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  1. metrogrkid

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    I can remember when people would do this ----> when talking about Terminal Projects #12 and #16 that are now a part of the new Update to Ford Airport's 20-Year Masterplan. #YouGoFord
  2. metrogrkid

    The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    New Housing Project at former Red Lion site in Westbank City's Bridge Street Corridor
  3. metrogrkid

    New Meijer "Bridge Street Market" on the West Side

    They are dropping the ball on a precept of "Marketing 101": when you have a successful name and you are branching into a new venue, feel free to create a new moniker while still maintaining a visible connection to your success. Meijer has chosen "Bridge Street Market". No problem. They are sleeping by not calling it "Bridge Street Market by Meijer". Make "by" in a really small cursive font and "Meijer" in its normal font albeit equally really small. Done. Egad.
  4. metrogrkid

    RFP - 201 Market

    Smart STREETRAIL (SRT) transit extends walking radii by connecting together popular heavily used destinations that share a common district (i.e. - greater Downtown GR for this discussion) but are still perceived as far apart from a walking standpoint. Monroe North, the 201 Market/234 Market area, Studio Park and the Downtown Market area (with future addition of Westbank City area [GVSU-Robert Pew Campus/Dash West & YMCA Lots/Bridge Street]) are those very types of destinations or are definitely becoming so; locales that GR can apply more smartly than Detroit and that GR has right in its face and cannot see as it often does its best imitation of not being able to see the forest for the trees . . . .
  5. metrogrkid

    RFP - 201 Market

    The two Flaherty & Collins shots here are what moved me* to pop my thumb up in the air with added hope for Downtown GR's future as the hub of America's #52 metro area (*: someone from SE GR who rarely allows himself to believe that GR actually WANTS to attain the GRAND part of its name). The first image of the Phase III 15?-story housing tower/grocery/retail base and the Phase I housing/retail base at the bricked-in intersection of Williams SW and Market SW (with GVSU Seidman School and S-Curve across the river peaking through at the end of the block at the new Shore Drive SW?) is what convinced me that we might be on the verge of being serious about our location midway between Chicago and Detroit. The second image reminds me that right on the east side of 201 Market is the 234 Market development and its connecting tissue to the Studio Park development and its complimentary destination-generating mix (just a 5-7 minute walk away); it is an image that says "not in Hooterville any more". Arena South, MarketVille Triangle (Market-Oakes-Grandville) and Fulton-Market Site may soon be under greater pressure to add-on to the destination uses coming together adjacent to them; this could inspire a tweek to the long-proposed Market-SouthDowntown/CBD/MonroeNorth streetrail alignment. I'll reserve the use of "Urban Development Swag" until this and Studio Park are humming on most any night....
  6. metrogrkid

    RFP - 201 Market

    Another EXACTLY! Progress requires investment and belief in the worthiness of investing in your own future; NO developer will do what you won't for yourself.
  7. metrogrkid

    RFP - 201 Market

    EXACTLY! The quicker WE in GR stop tiptoeing around calling out our penchant for naiveté/arrogance in the face of handling projects while being a place that's never been a big city before, the better off we will be. The sense of "knowing everything better than anyone else" that certain GR citizens display is nauseating and has always been counter-productive. EJECT THAT MINDSET QUICKLY! Move on with open minds and a focus on truly attaining GRAND; we will be exponentially better off for it.
  8. metrogrkid

    The "tone" of UrbanPlanet Grand Rapids and its future

    Well, the DOING BETTER QUICKLY is looking good; please keep to the good direction it leads. It holds us all true to doing what is beneficent and good as we chart our individual and unified courses for attaining the first part of our collective name . . . . that pesky GRAND thing. Huh, the Metropolis of Michigan's Grand River. 'Nuf said. I am proud to be a part of our claiming of our name on the stage of the world . . . . -Metrogrkid
  9. GR_Urbanist:

    Thank you for adding your sane commentary to the voices that have been pointing out over the years how immature and irritating certain folks' snarkiness is; it has tainted what is otherwise a great online forum  <insert sad sigh effect here>


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    2. metrogrkid


      Keep it rollin' and movin' just like that, GR_Urbanist!  :camera:

    3. Veloise


      GRU, I also appreciate the high road you've taken.

    4. GR_Urbanist
  10. metrogrkid

    20 Fulton E, Mixed Use Development

    Ka-Boom. The rise of METRO CENTER! Division/Fulton state the fact of your CENTERNESS like 20 East Fulton will!
  11. metrogrkid

    20 Fulton E, Mixed Use Development

    Ka-Boom. The rise of METRO CENTER! Division/Fulton state the fact of your CENTERNESS like 20 East Fulton will!
  12. metrogrkid

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Hmm. It appears MLive has finally stated the TRUTH ABOUT TRANSIT/MOBILITY in Michigan. Huh. Rick Haglund: Michigan policymakers are state's biggest mobility hurdle
  13. JoeD : And now if they can just inspire the Parking Authority to narrow and heighten their current Arena Ramp Addition so that they can apply the 38 Commerce-design wrap-around example re-imagined instead as a U-shaped wraparound destination retail / entertainment VAArena South Atrium of three to four stories; designed to mimic the Fulton Street façade with it’s own curving glass curtain wall that also houses the vertical transportation and atrium well for the stacked shopping concourses behind it; lit up at night with activity even on non-event nights; generating revenue for parking services and other needy city services; skywalk-connected across Oakes Street SW into a 2nd-level concourse on the north side of Celebration facility. In conjunction, the old Gentilozzi concept for the Area 5 hotel/apartments/1st floor streetside and interior 2nd floor shopping concourse; connected across U.S. 131 exit/entry boulevard by skywalk to the east side of Celebration facility. Now if only to be able to conjoin the northward Monroe Avenue half of the original streetrail alignment with Mayor Logie’s new Arena South loop concept (it deviates from Monroe Avenue Two-Way Center Corridor south at Monroe/Pearl up Monroe Center past GRAM, turning right on Ottawa to VAArena/BOB area, across Fulton on Ottawa to Arena Place/Celebration facility/VAArena South Atrium/Area 5 development area, left onto Oakes to Ionia, continuing right up Ionia up to Goodrich <to serve Market Area prior to turnaround>, left onto Goodrich through Heartside Park/Globe Apartments/Metro Park/Looseleaf/Herkimer West area, left onto Commerce to connect back to Central Station via last leg of alignment from Commerce left to Cherry and left again from Cherry to Central Station underneath U.S.-131 S-Curve). A study of translating the Arena South plan into a destination 1/3- or 1/2-scale of the LA Live area that surrounds LA’s Staple Center or the area surrounding Prudential Center in Boston may be worth a consideration by a few visionaries we know? . . . . maybe . . . . ?
  14. metrogrkid

    THE Downtown Market updates

    Eberhard City Market - Meijer Marketplace - Southgate Market