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  1. Have you seen this article in the Globe and News? (Canadian news) “Charlotte: The town that Bank of America took down” http://www.theglobea...article1400134/ It’s interesting in regard to the writer’s perspective. However, like in all cases the media wants to make it sound like the game is over and all Charlotteans should just give up and disappear. In my opinion, Charlotte’s future will be based not on the companies we can attract, but the ones we can build.
  2. Still being run by the same folks, are there chances that the food and service will improve?
  3. I don't think Pizza Uno deserves it's own thread, as Im not surprised that it closed. But, didn't see a better place to post this. Anyway, Pizza Uno on the College St side of Three Wachovia is closed. I saw them taking the signs down last Monday. I hadn't eaten there in quite a while but heard complaints from bad service to bad food. It's sad to see another Uptown loss and hope something else fills the space quickly.
  4. Photo of the Vue from this morning.
  5. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere: Dandelion Market is scheduled to open in the former Latorre's Restaurant on 5th in December. It's next to Fiji. Walked by yesterday, they have scaffolding out front for renovations. More info: http://www.dandelionmarketcharlotte.com
  6. Just an update – Just Fresh closed last Friday 11/06. I didn’t check for sure, but it appears all the restaurants from Just Fresh to Quiznos are now closed. That still supports my theory and hope that renovations include the plan to add street level access along 5th.
  7. Uptownliving posted the following on the Misc.Uptown Projects/News - 23 July 2009 - 10:32 PM "Looks like the renovation of the Ivey's Condo building first floor is going to move forward. On the City Council agenda for next week is a grant to expand the 5th St sidewalk to 14 ft in width. The owner of the building is also going to remodel the first floor to "turn around" the retail so that it faces the street instead of the interior atrium." >>> I was talking with Ivey’s Just Fresh Manager earlier this week. Major renovations in the retail section of the Ivey’s building are to begin in mid November. I don’t know if this means the 5th street project is on, but he did tell me that the Just Fresh space is to be reconfigured and they aren’t scheduled to re-open until at least mid-January.
  8. More of the tower crane going up today at the UNCC building.
  9. jfuptown

    The Vue

    "HELL YEA!!!!" This news makes my day!
  10. jfuptown

    The Vue

    They are removing the shorter of the two tower crane
  11. jfuptown

    The Vue

    No, No, No, No!.... hopefully this is just a minor issue which will be resolved soon. Im looking out the window at the Vue while typing this and can see at least one person working, or doing something on the 46th floor.
  12. Noticed some activity on the UNCC site. Good riddance to another surface parking lot Photo from earlier today:
  13. There's a similar article in today's Charlotte Business Journal
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