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  1. RFP - 201 Market

    Maybe it was just me, but there were a couple of comments from F&C in that article that seemed to tiptoe around saying that as an outsider that has worked with larger metros and projects, the city's process displayed a little naiveté about how to handle a project like this.
  2. ^^^ This. Because I agree, it's not about caring what they think.
  3. I can't help but think people in New York or Chicago would find this conversation hilarious.
  4. New projects on the West Side

    It looks like the design was cobbled together to include a little bit of every element from every rendering for a multi-story building released for review in the GR metro area from the past 5 years. Maybe the philosophy is to find out what parts a prospective tenant likes and then redesign the rest from there.
  5. Creston Neighborhood

    I happen to agree but the reality is that nobody is forcing anyone to fund this kickstarter. People waste money on the strangest stuff all the time. If they want to throw their hard earned cash at these folks in the hopes that a vegan joint that failed once will be a success the second time around, who am I to say no? It's not my idea of a worthwhile investment but then again, kickstarter is full of wacky ideas and there seems to be no end to the people eager to separate themselves from their money to give to them.
  6. East Beltline Developments

    I wouldn't call them improvements yet. It's going to take a little time for the chuckleheads who traverse that intersection north and south to wrap their heads around the change. I've seen quite a few near misses because people are so used to be two left turn lanes northbound and now the way that Crahen curves over to meet Forest Hill Ave. it can be difficult to determine what oncoming traffic is doing. People are turning left from middle lane and turning left in front of oncoming traffic. Once they complete the whole deal I'm hopeful it works. From my perspective it is a great change.
  7. East Beltline Developments

    Unfortunately, as the years went by and Captain Stripmall was allowed to endlessly dither on this property the retailing environment was going through a transformation. Now that action is finally being taken the options for this location often do not exist any longer. I would imagine that for many retailers, brick and mortar investments are under greater scrutiny.
  8. The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    Wasn't it some kind of dental practice? I totally agree. There seems to be plenty of office space available or in development. This seems like a step backward for downtown.
  9. 42 story building coming to downtown GR

    Let's all meet at John Ball Park tomorrow evening and channel our positive thoughts...
  10. New projects on the West Side

    I've seen pictures of uglier buildings... from Yugoslavia... In the 1970s.
  11. RFP - 201 Market

    The only thing wrong with the Duane Faust plan and the way things were handled was everything.
  12. RFP - 201 Market

    Good point. However, between the secrecy here and the secret Amazon submittal, it almost seams as though the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of non-disclosure. The lack of information creates an information vacuum which can then be filled with all sorts of conjecture and conspiracy theories.
  13. Village of Ada - Complete Makeover

    It's kind of interesting how some board members are all gung-ho on the "let's just trade with properties with Amway" while the DDA is looking to the future and saying, "hey, that north space could come in handy if it remains in the township's hands". I'm feeling myself agreeing with the DDA on this one. Amway owns enough of the town already.