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  1. I second this. Great spot, a bit of a drive but well worth it if you really want to do something unique.
  2. It's owned by Juan Barcenas, former chef at Bordino's and the menu is what he offered at Picasso's Pizza. http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article.as...20.54928.125553 Chef Juan is back in business. Juan Barcenas, who was chef at Bordino's for many years before opening Picasso's Pizza in west Fayetteville, opened Mezza Luna on March 4. Located in the former home of Hog Wild Pizza in a strip center just north of Baum Stadium, Mezza Luna's menu will look familiar to fans of Barcenas' work. Salads from Ceaser to Caprese and fine appetizers like focaccia bread and crab cakes are Barcenas standards, and his Tuscany-style pizza earned him at least one rave review soon after he opened. "A woman called back later and said it was the best pizza she ever had," Barcenas said, beaming. He uses only the best cheeses and the marinara sauce is homemade. Barcenas said after serving nine customers the first night he had 60 the next. He's hired 12 people, four cooks and eight servers, and will be offering an all-Italian wine menu as well. Once the business is more established, he will also add his salmon, beef tenderloin and chicken marsala specialties. Mezza Luna, which means "half moon" in Italian, opens at 11 a.m. for lunch and will be open until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Barcenas said he plans to modify the mood in the evenings by closing shades and lowering lights for a more intimate feel. Barcenas was able to negotiate a favorable lease in the recently available location and is using his own money to bankroll his new venture. "I feel this is a blessing," he said.
  3. And what exactly do you do? At least I put my name on my opinions. I didn't attack you personally in my first post, only your argument, yet you seem to want make this all about me. You've called me naive, quaint, assumed to infer where I've lived or been and twisted my words into an accusation of racism that was never there just because I disagree with you. You really expect people to eat up your position that renaming the street will be bad for business when all it is based on is a stand up comedy routine, the unfortunate circumstances in larger cities and your assumption you know what "most" Americans think? Get a freaking clue, man.
  4. I didn't call anything racist, first of all. My point was that the UA will always have difficulty meeting its goals for minority enrollment as long as it keeps jacking up tuition every year. Second, if you really think that Chris Rock thinks black-on-black crime is funny and not a tragedy, then you heard him, but you weren't listening. But your handle seems to imply that you talk out of your rear end, so I'll let it go.
  5. How in the heck do you think you know where I've lived or where I've been? Of course I am familiar with Rock's routine, which is more of a commentary on the continued degradation of inner cities than anything else. If you can exhibit that areas with streets named MLK are crime ridden because they are named MLK, that would be one thing. If, on the other hand, streets named MLK exist in areas that have continually been neglected, then that is a poor reflection on our society, not on something as inconsequential as a street name.
  6. You're not Chris Rock and this isn't Memphis, so your analogy is apples to oranges. If you think renaming 6th will kill it, that's fine, but it seems like a pretty simplistic conclusion to me.
  7. This is really one of the least convincing arguments I've ever heard. For one thing, the signs will also say "University of Arkansas", which carries no "ghetto" connotation. If anything, the idea of a historically lilly white area like Northwest Arkansas choosing to honor MLK says something pretty positive about Fayetteville. It would be nice, though, if the UA would quit pricing Arkansas' black population out of a college education. Now if someone wanted to rename 412 "Ceaser Chavez Boulevard" I might see some people getting irritated ...
  8. Johnny Brusco's Pizza. 700 SE Walton, Bentonville. 268-6748. Brooklyn style thin slices. I haven't had it myself, but if that's what you're looking for you may want to check it out.
  9. I can attest to the Safe Ride thing myself since I was still in school at the time it was first introduced. The way it was supposed to work was the taxi picked you up at the bar or party and took you home. But what they did instead, was you could actually call them from home and they would take you to the bar, then just reverse the addresses for pickup and destination in order to charge the UA. They would also get the student ID numbers and addresses from everyone in the car and use them to make up other trips. One time we called it to take us to the bar from our house and they sent their limo. The limo took us to the bar, then it sat outside the whole time we were there and eventually took us home. After that, we would call and request the limo and they would actually send it to pick us up. I think Tony C netted around $20,000 in fraudulent "Safe Rides," which led to the program being shut down until the UA started running it themselves.
  10. I've seen signs for a Rockin' Chicken at the strip center across from Wal-Mart on 6th, so that should make it about 34 fried chicken spots on 6th now. also, here's an article we did on the Mathews brothers and the McCafes. There are only about seven markets in the country where you can get them so far. http://arkansasbusiness.com/article.aspx?a...17465&cID=i
  11. A Springdale company has signed on to lease the original Proctor & Gamble building on Millsap Road in Fayetteville. TrestleTree, a health and wellness company ... http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article.as...Proctor+Millsap
  12. the reality on those one-story strip centers is that they are about the only thing holding together the commecial real estate business, not just here, but around the country. typically cheaper to build and maintain of course, and with tenants like drug stores, salons, dollar stores, etc., that don't usually go out of business in a recession because they sell necessities.
  13. The Shoppes at the Bluff (just north of new Shogun) will break ground March 26. East Meets West Spa (originally to be at Bellafont) will be one of the tenants. It is a Mathias project. I had been under the impression those lots around Gregg/Van Ashe were "build to suit" type lots. I doubt we'll see much spec building on those lots just yet.
  14. I always thought the Rogers Fuddruckers was in too upscale of an area. It stuck out like a sore thumb. Hard for me to picture a couple bankers getting ready for lunch and saying, "Hey, let's hit up Fuddruckers. I feel like building my own burger!" kind of funny, I was flipping through some old issues recently and came across one from 2004 where the Fayetteville Fuddruckers and both the Razorback 12 and Rogers Town Center theaters were announced. Obviously the Fayetteville Fuddruckers was counting on the mall theater being built just a wee bit sooner considering they built one of the largest Fuddruckers in the country on Mall Ave. Then Rogers gets two, 12-screen theaters built before Fayetteville gets one and the Fuddruckers goes out of business, possibly sucking the Rogers one down with it.
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