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  1. it is a really great addition to the skyline and lovely that it isnt tan or dark glass.
  2. you arent really in tune with pursuit's mentality are you?
  3. the city does no maintenance on the property. it is taken care of by pursuit (not that theres much at all). the police tower is nice though huh?
  4. articles like this are ridiculous and are not helping the banking situation. Bank of America is not going into the luxury hotel business... eh whatever... whats the point in arguing with the article anyways?
  5. am i the only one not so excited about levine is planning? in one of the few spaces to make a lively street retail scene or retail district we are going to get 280,000 sqft of retail only... Its not bad, but its not great either. the land has so much potential
  6. the problem with getting a loan is that banks dont want to give small loans that are less profitable to development companies like the pursuit group when they can instead give a larger loan to someone else. As lending gets tighter, less banks are willing to fund a smaller project like encore. For clarification, I am not a pursuit group employee. Also for clarification, liquid was set to be designing several other white water centers around the country. I can see why they have stalled to, but it is unfair to lay the blame on the pursuit group solely.
  7. if you dont know what your talking about, stop slandering a good company... everyone is struggling at this point and it has been a rocky year, but the pursuit group is far from verna and to clarify liquid had significant work beyond the pursuit group
  8. wow the more music venues in downtown the better. sounds good
  9. www.graceonbrevard.com the church is open. Has been for a couple weeks. Its absolutely awesome. The pursuit group is incredibly busy and right now getting financing is extremely tough, encore was close, but has regressed a bit. It is not gone and will be built. remember this company is something like 10 people, but has 6-7 various projects happening
  10. I like it, but in order to make it part of urban life, it has to something to draw more people there. Sure the trees are pretty and a big open lawn a nice concept to lay out and read a book, but how about something like a small playground? A small dog walking specific area? Something that makes the downsides of living in downtown be a bit better, and makes it more usable on a daily basis. I dont really want to see another "the green"

    The Vue

    God so would i... having a great, walkable midrise neighborhood would be incredible... anywhere from 3-8 floors with living retail in the bottom, those kinds of neighborhoods can exemplify urbanism at its best. But this is charlotte, and we paved over the neighborhoods that had potential to become that type of area long ago the vue is cool, but really on a grandscale not all that interesting or unique compared to density... so basically ive full circled back to monsoons point, but for charlotte today, I will still take it, and i do not see the future in the creation of neighborhoods that w

    The Vue

    that can definitely be true and I know you dont want to debate this here but I will just say, in a city like charlotte towers are not built to fill the entire lot in the same way that they are in say the lower east side... so either way the "urban fabric" is patchy in Charlotte whether or not the building is 8 stories or 50, even our most dense street, tryon, has plazas and lots of open space, but thats the business district so its a bit different

    The Vue

    skyscrapers remove people from the city? I dont see the difference in going up 50 floors versus three, once your up your in your home and off the city street anyway... as far as the whole sustainability thing, I think you are overly optimistic if you actually think US home buying choices and building will SIGNIFICANTLY change in two years. There are always going to be little very green communities, but overall people love to live in excess. Now, I think slight changes will be made, green is selling so developers will do it, but not enough to make projects like this unprofitable.
  14. let me know when you can live in charlotte without a car... as far as the green comment, i laughed...
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