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  1. Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    I went to the Apple Store on Monday to get the iPhone X. You can't even see the stripes in the parking lot anymore.
  2. CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Verdae Phase 1

    You can see the dumpsters being used to haul away the old railroad ties.
  3. Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    I've read on other forums that some Sears stops in malls may be downsizing. YMMV
  4. New downtown federal courthouse

    It seems out of proportion. It would look much better with 12 stories.
  5. I rode bike across the new Salters Road overpass on Friday. There is still some lighting to be finished, but overall it turned out very well.
  6. New Statues downtown...?

    The first one is my top choice, as well.
  7. Rails to Trails

    Prediction: The Laurens Rd. overpass will run over (or possibly, through) a new strip mall to be built in the place of the current strip mall that houses Spinx University.
  8. Northpointe mixed use development.

    Is Canal Insurance still in business?
  9. Cancer Survivor's Park

    Now open on weekends. Full opening is scheduled for July 8th. I wasn't sure why they added that little curve at the end of the bridge, but it may have been intentional to make the bridge symmetrical.
  10. Cancer Survivor's Park

    It was still closed on June 2nd.
  11. New Statues downtown...?

    I honestly never cared for the Path of Becoming. I won't miss it.
  12. New Greenville developments

    Is it being demolished or gutted for refurbishing? The way the windows are taped over, it appears to be the latter.
  13. The Food Thread

    Freddy's closed two weeks ago.
  14. New Statues downtown...?

    It was relocated to Fluor Field a couple of months ago.
  15. Greenville Photo of the Day

    I do, now!