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  1. There has been a change in plans on the North Taxiway project that will result in the closing of the Airport Overlook on October 3rd. A temporary overlook will open on October 17 at the corner of Old Dowd and Airport Overlook Dr and will remain in place until the new permanent overlook is opened. https://cltairport.mediaroom.com/Old_Dowd_Road_Closure#assets_all
  2. Thinking outside the box, two markets have two teams sharing one venue. Wouldn't Las Vegas rather have 17 NFL home dates rather than 8-9? It is also a market itching for an MLS franchise. The stadium is in place, just needs to strike a deal with the Raiders. Vegas has exploded in recent years with the introduction of pro sports and is always looking to add entertainment options for the hoards of tourists. Its looking highly probable the MLB and NBA will also be there by the end of the decade.
  3. So next season do we see Progressive commercials that are filmed at BoA Stadium???
  4. UNC adds a brand name and a presence in the Carolina's, remember the Big 10 added Rutgers in their last expansion, they added nothing but a television market. I could see Duke leading the way in that basketball-centric league, basically the Big East plus the former Big East schools in the ACC (Syracuse, Pitt, BC, V. Tech, Louisville) add in Duke, Georgia Tech, Virgina, Wake, Davidson and VCU. There would still be around 9-10 schools that could play out a football schedule.
  5. Yeah I think that Clemson and FSU are locks for the SEC, potential for Miami as well. The BIG 10 really wanted UNC the last time they expanded (Maryland and Rutgers), I think now they will make an offer that the Tarheels can't refuse. The fallout is going to be a mess, who knows where the schools that get left out of the Power 2 end up...
  6. Right, the state might want to hold off on handing out money for this. The Power 5 is gonna turn into the Power 2 rather quickly.
  7. Frankly, the way things are shaping up not sure what will be left of the ACC in a few years.
  8. Upper bowl seating for the July 9 game against Nashville is available. From the ticketmaster seating chart it looks to be just the north sections of the upper bowl. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/charlotte-fc-opens-upper-bowl-seats-july-9-americana-night-match/YT43LJZMEJBAPDW3453QWNP5AQ/
  9. What???? No way that they get 5 wins next season... 2 wins, Ruehl fired after week 5, Newton resigned again after week 8
  10. A parking deck fronting Tryon? As if that massive one in the backside isn't a big enough eyesore...
  11. He may not be moving the team but I could definitely see him threatening to move the team to try and get what he wants. Although by the end of the decade I could see San Diego being in the mix to put together a stadium deal, they also happen to be desperate for an MLS franchise. He said he wanted a casino as part of the headquarters project when it was announced but realized to late that there is zero chance of that happening in SC, this current situation is his way out of that deal.
  12. Proposal at 311 E. Second St. would rise 65 floors and house a 326 room Conrad Hotel as well as the 136 unit Conrad Residences Austin. Work is planned to start in late 2022. https://conradresidencesaustin.com/
  13. Ground has broken on this project now called 321 West which will stand 675 feet tall at 58 stories. This project will contain 369 apartments and 140,000sf of office space with completion expected in late 2024.
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