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  1. My guess is there will be an announcement in a months time when the Mexico - Czech Republic match takes place. There should be some extra soccer media in town and it would be a good way to build buzz among local soccer fans.
  2. Glad for Greg, he can go and just be an extra receiver on 3rd downs or goalline and has a decent shot at returning to the Superbowl next season.
  3. Unfortunately the ACC has been watered down with expansion, just can't get excited for a Pitt-G Tech game or Boston College-Wake. The league was way better at 8 teams with Maryland included in the mix. Wish they could have done the expansion for football and left the other sports at 8 but the TV money dictates everything now. BTW I have been to many Wake games on a weeknight, it's fairly easy to access but the triangle is a bit of a stretch for me, just go on weekends so its not so rushed.
  4. Once again comparing a city to the whole state of NC, of course the results will be skewed. Also, stating that Charlotte, Traid, and Triangle are basically one metro area is well... There is no way someone is getting off at 5 driving out of Charlotte, NC in traffic and making it to Chapel Hill for a 7:00 tip.
  5. Nashville has: Vanderbilt (SEC) Middle Tenn St (CUSA) Belmont (Ohio Valley) Lipscomb (ASun) Charlotte has : Charlotte 49ers (CUSA) and in the suburbs Davidson (A10) Winthrop (Big South) So if you want to go to a game on a Tuesday night it would seem that it would be easier to do in Nashville. Trying to compare Nashville to the whole state of NC doesn't make any sense.
  6. Of the two things listed to in Charlotte, one of them is actually 100 miles outside of town. Poorly researched article.
  7. The city already has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrades to the stadium... and a beautiful stadium it is.
  8. The gas station is on a very small lot, bk is as well, what could fit there that is "worthy" of being in Southpark?
  9. Another class act gone... Greg Olsen and the Panthers agree to part ways.
  10. Side note, light snow and a high of 33 degrees today in St. Louis.
  11. Left Houston off and next year you're going to have to add Los Angeles and Las Vegas to the list. If you're talking Superbowl then Miami and Tampa will always remain in the mix. If a new domed stadium is build then Charlotte will get one token SuperBowl like New York did. Might get one or two final fours, not sure about college playoffs... maybe if it expands by four more teams.
  12. Even if the Independence stay in Matthews ,Memorial Stadium would still have a use. Possibly a revived Hounds lacrosse team, high school football, Stumptown Athletic has expressed an interest in playing there, and the Eagles mens/womens team could also be a possibility.
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