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  1. The city of Grand Rapids scoffs at this plan and would like to point out that if you alert people to the fact that there is a big parking lot a mile north across the Beltline at the Meijer store, they could actually reduce the amount of parking at the Gardens and attendance would go up. Makes perfect sense doesn't it? I mean, there's lots of parking in the area of Meijer Gardens if you just know where to look.
  2. Yes. ... and they're frickin' delicious!
  3. Phew, that's good to know. I'll park there for my next meeting with our vendor in the Arena district when everything south of Fulton is full. Hope it's not raining, snowing, sleeting, 10 degrees, or 90 degrees and humid. Plus, I can be sure to plan ahead for the added unproductive time in my workday I'll have to account for where I'm walking across downtown and back.
  4. Hmmm... Well I say +1 for embracing the concept and jumping on board.
  5. LACONIA!!!
  6. an IKEA.
  7. You say that as if bangin ho's in the shower is a bad thing.
  8. They should sell it all to the Amway families and let them chase away all the long time businesses, tear it all down and then build a bunch faux historic structures in their place.
  9. People can just relax. All this talk of 16 story buildings is preposterous. This is Grand Rapids, people. If they build anything at all, it will max out at 12 stories.
  10. Sorry, I didn't say it had to necessarily be on campus.
  11. Dick Devos leads Spectrum Health?
  12. If GVSU doesn't want to play, what about one of the other local programs? Don't Calvin, Aquinas and/or others also have soccer programs?
  13. GR Ford??? No, Austin Texas. The Cure for America's "Third World" Airports
  14. Skateboarding is not a crime!