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  1. 6 hours ago, TCLT said:

    All of these cities have an MLS team (granted Sacramento's entrance into MLS is on indefinite hold, but they have an existing team in the USL in place already). Tepper paid $350 million for the MLS franchise, he's not gonna let that go. He's can't move to a city with a team already (LA and NY are the only markets that can reasonably support two MLS teams right now). And he's not moving the Panthers but leaving CFC here. CFC as the sole occupant of BofA Stadium makes no sense, plus the backlash to moving the Panthers would spill over to CFC if he tried to keep it here. San Antonio would be the only realistic place he'd be able to look at, but Texas is pretty saturated with football and soccer teams. There's no other markets that have neither a NFL nor MLS team and are as large as Charlotte or growing faster than Charlotte. The Panthers and CFC aren't moving, and this isn't a diabolical plan to blackmail the city/state and lay the groundwork for pulling the team(s). I think this is firmly a case of never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Tepper is proving himself to be eminently incompetent at all things having to do with running professional sports franchises. He's hired poorly, he and his team have recruited poorly, the coaching is a failure, the on field product is mediocre, and fan service and community outreach has been poor. And of course everything related to real estate projects has been a disaster. The fantastic home attendance and home record for CFC can be attributed to grass roots excitement for soccer in Charlotte and is in spite of some poor decisions from TSE regarding PSLs, ticket prices, and concession prices. The only success he's had is at something that can be done by simply throwing money at it, namely winning the MLS expansion team.

    Thinking outside the box, two markets have two teams sharing one venue. Wouldn't Las Vegas rather have 17 NFL home dates rather than 8-9? It is also a market itching for an MLS franchise. The stadium is in place, just needs to strike a deal with the Raiders. Vegas has exploded in recent years with the introduction of pro sports and is always looking to add entertainment options for the hoards of tourists. Its looking highly probable the MLB and NBA will also be there by the end of the decade.

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  2. 15 minutes ago, carolinaboy said:

    Yeah, I've go to think CLemson and Florida State to SEC for sure and possibly 2 of Miami, VA Tech, NC State or Louisville. With VA Tech and NC State that gets the SEC into two new southern states (VA and NC).

    I'm not sure what UNC adds to the B1G if were talking about football moves. Obviously basketball makes sense but I'm not sure this is about basketball if schools like Kansas, UConn and UNC haven't already been taken. I think its more likely Notre Dame, Stanford, Oregon and Washington to the B1G to help out USC and UCLA.

    Perhaps UNC could lead the charge to form a breakaway basketball-centric league. UNC, Duke, Wake Forest, UConn, Louisville,  Georgetown, Saint John's, Villanova, Seton Hall, Providence, VCU, Charlotte and Davidson.

    UNC adds a brand name and a presence in the Carolina's, remember the Big 10 added Rutgers in their last expansion, they added nothing but a television market.

    I could see Duke leading the way in that basketball-centric league, basically the Big East plus the former Big East schools in the ACC (Syracuse, Pitt, BC, V. Tech, Louisville) add in Duke, Georgia Tech, Virgina, Wake, Davidson and VCU. There would still be around 9-10 schools that could play out a football schedule.

  3. 2 hours ago, carolinaboy said:

    Yes. I think I saw somewhere where E$PN is already using the term "P2". How (some of) the mighty have fallen in a day.

    I expect the SEC to add Clemson and Florida State further diminishing the ACC. I also doubt the ACC holds on to Notre Dame (Big Ten). 

    I would say the SEC is the football king unquestionably and even moreso if they add Clemson and Florida State. The Big Ten is not as good in football because they have more dead weight than the SEC. Rutgers, Maryland, Northwestern, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota come to mind. Only dead weight (football) in the SEC really is Vanderbilt, Missouri and Kentucky maybe South Carolina.

    The ACC might be able to salvage some basketball prestige if they act quickly and add Kansas, UConn but those would be horrible football adds.

    Interesting to see what happens next. All I know is, my team will be on the outside looking in so I'm not really worried about it.

    Yeah I think that Clemson and FSU are locks for the SEC, potential for Miami as well. The BIG 10 really wanted UNC the last time they expanded (Maryland and Rutgers), I think now they will make an offer that the Tarheels can't refuse.

    The fallout is going to be a mess, who knows where the schools that get left out of the Power 2 end up...

  4. 3 hours ago, Zeitgeist_4131 said:

    Based on the news about USC/UCLA to the B1G, the long-term viability of the ACC seems less certain.

    Right, the state might want to hold off on handing out money for this. The Power 5 is gonna turn into the Power 2 rather quickly.

