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  1. I agree with some of your points, but you cannot deny the economic impact of the race weeks. The Nextel All-Star Race brings in 94 million a year, UAW-GM 500 (fall race) 106 million, could not find number for Coca-Cola 600 but since it's the biggest race it has to be over 100 million. That's a big part of the hotel/motel tax. The hall of fame will be a year round attraction so that leaves 50 weeks a year where people will not be camping at the speedway.
  2. Pretty impressive, another 400 arce preserve across the river from the 300 acre wwpark. Plus 100 miles of mountain bike trails . Sounds like Mount Holly's getting their act together for outdoor recreation possibilities. Maybe in the future they could expand on this, maybe a large soccer complex like the one in Cary?
  3. ^ I see yuor point and in most other cases I would agree, but I think this is a special case. This is a huge opportunity for Charlotte to gain national exposure and tourist revenue. Rick Hendricks race shop alone gets over 200,000 visitors a year. As discussed on the other thread about the hof, the possibilities are endless when combining the hof with tour packages to other race shops and driving schools at the speedway and so on. Combining the speed channel studios with the hof is like free advertising for it. The state has already expressed interest in help lure and fund the hof. Plus their should be plenty of private money involved too. With the additional hotel and car rental taxes, funding for the museums shouldn't be too far behind. A few years in the life of a city is really not that long.
  4. I saw a piece this evening on news14 that the state offices have not found a new home, but they only have 90 days to move out of the Polk Building. I missed the begining of the story, so I haven't heard if the governer has passed the bill???
  5. ^The current park is located on Heavy Equipment School Road just off Moore's Chapel after crossing I-85 bridge. The easiest way to get there is I-85 exit onto Sam Wilson Rd and follow small signs to Tuckaseegee Ford Park. There is a parking lot at the end of Heavy Equipment School Rd. The road will have to be extended to get to the site of the whitewater course. The only way to get the site currently is to park and walk the trail.
  6. I also think that redevelopment along Kings will happen after the greenway opens and Midtown is redeveloped. The greenway master plan has fairly aggressive changes for Midtown and CPCC areas. The realignment of Kings north of 4th should open up more space for development. The land between 3rd, Independence, and Kings will be key to linking the area. Greenway Master Plan Maps
  7. It looks like the state is also willing to step up for a HOF in Charlotte by working on an incentive package. Winston-Salem Journal
  8. A small article on Kansas City's bid. Kansas City Star
  9. I'm not quite sure where you're going on this one. There has been no national exposure because construction hasn't even started. I think next year when it opens, there will be alot of factors working for it. The biggest being that the US Canoe and Kayak organization moved there headquarters to Charlotte a couple years ago. There will be a host of national competions including possible trials for the olympics, pan-am games, goodwill games, etc... The Charlotte Sports Commission will also be working to bring events here as they do for other sports. There will be a huge regional draw with the whitewater center and the outfitters who work on whitewater rivers in the mountains. Plus, the whitewater course will be used as a swiftwater rescue training center for fire departments from all over the country. As mentioned earier, this is going to be a top notch facility that will add +200 million dollars a year to local economies.
  10. I was out there riding a couple weeks ago and there weren't really any signs of work having been done. There are already some existing open areas, but I'm not sure how relate to the park layout (no stakes in the grouhd yet). Other than that, there's nothing to see but trees and river.
  11. I was disapointed when it was announced that it wouldn't work out uptown, but I really think it worked out for the best. Now it's going to be much more than a water park. From what I've seen just on there website, the place looks great. It will be a huge tourist draw that will benefit the whole region.
  12. I thought I would dig this one up for an update. The Catawba Riverfront Park (Historic Tuckaseege Ford Park) is closing on March 20 so constrution can begin on the U.S. National Whitewater Center. In addition to the worlds first multi-channel whitewater course, the park will feature 13 miles of mountain bike trails, hiking trails, launch point for canoe's / kayak's on the catawba river, indoor and outdoor climbing walls, and ropes course. Other future possibilities that I have heard discussed are a connection with Mecklenburg County greenway system and a connection with a future Gaston County riverfront greenway via a footbridge over the Catawba, but of course those ever happen they are way down the line. The U.S. National Whitewater Center is scheduled to open in the spring of 2006.
  13. eastsider

    The Vue

    Nice looking building . I'm suprised that they made the announcement so quickly (used to haveing more speculation time before seeing a rendering). The skyline will be completely transformed in just a few years. Can't wait to see what gets announced next week!
  14. Good to know i'm not the only one B) . Btw it looks like they started sitework for the rosewood condos at providence & sharon.
  15. ^ Daytona races already sell out so placing the hof in another market in would have no effect on races at their track. By placing it in Charlotte, they could capitalize on the thousands of tourist who already come to the region to visit all the race team shops. A location in dt could be the center of activity with daily tours to all the shops. I think the hof would be more of a year round draw in Charlotte because of the year round activity, where as other markets would see most of their activity just around their race weeks.
  16. I think that the hall of fame should be built next to the third ward park. Crowds could gather there for the induction ceremonies much like they do in front of the nfl hall of fame. They could also have special events in the park during race weeks. Plus, it would be very close to the future transit station. It could help draw a hotel to the area and maybe some restaurants & retail to keep up with the foot traffic. Just an idea. Seriously I think nascar would be foolish to put it anywhere other than Charlotte.
  17. I like the idea. I've always wondered why there are so few statues in this city.
  18. eastsider

    The Vue

    Sounds interesting! I've never heard of a project gear towards women either, wonder what kind of aminities that would include. Are you allowed to reveal who developer is to possibly comare other projects?
  19. Sad to see another old building go, but I here that the interior is in as bad or worse shape than the exterior. I agree that there will be some kind of parking structure with it, but I think that location will be too valueable not to have another use or two.
  20. Today's observer also has an article about the possible swap of Polk Building as part of the state incentive package. They also said that J&W would tear it down if the deal goes through.
  21. I think Winston-Salem already has a good foundation. I really like the feel around trade street with the arts galleries/shops. Alot of activity through there on the weekends I have been up their. The only think that downtown seems to be lacking is a wider variety of entertainment options, but that sounds like its changing with the new movie theater and other projects that have been annonced. Looking forward to see how it all comes together.
  22. I think the greenway will be a great development tool for the opposite side of kings drive in a few years. Though I don't think it will be much of a tourist draw it could make a nice pedestian area for locals. Maybe they could have some cross promotions for the outdoor enthusiast at the future whitewater center.
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