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  1. I noticed that Racks and Ribs closed. Was the city finally able to close that donut hole?
  2. The detour around the McDaniel Avenue bridge will remain in place to act as a secondary route when the underpass is flooded.
  3. Anyone have an ETA when the Field Street Experience is supposed to be open?
  4. Looks like you would need a tetanus shot before climbing it.
  5. Any word on the observation tower?
  6. I had been meaning to post about this. I live on the opposite side of I-385, so they sent out a notice to nearby residents about a month ago. It is a great location, but it will be located behind some fairly run down apartments.
  7. One benefit is that the rink could be made larger. The present location is great, but it is just too cramped.
  8. They have begun to remove trees along Hillside Dr.
  9. The Maserati dealership has closed, and Touring Sport has been sold and moved to Greer. Is something planned for that corner?
  10. Well, it does appear to be very nice fill dirt!
  11. Everyone once in a while they work on the large mounds of dirt. I believe I once joked about it being a ski resort, but now I believe it is just a holding area for fill dirt.
  12. Galley

    The Gateway Site

    As I recall, it is also supposed to be tall enough to offer a view of the mountains.
  13. Galley

    The West End

    The Cigar Warehouse lost its lease. It seems there was a clause in the contract related to this new event space.
  14. What's the deal with all the trees along the riverbank that they stripped bare? Will they not be removed?
  15. I, for one, can't wait to get a bridge across Laurens Rd. I fractured my wrist in April, turning onto Hillside Dr. from Laurens Rd., with an SUV bearing down on me.
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