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  1. In 2017, I thought the MLS required expansion teams to have their own soccer-specific stadiums. This knocked out a lot of potential cities, including Charlotte, after the city opted against using tax revenue dollars to partially fund a new stadium. I'd love to see a 25,000-35,000 stadium in Charlotte for MLS. I still remember the excitement of Friday/Saturday night Carolina Lightnin' games in Memorial stadium. I almost can smell the bratwurst and kraut. The team attendance was pretty good at the time -- 5,000 - 10,000 with 20,163 at the championship game. Carolina Lightnin' 1981 American Soccer League Champions
  2. LOVE this book growing up. I always felt it was sad when they couldn't get her out of the hole and turned her into a freaking boiler. But I digress.
  3. Here's the latest in the redevelopment plans for CTC. http://carycitizen.com/2017/12/06/mapping-out-the-future-of-cary-towne-center/
  4. Wow. I didn't expect the response to be negative. Compare this plan to Park West Village. It was originally supposed to have more gridded "streets" with stores, only to turn into big boxes, huge parking lots and outparcel strips. The entrance is beautiful. While the Wegman's gets everyone attention, I do like the two main streets with the boutiques, restaurants and stores. Now how does this affect Cary Towne Center? While they may get an IKEA, it doesn't replace the entire mall. They have to come up with a modernization plan to de-mall and develop something nicer. They are going to be stuck with a crappy interior mall or outlet mall if they don't do something. Has anyone heard of any plans beyond IKEA.
  5. Yesterday we finally got to see the plans for the Wegman's complex in Cary. The street entrance reminds me a lot of the Ballentyne area of South Charlotte. The streets of boutiques & restaurants remind me of Rockville Town Center in VA or Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC. Plan: https://mgtvwncn.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/eastern-cary-gateway-site-plan.pdf http://www.columbiadevelopment.com/projects/eastern-cary-gateway http://www.wral.com/wegman-s-supermarket-to-anchor-cary-s-version-of-north-hills/16662632/ http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/community/cary-news/article72697562.html I hope this puts even more pressure on CBL Associates, owner of Cary Towne Center, to do something to the failing mall. Yes, IKEA may be coming, but that does not replace the mall. One section of the mall will need to be razed, but what about the remaining portion? If they don't de-mall into something nicer, they're gonna be stuck with a crapty outlet mall or something like South Hills, with this jewel right across the street from them.
  6. The N&O reported on the rumors last week about IKEA coming to Cary, but it was still just rumors. In Mayor Weinbrecht's blog post yesterday on CaryCitizen.com, he pretty much gave up the secret that it was in fact IKEA. "We also talked about the redevelopment of the mall called project emerald. Apparently, the potential business wants it to remain a secret even though it was on the front page of the News and Observer. All I can say is that project emerald equals blue and yellow. We will see how this is presented to the council in the future." Someone on Reddit joked that blue and yellow means that Cary's about to get a Blockbuster Video! I really hope CBL tears down the entire mall and focuses on building a walkable, mixed-use area along the Walnut Street side with restaurants/retail/apartments and then have IKEA in the back.
  7. I just can't see IKEA going in the CTC spot. The footprint of the store and parking may be larger than the mall property. I don't think that's the right thing to go in that location. Cary and the area need something more mixed-use, commercial, residential to go along with Wegman's development next door. If IKEA does come to the Triangle, I see it being off I-40 somewhere south of Raleigh.
  8. Yes, before the new North Hills developing in Raleigh was built, North Hills Mall was demolished, only leaving the JCPenney's store. I do like what they've done on the north and south sides of the street.
  9. North Hills Mall was a dark dungeon and getting left in the dust as Crabtree expanded and went more upscale. (Not Southpark upscale). Southpark Mall isn't remotely in the condition that North Hills was, so this idea is more than silly. I do love walkable, urban, mixed-use developments like Rockville Town Center(Square) in MD and Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC. A better place for something like this would be to bulldoze Cary Towne Center Mall in Cary, NC for something like this.
  10. The problem is the gerrymandering. Until this is fixed, or when rural voters who vote against their self-interest are being negatively affected by legislation, the GOP will remain in power, pushing more and more social issues that divide. I've lost complete confidence in the voters of NC. Too many low-information, conservative voters outside of the more educated, metropolitan areas. The NCDP needs to get off their ass and find more young, progressive candidates to run for state office. But I digress...
  11. While I'd love the availability of their Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy and Lingenberry, I'm not sure the site is big enough for an IKEA. The site in Charlotte is enormous. Huge building and parking lot. They would make a killing serving all the college students in apartments and dorms. I think they could pull some merchants out of Crossroads. Wonder if REI would move again? Not sure how much they would focus on big box stores vs. small boutique retail and restaurants. They do need anchors -- How about a Publix to compete with HT and Wegmans? Keep Dave & Busters. What about a Great Wolf Lodge? Large brewery & restaurant. Walkable, gridded streets. Variety of living options -- over retail apartments, condos(?), nice hotel (W? ALoft?)
  12. Well, the slide continues with Cary Towne Center. Hallmark has left. Kirklands apparently has already left. How long will it be before CBL & Associates get their heads out of the sand to announce new plans for the mall? With the upscale, mixed-use development including the Triangle's first Wegmans being planned across the street on Cary Towne Blvd, CBL had better get moving if they want don't want to be left with an empty, worthless shell (marginally worse than what's there now.) I saw some rumors online that CBL isn't renewing any leases. Once all tenants are out, they will refurbish the mall or tear it down for another development. Anyone know if this is true? In a recent comment about CTC on CaryCitizen.com, the editors said they are in touch with CBL weekly and that they have a plan. I just wonder what's left retail-wise for the site. Most all big boxes are at Crossroads. Big brands are already at Crabtree or Southpoint. Theaters are at Crossroads. Whatever they do, it needs to be mixed-use with commercial, retail and residential, preferably 3-4 stories. They had better shoot high. It's amazing the amount of new retail that Park West Village in Morrisville has brought in. (I don't care about the non-walkable design, but good mix.)
  13. On my way to take my daughter to Cary High School over the past year, I've noticed the construction of a massive building at the corner of Old Apex Rd. and Maynard Rd. Further research shows that this is Phillips Chatham Pointe, a mixed-use development, featuring 59 apartments and 10,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space when finished later this Spring. VERY odd location for something like this. The lower level retail looks rather bland in the rendering on the site below. Not sure what kind of retail would make it in this location. ($15/sq ft) http://www.phillipsdevelopment.com/phillips-development-realty-begins-construction-on-mixed-use-phillips-chatham-pointe/ Here's a property brochure with more info: http://bit.ly/1A3NJMG More pix and article: http://www.phillipsdevelopment.com/developments/current-projects/phillips-chatham-point/
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