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  1. I hope the reconfigure the light at that intersection the time for cars to get through that intersection is not long enough I can imagine with people entering and exiting the ramp will get alot worse.
  2. Anyone hear the story about Michigan cutting its subsides for Amtrak for West Michigan?
  3. That corner looks so much better! . Wow what a little paint will do! It's nice this comapny is taking alot of empty run down spaces and reusing them.
  4. Hey he is the reason I got my first ever car! Very nice guy and reasonable , this was my first time purchasing a car he got me in one without credit history at the age of 20. The car was nice and ran great, was suprised bacause I was expecting the sleezy type of salesman you always hear about. Sorry to go off topic. And no I dont work for the company
  5. Well for me finding a spot seems all but impossible when im catching a movie or going to one of the restaurants nearby. It wouldnt be that bad in the summer but winter time its unpleasant. Now that Jo Anns is at Centerpointe i thought I read somewhere they were going to consolidate there stores to they location this true?
  6. Once B&N goes in I will not be visiting Woodland anylonger. The parking situation at the mall is horrible and looks like it will only get worse.
  7. Anyone read on Chris's blog that River City Slims is closed? Thats a big blow to that area I visited once and was very impressed so this is suprising.
  8. I think there should be another option to shop here in Grand Rapid I was at Woodland Saturday night and I have never had such a hard time finding a parking spot in my life and its like that everytime i go to this particular mall now. Who's idea was it to take away from the parking to put in the plaza between on the border and Red Robin? I never see anyone sitting there spring summer fall or winter just seems like a waste and with Barnes and Noble moving in its only gonna get worse i think people in Gr are looking for other options as far as shopping other than Woodland or Rivertown so i think a lifestyle center would work it might just take away business from the other two but a little competition is good right?
  9. Thanks guys well im looking for a loft similar to what I have now. I mainly was looking downtown because I was hoping to finally ditch my car since I have to drive everywhere here but I dont have to be downtown a trendy neighborhood would work just as well. To be honest id take my chances with the job market there than here in Michigan where I have been laid off for 3 months and unemployment approaching 10%.
  10. Just had a question for you Chalotteans im form Michigan thinking about a move to Charlotte next spring because of the bad economy here and lack of work just curious if it is affordable to live downtown Charlotte?
  11. I totally agree I went to see a nice family movie a few guys were bored decided to talk loud throughout the movie so that everyone could hear when someone asked them to quiet down they proceded to swear in front of kids. Studio 28 I stuck to going there only because i grew up going there but the place really went down hill. However still sad to see a landmark like this close. I wonder how this will affect some of the other business in the area. I believe Applbees had the dinner and a move special.
  12. [im confused to why this ramp has to be so large also Most people are going to Lansing, Chicago, Detroit anyways. It looks to me like they are spending just for a wow factor. There is no reason for a ramp this size for an airport this size.
  13. Wow the compeitition between these two facilities is really heating up Now that Metro has the room to grow. Does anyone else see these as suburbs vs the city Metro keeps saying people don't want to tavel all the way downtown for services at spectrum and spectrum seems to be trying to consolidate everything downtown.
  14. I agree it will look horrible with two turning lanes onto I-96, however I think it is necessary. Many times on my way home from class traffic is backed up all the way to Michigan people going westbound on I-96.
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