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  5. 47 minutes ago, joenc said:

    That's just money that they can spend on boats and houses.

    Doesn't matter. That's not power.

    Ever heard of Stalin, Hitler, FDR, Ceaser or Napolean?

    More seriously though, they may get a few things here and there, but no one is going to side with Tepper with his 5-12 football team against popular local politicians. Some savvy politicians can make hay with this type of thing, like Desantis against Disney in FL.

    What???? No way that they get 5 wins next season... 2 wins, Ruehl fired after week 5, Newton resigned again after week 8

  6. 2 hours ago, JBS said:

    The headquarters isn't leaving Rock Hill. Tepper may be an A-hole and may have money to burn and he may be pissed off by the change in terms. But, he has far too much time and money invested in this location and he would be alienating a significant portion of his fan base if he moves. No other location is better and any other NC location will take money from a new stadium. I'm sure Tepper wishes he had leverage but he literally has none. He's not moving the team to San Diego, Oakland, San Antonio, Sacramento or St Louis (for so many reasons), nor is he moving to London, Toronto or Mexico City. He's literally without a single decent option to move. His only option is to forsake the new facility and stay Uptown at the stadium and adjacent practice fields. The proverbial cutting off his nose to spite his face. Honestly, I'm enjoying this, a billionaire who is not going to get his way. BTW, if the HQ moves to WS I'll walk down Tryon Street naked (that's both a promise and a threat). 

    He may not be moving the team but I could definitely see him threatening to move the team to try and get what he wants. Although by the end of the decade I could see San Diego being in the mix to put together a stadium deal, they also happen to be desperate for an MLS franchise.

    He said he wanted a casino as part of the headquarters project when it was announced but realized to late that there is zero chance of that happening in SC, this current situation is his way out of that deal.

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  7. It seems this building may start construction soon. Now planned at 74 floors it is expected to rise over 1000 feet and will likely be the tallest building in Texas.

    The mixed-use building is now planned to contain:

    352 apartments

    251  room hotel

    686,000sf of office space


  8. 23 hours ago, ertley said:

    I still contend that if Ballantyne's overlords are ever *truly* serious about making it feel like a real place and not a (IMO) soulless corporate park that people also happen to inhabit, they will disassemble those wastes of space arches at the main intersection--and think of places needing a little TLC or visual interest where they can be reassembled--and in their place, on all four corners of Johnston and Ballantyne Commons Pkway, build four (multistory) structures abutting (improved) sidewalks, so that it at least the place has the look and maybe the feel of a real town center. It wouldn't disturb that much of the extant surface lot parking, and each building could be planned for the types of tenants that could operate in a standalone structure with no need for a loading dock, etc. They'd have all the parking they needed for customers, right there.  

    Until that happens, I don't take anything going on in Ballantyne too seriously. 

    That intersection will always be a major traffic thoroughfare, the "town center" needs to be in an area where pedestrians can actually feel safe moving about.

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  9. On 7/22/2021 at 12:38 AM, kermit said:

    Bear with me, my knowledge of Conference USA is lacking. 

    Do any of yall UNCC athletics experts have thoughts on UNCC’s league membership changing if Texas and Oklahoma leave the Big “12”? I can imagine the bottom half of the Big 12 needing to find 7-9 new D1 teams with decent TV markets real quick. Cincinnati and UCF seem like easy choices, any chance Charlotte could (or would want to) wiggle into the reconstituted Big 12? The conference will certainly be the weakest member of the Power 5 if it survives.

    If Texas and Oklahoma leave the Big 12 will be dead, the other power 4 conferences will pick off the remaining teams that they want. The Big 10 will also probably make another attempt at picking off some ACC schools. Sooner or later all those schools will go off on their own and leave the NCAA in the dust.

  10. On 5/11/2021 at 12:25 PM, CarolinaDaydreamin said:

    Hopefully Tepper invests in Independence and can utilize the stadium for CONCACAF Champions league games and US Open Cup games for Charlotte FC, much like how Atlanta United plays in Kennesaw State's stadium for those games.

    Why would he do that when he has a facility under construction in Rock Hill?

  11. 14 hours ago, RugbyPike#11 said:

    I would settle for the Hurricanes playing an outdoor game once a year at BoA and a couple home games at Time Warner.  I don't know how feasible an outdoor game would be in Charlotte when you can have the random 70 degree day in winter, but it would be nice to get some use out of BoA after the football season is over.

    Now that the Hurricanes are no longer affiliated with the Checkers the odds of the ever happening are now less than zero.

    The Hurricanes are scheduled to play a game at Carter Finley Stadium next season so if you feel like making a drive then you can enjoy that.

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