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  1. Southpoint has trendier stores, but it's not substantially more upmarket than Crabtree.
  2. I intend to find out for myself tomorrow :-D
  3. If the market warrants an expansion or remerchandising, I think they'll be able to make it happen.
  4. Finish Line becoming a Foot Locker isn't what I expected, but it makes sense. I think the reason Foot Locker left before was that their lease got bought out or something, not a lack of sales. Anyway, one sneaker store in a mall that size is not big deal. Also, Llily Pulitzer is nothing to sneeze at. They're an upscale brand that will appeal to SouthPark's target market. There's still plenty of space to let at the mall, especially with all the no-name stores on short term leases in the Macy's wing. When the economy improves, the store mix will keep getting better and better.
  5. That's a lot of Kroger for that neighborhood. Could it be too much?
  6. A new James Avery jewelry boutique has opened in the old Jessica McClintock space and Lovesac has opened in part of the old Foot Locker space next to GNC. Both are market exclusives, as is The Container Store, which recently replaced Joseph Beth Booksellers..The former Finish Line space is being renovated for an unnamed tenant. My guess is Sur La Table, since it's speculated that Apple wants to expand into its space. Belk SouthPark has opened its renovated Level 1, which now houses the entire home store and a relocated wine shop. Arthur's restaurant has been renovated, too. Level 4 sports expanded intimate apparel and Today's Woman departments, and a couple of misses departments will move from Level 3 to Level 4, to accomodate a larger juniors department on Level 3.
  7. Yeah, the Birkdale store is rather close for B&N to give Northlake much of a chance. But you never know...
  8. The Borders space could work for H&M.
  9. Maybe Books A Million will take the Borders space.
  10. Glad you liked it. I just had to get a shot of it. Changing tastes. KC has a lot bigger a few years ago. They closed most of their stores.
  11. Richmond is a strong market for Saks. The store is in an ideal neighborhood in and it's just the right size for the market. I love to go there when I'm in town.
  12. Lululemon is my new favorite storefront at SouthPark.
  13. That's going to be one heck of a store. Welcome Tiffany & Co.
  14. With Apple coming, maybe the previously reported death spiral at Northlake may have been greatly exaggerated...
  15. The McClintock space is too well-located for something that isn't fashion. I predict good things.
  16. Chesterfield Towne Center is doing what it needs to to survive. They grabbed all the anchors from Cloverleaf and they're filling the empty anchors with discount operations. It's a shrewd business move for them, even though it leaves a lot of waste behind.
  17. Congrats on the Arhaus. They're a hot store right now and they have really nice home goods. The gastropub sounds cool, too. I'm kind of amazed that Abercrombie still gets business anywhere, as they're pretty much stuck in 2002 and a bit overpriced. If I was shopping in that demographic, I'd go to Hollister, AE and Aero first because they're less expensive and nearly as nice. Expanding Crabtree at this point would be tricky whatever way you went, but I'd go with a third floor rather than a basement. I'd also buy out Sears's lease and move a more upscale anchor in.
  18. As I've said before, Stony Point is my favorite mall in Richmond. It's got a very classy feel.
  19. Cinebistro sounds exactly like the kind of attraction Stony Point needed. It's an upscale, adult mall and an operation like this is consistent with that theme.
  20. As long as there's been a SouthPark, there has been multifamily development, and in the last few years it's become more urban. I think these developers are feeding a demand that exists. As long as they don't overbuild, it's safe to say they'll do pretty well.
  21. It's going to take a major effort to make Eastland viable again.
  22. Borders started out strong but didn't keep up with contemporary retail trends. Then they ran out of money. Recipe for disaster.
  23. Big-box bookstores are awkwardly sized for re-use. Most retailers are looking for either more or less space than what they offer. Adding the second level into the mix raises the complications.
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