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  1. I live very close to this parcel, and 25-35 stories just isn't going to fly there unless there are some setbacks with the biggest height adjacent to the tracks. This is a neighborhood consisting of primarily single family homes, so that must be respected. Not to mention it would stick out like a sore thumb. I'm all about density and downtown (that's why I live where I do), but the people who already live there need to be considered. This development also makes me wonder about the proposal to close the at-grade crossing on Cabarrus. It would make traffic a complete cluster in this neighborhood with a huge development and no way for heavy traffic to easily flow around it. Many in the neighborhood are curious about what this means for Haven House, which is a great resource for the community. I hope they're able to find a place to continue their great work if they're forced out.
  2. It seems that Richard Johnson of Cityspace Homes (Rosengarten Park, Dorothea Gardens, Caraleigh Commons) is assembling properties across from Dix Park along Lake Wheeler Road under the name Dix Park East LLC. So far they've acquired 1215, 1213, 1209, and 1205 on Lake Wheeler Rd. It will be interesting to see what they have planned.
  3. Does anyone know anything about the Men at Work parcels (611 S Saunders and 520 W South) and the parcel directly to the east (518 W South)? They were purchased in November by an LLC that doesn't appear to be affiliated with Lambert.
  4. Two new retail stores have opened downtown in the past week. Lumina - 123 E. Martin St. - men's clothing Deco Raleigh - 19 W. Hargett - art and gifts
  5. Looks like the Clarion has a new owner and will be getting some updates for its reincarnation as a Holiday Inn. http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/09/05/2319290/new-owner-plans-to-give-downtown.html I'm really glad to hear this. That hotel has a lot of untapped potential.
  6. The owners behind Isaac Hunter's Oak City Tavern are opening up Joel Lane's Public House in the old Enoteca Vin/Sauced/Artisan space on Glenwood. Noticed the new sign and flags outside on my walk this evening. They are supposed to be opening August 15. Surprised I hadn't heard anything about it until now, I guess I've just been out of the loop!
  7. I don't know if it's related or not, but the parking lot in front of Sushi Blues, Zely & Ritz, etc. was being torn up this evening.
  8. A friend of mine who does marketing for the parent company posted this sketch of the Ale House yesterday. No mention of when work will begin or expected opening, though.
  9. Glenwood South has another new retail addition: Gyspy Jule is a women's clothing shop that is now open at 520 West St. across from Ornamentea.
  10. I've noticed work being done inside the space at the corner of Glenwood and Jones (across from Turkish Delight) for the past few weeks. Carpenters were building what appeard to be some sort of shelving. Yesterday the windows were covered with paper that said "Raleigh Wine Shop". I didn't see any info about expected opening dates. I think this is a good addition to Glenwood South. I live nearby, and the closest place to walk and grab a bottle of wine in a pinch has been Raleigh Beverage next to Dive Bar, which (as you can imagine) doesn't have the best wine selection in the world. Hopefully the Raleigh Wine Shop will do better than the European Espresso and Wine Cafe now that there are more people living in 222, Tucker, West, etc. Edited to add that I just read Sue Stock's column in the N&O and the expected opening date is sometime in April. Also, the owners include two former managers from Seaboard Wine, so they know what they're doing.
  11. Yes, I believe this is the stalled apartment project at Seaboard. A friend is the organizer for the Music on the Porch series that was using the Peace China parking lot after the closing of Capital City Grocery. He said that Music on the Porch will be moving to a location in the warehouse district this year because of the construction of the apartment project. Developers would be smart to build mid-price range apartments in downtown. There is probably more demand there right now than at any other price point, especially with the housing situation the way it currently is. Actually, they should have started building these projects when 712 Tucker did, and they would likely be raking it in right now.
  12. The N&O is reporting that City Council unanimously approved this project. Crescent expects to start construction in May.
  13. I haven't heard anything about it, but I'm definitely interested to see what happens here. I think timing of the RFP is going to be important. At the moment, it seems that the area needs a shot of adrenaline to get things going again. Gordon Smith's project has apparently gone bust since the block he worked to buy up and move houses from is now up for sale according to a large sign on the property. I also found an article in the TBJ from last year saying that his company, Woodpile LLC filed for Chapter 11 (http://triangle.bizj...09/daily80.html). I haven't heard of much other commercial development interest, though. When I went on the Downtown Home Tour this year, I visited all of the houses on the tour in this area. I spoke with a few of the owners and it seems that the market for renovated houses was pretty hot while the first-time homebuyer tax credit was available. One owner said she had to drive around and talk to people she saw doing renovations in order to be the first one in line to make an offer. It is good to hear that people are interested in living in the east downtown neighborhoods. I've been watching the MLS for this area since we are now in the market, and things seem to have slowed down a little bit, although it is coinciding with the end of the tax credit and a rise in asking prices. There are still some renovations going on, though. If the right developer purchases the Stone Warehouse property, I think the community will really benefit from it.
  14. Ciago's is officially open. They've got a "Now Open" banner up on the fence, and it appeared to be rather busy when I drove by just a few minutes ago.
  15. Runway Boutique has moved into Catch 22's old space at 322 Glenwood.
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