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  1. Sounds like there is going to have to be a redesign anyway. Maybe these additions could make the Tower happen. Also wouldn't the same type of company that could afford office space in a tower like the Sig, also be the kind of company that would require $400 a night hotel rooms?
  2. Why Doesn't Tony look to open some of the floors to office space and retail? Is it the cost?
  3. Yeah it is pretty cool, but I think the Boeing Dreamliner is a smarter way to go. Plus it is not made by the French.
  4. A lot of chill pills will be needed. But I think this is smart, as most projects happen in slow motion. Let us look at this time as window shopping. And if it doesn't happen, Nashville is still one of the best cities in the USA. I talk to so many people that love this city and they don't even know about the Sig Tower.
  5. Charrette is cool, but UP is the place for info. This is where I log on first every time for Nashville info. Also thanks to many of you, i.e. Metro M. and Jeepers12, you have me looking at other cities on UP to have a better scope on Nashville.
  6. I agree it seems that we may have a only postive or negative additude here on the Nashville forum. I have been there also, but hey we are in a great time for our city and maybe we should lighten up... As well as others...
  7. Tony said the balloon ride could not go up more than ten or so stories. This is because the balloon could be blown into the other buildings. I am confused be your posting.
  8. He has ran that ad in many weekly papers in town before.
  9. I got home late last night so sorry I am so late in posting the pictures for the forum meeting last Sunday. It was great seeing everyone and once again it proved to be very interesting. Not a great day for pictures due to the hazy sky but it is the content that counts. On the note I have each picture regarding the subject with the exception of three that I don't remember. I titled those Photo A,B and C. If any one can help me I will edit the post. Thanks smeagolsfree for driving us around to get these drive by pictures. WES 1 WES 2 ICON Hotel Indigo Edg
  10. Sorry I had to go out of town. I will post the pictures from the Forum meeting when I get back.
  11. Chris no problem, if you go to the next forum meeting I will let you use one of mine. Please let me know if you will be there and I will try to bring an extra. This should be another topic, but I think when we meet we should all bring as many cameras as possible to forum meetings. That way we can loan them out to other members and see the city thru their eyes.
  12. Chris the last picture has a unique painting look to it. Did you do any post edit on the picture? Thanks for posting them!
  13. If a post is not attacking another poster or rude i.e. out of taste, can we just let them speak. I agree metro that we all have been a little too rah rah for the SG. I do hope it is built, but life will go on otherwise. We always have Bristol... LOL... Maybe the could help take some cost out of the Sig with their Styro designs. J/K... The reason I am posting this is that half the fun in purchasing something, is the shopping for the item. Much the same as speculation for many of these projects. I do understand and respect that this is not an open forum for anyone and I appreciate the opportuni
  14. Everybody, Jeeper12 and Metro.M have made some great points. I think that we should all be a little more careful when meeting with developers of projects. I think that you can tell from my post that I am excited about new projects in Nashville, although I think we should be a little careful at taking their words as gospel. Looking back at our forum meeting at the Sig Tower, I have to say that we all hung on every breath of Tony G. kind of like the snake oil salesman selling a tonic that will cure any problem. Again understand I am excited and really want all of these projects to happen. Al
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