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  1. Slim's Chicken is great Conway has had one for about 5 years now (fits the college town theory).
  2. A 'pop-up' Halloween store is preparing to open in the former Lewis & Clark space.
  3. I had the pleasure of having dinner at Big Orange this past Friday. The food was delicious. My burger was cooked to perfection and topped with harvarti cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onions. I didn't try the fries because a friend had suggested I skip them to make room for a shake. I tried the lemon ice box shake topped with whipped cream and crumbled graham cracker crust... simply amazing. The waiter was also very pleasant and helpful. I can't wait to return. I walked by J Crew after dinner and I'd suspect the store will be open within the next week or so. Earlier in the week a friend mentioned that she saw a group of people leaving the store late one afternoon (most likely new employees leaving training).
  4. That corner has already improved. If only McDonald's would update it's facade.
  5. Yes, construction of the new J.Crew began several weeks ago and appears to be going well. Likewise for Apple which is right next door.
  6. Any word on a tenant/restaurant to replace Blanc? or Do they still have plans to locate in the space they had begun working on?
  7. Forgive me if someone has previously mentioned this but Dick's Sporting Goods is coming to Conway. The company already has a Central Arkansas presence with a store in Hot Springs.
  8. White House Black Market is nearing completion. Temporary signage is in place.
  9. You are correct, there was another website I used to visit that had a pretty extensive list. Not sure what happened to it. Lately I've been visiting the following: http://www.healthy.a...B/namelist.htm http://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/eng/planreview/PLUMB/namelist.htm
  10. Yes, I am aware of their collegiate partnership. I was referring to a true, 'life-size' B&N. As a UCA graduate and frequent visitor of Hendrix, their B&N is no more than a small section with a few signs advertising the B&N name, and they're generally only open 8-4. B&N does offer a great 'website to college' ordering system for students who purchase their textbooks online.
  11. With this new development, I'm still surprised that Conway does not have a major bookstore. Perhaps a Barnes &Noble would fit in the Village at Hendrix
  12. According to plumbing permits, Golden Corral and Jimmy John's are also opening Conway locations.
  13. That's an excellent location for a McDonald's. Honestly, that office building should have been demolished with University Mall. In response to an earlier post: The University Target has approximately 140K sq ft of retail space, the Rogers Target has appx. 132K sq ft. (These numbers do not include the stock room)
  14. You're welcome. As of this moment, I don't have the exact numbers but I will post them as soon as I find out.
  15. The University Target is, in fact, the largest in the state. From my experiences with the company, only their SuperTarget stores have two entrances. At any rate, the new Target is a welcome addition to the area. They carry a brand of gelato that, until now, I've only been able to find at The Fresh Market. I look forward to this shopping center filling out. With the slowly improving economic conditions and the success of this store, I suspect other chains will move forward with plans to locate at Park Avenue.
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