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  1. New residential...but not University housing. The Flats
  2. Bonnie Cone was never married, never had a son. She did pass away in 2003 and is buried on the campus that she loved right behind the Fretwell building. As an alumni of the school, I would love to see a 49er football team; So what if we stink for the first couple of years...nothing beats a football game during the fall months! I'm not sure about the issue of starting in Division I or II; I think I remember reading something about how the chancellor did not want to start at DII. Who knows. Not sure why Charlotte controlls nearly $2 trillion in assets and can't find money anywhere. Some
  3. It looks like finally the 1970's front entrance will soon get a replacement with a new, modernized brick entrance on Highway 49. The current entrance will remain only a pedestrian entrance; the new traffic entrance will be moved further south on 49, eseentially cutting the front field in half. The entire description (along with other University projects) can be found at Facilities Management Planning A rendering of the new entrance can be found New Front Entrance Rendering Construction should begin sometime this summer...can't wait to see the finished product!
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