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  1. Is there really a market for that in Gastonia?
  2. If Texas and Oklahoma leave the Big 12 will be dead, the other power 4 conferences will pick off the remaining teams that they want. The Big 10 will also probably make another attempt at picking off some ACC schools. Sooner or later all those schools will go off on their own and leave the NCAA in the dust.
  3. That shadow could be a big distraction for ball players during afternoon games.
  4. eastsider


    I guessing this is the site of the old McClintock Woods pool?
  5. Now that the Hurricanes are no longer affiliated with the Checkers the odds of the ever happening are now less than zero. The Hurricanes are scheduled to play a game at Carter Finley Stadium next season so if you feel like making a drive then you can enjoy that.
  6. That was the point that I was making, the team knew that this was coming down the pipeline from the league and therefor was in no hurry to sign the coaching staff. On the bright-side, hopefully we will be in a position to play in a packed stadium for the teams first game. Team sports in this country are going to be a mess for some time. It would suck to have a first season that Nashville and Miami have had with the start/stop then months of unknown, and now kind of a restart.
  7. It was pretty apparent with the being this late in the year and still not having a coaching staff in place.
  8. Important note: MLB has no plans to expand anytime soon.
  9. And now the teams announcement of name and colors is being delayed. Maybe they will wait until the team walks onto the field for the first match to reveal them, or they just settled on Charlotte MLS Club.
  10. See the problem here is that you are an informed person, meanwhile the MAGA's believe everything dear leader tells them.
  11. Meanwhile CLT continues to score F500 companies! Cruise ships? We've already seen how "safe" it is to stay on those during a pandemic.
  12. Missed this a couple weeks ago but it appears that the teams name and colors will finally be revealed within the next few weeks. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/charlotte-mls-team-name-announcement-expected-in-june/ar-BB14MEWC
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