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  1. Crabtree Valley Mall

    Southpoint has trendier stores, but it's not substantially more upmarket than Crabtree.
  2. Lake Norman Urbanization and Projects

    With Saks? That'd be weird.
  3. SouthPark Mall

    I intend to find out for myself tomorrow :-D
  4. SouthPark Mall

    If the market warrants an expansion or remerchandising, I think they'll be able to make it happen.
  5. SouthPark Mall

    Finish Line becoming a Foot Locker isn't what I expected, but it makes sense. I think the reason Foot Locker left before was that their lease got bought out or something, not a lack of sales. Anyway, one sneaker store in a mall that size is not big deal. Also, Llily Pulitzer is nothing to sneeze at. They're an upscale brand that will appeal to SouthPark's target market. There's still plenty of space to let at the mall, especially with all the no-name stores on short term leases in the Macy's wing. When the economy improves, the store mix will keep getting better and better.
  6. Retail in Richmond

    That's a lot of Kroger for that neighborhood. Could it be too much?
  7. SouthPark Mall

    A new James Avery jewelry boutique has opened in the old Jessica McClintock space and Lovesac has opened in part of the old Foot Locker space next to GNC. Both are market exclusives, as is The Container Store, which recently replaced Joseph Beth Booksellers..The former Finish Line space is being renovated for an unnamed tenant. My guess is Sur La Table, since it's speculated that Apple wants to expand into its space. Belk SouthPark has opened its renovated Level 1, which now houses the entire home store and a relocated wine shop. Arthur's restaurant has been renovated, too. Level 4 sports expanded intimate apparel and Today's Woman departments, and a couple of misses departments will move from Level 3 to Level 4, to accomodate a larger juniors department on Level 3.
  8. The Mall at Green Hills

    That'd still be hard to do. The flagship stores are pretty well stocked.
  9. Northlake Mall

    Yeah, the Birkdale store is rather close for B&N to give Northlake much of a chance. But you never know...
  10. Northlake Mall

    The Borders space could work for H&M.
  11. Northlake Mall

    Maybe Books A Million will take the Borders space.
  12. Four Seasons Town Centre

    Friendly doesn't have the demographics or the space for the upscale teen chains. Four Seasons still has that edge.
  13. Four Seasons Town Centre

    Stores are still remodeling, Aeropostale and Champs to name a few, but I worry because the high end stuff is leaving. It feels like a fallen empire.
  14. High Point University asked to purchase Oak Hollow Mall

    I'm curious if High Point really has the market for a mall. Oak Hollow pretty much was dying from day one.
  15. Four Seasons Town Centre

    Sorry, double post