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  1. I guess I'm one of the few that is for the project. Again, send it to Walter Hill, and I'll trade you a huge Mt. Trashmore. I'm not thrilled with it being in a residential area........but we need more "attactions" here in the 'Boro to draw the tourist dollar in. I be Nashville wishes Opryland had held out a few more years. What if the them park was a new "Opryland" instead of a "Bible Park"? If it doesn't do well then maybe a Six Flags will take it over. What else is there to do in Murfreesboro? We need something, since we lost the race track. Guess we'll have to settle for the Gr
  2. From everything I've read in the papers, sounds to me like it's a done deal. This thing remained hush/hush for months. I'm not that opposed to it, but think it should have been in a non-residential area. I'll trade those folks a landfill for the Theme Park, however. Have you folks seen Mt. Trashmore recently? And right by our water souce-- shame, shame.
  3. I have heard that there are already plans to widen Med. Center Pkway (when they start on the other phases), making other ventures absorb part of the cost. They did not get the $$$$ at first for Med Cener Pkway, and thus plans to widen in the future. Kind of dumb if you ask me. One other road project finished in the 'Boro is Greenland from Highland to MT Blvd.
  4. Wasn't there also something rumored out Manchester Pkwy area? Also, what are they doing over by Shoney's on Church? Are they extending Rutherford Blvd? I heard that once upon a time, that Northfield was going to be a loop around the city, but I guess it probably would have cut right across Old Fort GolfCourse, hence it's ending over by Buster's. BTW, the new interstate exit opens today, with a direct route to MT's campus (still will be a bottleneck at the intersection of Main/MT Blvd). There are supposed to paint huge MT logos on the major intersections near campus.
  5. I'm hearing $5 million has been secured for more Greenway, from Walter Hill to behind the Miller Colliseum near Siegel, and I assume connecting up with the Thompson Lane trailhead. Also, looks as if they may be starting some additions over by the Bragg Trailhead off of Old Nashville Highway-- the part of the Greenway that will go behind MTMC, The Oaks, etc. What is the lastest on the extension from Old Fort to Barfield? Thanks in advance!
  6. I think it's wonderful. Was there the other day-- during the week-- and I bet I saw over 500 different folks using it. It is a boon to our city. What a great way to add to the "quality of life" here, and cut down on medical costs due to all the exercise (long-term). Once they get all of accesses built, and the extension to Barfield, it will be among the best East of the Mississippi (Florida has some great Greenways, as well).
  7. You folks are going to have to come check our new baseball stadium next season. I have spoken with a guy who has seen the blueprints and he says they are even better than the artist rendering shown here ..... It is going to be a gem. I agree that MT football games are fun. Look for a new state of the art jumbotron for football this coming season. At MT you seem to get more bang for your buck. The tailgating seen has really skyrocketed, especially in the student areas and over by the RV's and the world famous Hillbilly Hilton.
  8. Dont' forget the peach cobbler at Kleer-Vu. Getting hungry as I type. I would highly recommend Miller's Grocery out in Christiana. But call in for a reservation. It stays packed on Friday and Saturday. They also have a wonderful Sunday brunch. The Front Porch used to be good, but last time I went it had gone downhill. Not soul food-- but Marina's on the Square is a helluva great place. Don't forget the blueberry cheesecake (it is outta this world-- and I don't even like cheesecake!).
  9. While their have been no new highrises, the downtown area is more "happening" than it was 5-20 years ago. Even if "considered" a suitcase campus, with roughly 22,500 students there should be plenty enough students hanging around to support a downtown. The strange thing is, there are no more clubs/student bars here than when I was in school in the early 90's. I was in Athen, Georgia, not long ago during the summer (after the Spring Semester) and you would not believe the downtown area. Probably 75 restaurants/bars/clubs still open at midnight, and packed. I know we aren't UGA, but y
  10. I have heard that the fenced in area across from BWW is going to be a foodcourt for the mall. I have also noticed they are moving dirt alongside Old Fort Parkway down from BWW, to where the old Backyard Burger building used to be. http://www.BlueRaiderZone.com
  11. Also, 1450 WGNS now had two FM stations, 100.5 and 101.9. Nice being able to pick up WGNS in Nashville, esp. the Monte Hale Show at from 4:05 to 5:20 pm weekdays. Blue Raider Zone-- Come Join Us on the Scout Conglomerate
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