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  1. Looks like the NCDOT finally came to a consensus with NS. However it seems not all of the money will be allocated; only 461 Million compared to the $545 originally promised. Either way this is great news for the state and our rail service. Here's a link from the Charlotte Observer..... Rail Deal
  2. Took this tonight on my way home from WSSU. Didn't come out too great but I figured I'd contribute.
  3. Good Morning Charlotte! Shot this Saturday morning from my friends place in 1st ward.
  4. ^ I'm feeling those plans, I think Greensboro is much overdue for a nice wings place. I know in both Columbia and Chapel Hill they have wing places downtown and they always seem packed when I go by. Add that on to the large student population around town and I think it would be a hit.
  5. I was down in Columbia this past weekend visiting family and had some time to spare so I headed downtown. Here are a few that came out somewhat decent..................
  6. Nice pics you guys. I'll add a few of Greensboro, I took these about 2 weeks back
  7. Some night time views of Lexington's "mini-line"
  8. I took a trip down to the QC today for a ride on the light rail. I got a new camera for x-mas and it's a big upgrade from what I had before. Here are a few shots I took while uptown........... I've heard alot of talk about how great the skyline looks from Wilkinson, so on my way home I decided to see it for myself. Sorry for the sign, but you get the picture.
  9. CharlotteDave, I boarded at 485 around that time as well so we might have seen each other lol. I traveled down to the QC just to ride the light rail myself and to test out my new camera. I was extremly impressed, ride was nice and smooth and also a good crowd. There were people standing before we even left the 485 station! I do however have a complaint about those darn machines as you have to bend down just to put your money in. There also pretty slow as well, but besides that everything went smoothly. O and on my ride back down our train was a double header, still with standing room only. Overall I had a great trip, I think the gas money was worth it.
  10. I would choose to just have it closed for 2 years. There are some fairly large one way roads in downtown and I'm sure traffic can be detoured over them efficiently. With the 6 year plan, there would be even more gridlock than now and people would eventually try to aviod the highway anyway. However I belive the time frame for this project is 2013 so things might be alot diffrent then.
  11. ^ Nice pic of High Point. Im so thankfull they repaved Main St. That old concrete bed was horrible driving on and made a very bad impression for vistors.
  12. I'll try to contribute..............looking up the side of 1 Wachovia.
  13. ^ Love it!! I've seen it from the stands but this adds on a whole new prespective. Good job bud
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