearly you've never driven north on East Paris across 28th street only to have chuckleheads need to turn into the Speedway or La Cantina or Baker Book House. I saw that today. When you said the parcel that was created, I thought you meant the space to the west that was "created" when they moved the road east and where they are also clearing some vegetation. Sorry about the confusion.
  5. Suburban Projects

    Nice. Move the road to alleviate some of the issues then turn loose the development to exacerbate the issues once again. It will be interesting to see what else develops at that intersection. There are curb cuts on the east side of the new stretch of road leading to that parcel they cleared between Crahen, Fulton and the railroad tracks (but no right turn lane. Can't wait for the increase in rear-end collisions when people race north across that intersection then someone slams on their brakes to turn right.
  6. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Might also have something to do with some politicians who have one idea - cut taxes. Sure, lower taxes are great but less income means less money for infrastructure.
  7. Staybridge Suites announced for west side

    If not for the damn dams, they could run a water taxi right to the convention center.
  8. But this is great bicycling weather we're having. People don't need to drive a car downtown.
  9. Predictions for the coming year

    Apparently they are using the same PR firm as DGRI.
  10. I like the fact that they looked to Chicago for an architect rather than a local shop and, TA DA!!! we see a design that is not brown and beige. Halle - freaking - lujah.
  11. Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    Hinman can backburner the big tower and start here instead with something creative... Or get real crazy:
  12. Maybe this will be fine but it seems at first glance like a great lost opportunity for Cascade to do something special with that location.
  13. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    What also needs addressing is that bottleneck from the westbound on ramp from Cascade Road to the beltline. They created that long merge lane but what should've been done is continue that merge lane until it meets the on ramp from Fulton. That short squeeze from Cascade Road to Fulton creates massive backups every single day - especially at rush hour. I wonder if the rationale is that there isn't enough space between the supports and the abutment on the Fulton bridge but it would certainly appear that there is enough room there.
  14. Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    This ... You can't get to the Founders pub without a boarding pass.