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  1. I haven't eaten meat in eight years. Burger King has been selling Morning Star Farms veggie burgers for years, but you can get those at your local grocer. The Impossible Whoppers are great!
  2. I had no idea there were athletic fields behind Greenville High.
  3. Are they going to incorporate the layout of the former baseball diamond, like they did with Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium?
  4. Apparently the city has chosen Parallel Parkway as the official name for the new road running parallel to Woodruff Rd.
  5. What am I looking at, exactly? It looks like a grain silo.
  6. I know that Chinese tariffs put a hurt on the bicycle industry, but I'm still not convinced that's a good location.
  7. FWIW, we have received 24" of rain since Dec. 1st.
  8. The plans to enclose the Wyche Pavilion are on hold! https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2019/02/07/plans-enclose-peace-center-historic-wyche-pavilion-put-hold/2804577002/
  9. It is very big news, but no one else seemed to pick up on it.
  10. Pedal Chic is closing its retail location on Dec. 30th, but will continue as an online retailer.
  11. Yeah, it's got a Hemi! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_Air-raid_Siren
  12. Galley

    Power Lines

    FYI: That hideous set of utility poles in Cleveland Park was erected for the Big Dig and will be removed upon completion.
  13. Galley

    The West End

    Looks like a high school.
  14. All of a sudden, we have two teams!
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