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  1. Didn't know where else to put this, but O'Haira Salon on E. Washington near the Spinx station has been demolished.
  2. Would that be the first Qboda in the area?
  3. I have seen plans related to the Swamp Rabbit Trail, where they would remove on or more stores in the corner, to allow direct access to the trail.
  4. I still miss the "Frosty, Man" dog.
  5. It bothers me that the wall of that small building in the plaza is not parallel with the building next to it.
  6. It did. I saw a sign on the the door on Saturday.
  7. Galley

    Overbrook Lofts

    Who knew Greenville had a Lime Cola bottling plant?
  8. I saw her bus this past weekend on Broad St. I had no idea her campaign was headquartered in Greenville!
  9. Funnelicious hung in for much longer than I expected.
  10. Blimpie's on Laurens Rd. is closing permanently. Their last day is Thursday, April 30th.
  11. Galley

    The West End

    It's a shame they didn't bury all the utility lines when they were doing the streetscaping.
  12. Those are called Vermaports. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermaport I love the baskets with wheels! I often grab a basket because I only plan on picking up a few things, but then end up getting something heavy.
  13. The Burger King on Laurens Rd should look pretty decent (for fast food).
  14. Thanks for the clarification. I was thinking that was going to be a HUGE Comfort Inn!
  15. I haven’t had to fly in a “puddle jumper” in a long time!
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