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  1. Sports in Charlotte

    Charlotte did not make the list of 23 North American cities selected as host sites for the World Cup 2026 bid. Atlanta and Nashville did make the cut.
  2. Charlotte Photo of the Day

  3. SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Demo at Hazel Apartments site Site of Liberty Southpark Inspire Apartments
  4. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    2001 all over again
  5. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Everyone already realizes BB&T won’t work for MLB. It was stated many times by the Knights before and during construction. As far as a future MLB ballpark, there will be a large plot of land available a couple blocks south in a few years.
  6. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    Felix Sebates said he wants 20,000 parking spaces, if he fills those at average of $50 per space then that equals $1M per event. The new team owners will never get that from an uptown site.
  7. Carolina Panthers

    http://www.wcnc.com/sports/exclusive-where-the-new-carolina-panthers-stadium-could-be-built/506618541 Hopefully all the dome supporters also enjoy sitting in traffic for hours and $50 parking.
  8. Carolina Panthers

    ^ Nah, Panthers make the playoffs. They are blessed in playing the NFC East (Eagles and 3 doormats) and the AFC North (Steelers and 3 doormats). Also, the NFL will announce the games to be played in London next season on Thursday. The Panthers are one of the few teams that have not yet played there and with 5 games in London in 2018, I'm taking a wild guess that their name is drawn.
  9. Carolina Panthers

    The highly republican Cobb County built the new Braves ballpark without a vote. Time Warner Cable Arena was build even though funding was rejected by Charlotte voters. Funny, the Knights moved from Ft Mill to Uptown and the Panthers may move from Uprown to Ft Mill.
  10. Carolina Panthers

    What???? The weather in Tampa is different than the weather in Charlotte? Thanks for clearing that up. What I stated was that the stadiums are similar, not weather. The only requirements to host the college football championship game is a stadium with a capacity of at least 65,000, which Charlotte already has. There is no weather requirement. You clearly already knew that though.
  11. Carolina Panthers

    So that hypothetical stadium could potentially host 2 Final Fours over 20 years when the stadium would then be considered outdated and needs to be replaced?
  12. Carolina Panthers

    The NCAA is headquartered in Indianapolis, it will always host the Final Four more than other locations. The NFL has a regular rotation of New Orleans, Arizona, and Miami that host Super Bowls that the execs and media love with LA and Vegas likely to soon join the mix. Add to it large southern metros of Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta and that takes up the majority of the sites. New York, Indy, San Francisco, and Minnesota have shelled out big money on new stadiums and hosted one SB each. The college football championship was held in Tampa last year, a Stadium in the same age range as Charlotte, new mega stadium not needed.
  13. Carolina Panthers

    Charlotte is not Atlanta, Dallas, or Los Angeles. The current stadium fits the needs of the team fine, its more in the league of Tampa, Kansas City, Denver, or Baltimore. Those stadiums fit the needs of their teams which are all doing fine financially. Spend $2B on a retractable-roofed stadium just to host a Final Four or Super Bowl one time is just insane.
  14. SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    And current renderings