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  1. #5 Looks like motel 6 on 28th street across from Centerpointe
  2. I've always thought that one of the reasons that downtown never changes is because people don't want it to. It's very discouraging to see that the citizens of Grand Rapids want to see things stay the same. Wasn't this one of the reasons that the size of Icon was reduced. That's why I love the UPers; it's refreshing to see that there are so many interested in moving ahead!!!
  3. Just to the right of the GFS building. I like to look for that too!
  4. I was driving north on 131 this afternoon and was suprised that you can see this development shooting up behind the rest of the skyline. It shows that it is altering the skyline from every view!
  5. I love the photos in this topic. You all have such a great eye for the beauty and splendor of GR (and Pittsburg) !!! I was wondering if anyone has a skyline shot coming into town from the north. One of my favorite sights is coming into DT from the north on 131 when you go over the rise between Ann and Leonard. Talk about Grand Entries!!!
  6. Hi everyone! Just a quick question. As a guest I've always wondered what it means where it says "crossroads, hamlet, metropolis, etc." under your user names. What do these mean and how do you improve them?
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