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  1. I say he was here scrambling to get a website that was "brand acceptable" thrown together in 24 hours! I also heard he was supposed to meet with some other key people at Quail and that he only spent a couple of hours there in the clubhouse.
  2. Did you copy and paste this from Dougie's article? LOL - Based on the site plan and based on the information on this board over the past year, I would argue differently.
  3. Norm- According to someone in the know, of the US projects, Charlotte and Chicago are really the only ones that are straight Trump developments with no partners or licensing deals. FYI-
  4. Maybe he will have a Batman light on top with a big T flashing up in the sky like commissioner Gordon.
  5. I would say you can count on at least one more than the Taj McColl, knowing Trump. Maybe as many as 6-8 more - Whatever the case, gonna need a big ole TMD!
  6. Also, it would make sense for the smaller building to be office because of the Tryon address and the hospitality/condo to have a college address. Just a thought, again.
  7. I will speculate and say that the hotel and condo elements would be in the same building. The smaller building should be all spec office and the two floors evident on this rendering would be street-level retail. Just a guess of course.
  8. The ad deadline to submit or cancel for Vincent Publishing was March 28, 2008. Dougie's Eric Trump comments were prior to that I believe.
  9. I notice there is no reference to the skyline in this rendering. One might interpret this as them not really being sure where they would build this "little" masterpiece.
  10. I know nothing other than the fact that I saw this on the tournament website... Guess everyone will just have to wait and see, including me...
  11. Just looked at the domain records and it was just transferred to Trump from James Poag at Infinity on Thursday of last week.
  12. This program will not be in print until in the morning. I am sure there will be something up by then.
  13. I think it is appropriate at this point for everyone to take a look at the Wachovia Championship Official Program page 89. You can view it online at the tournament website. Anyone want to guess about the architect?
  14. According to some inside sources with friends of Infinity, this week will be a major milestone for the Trump Charlotte project. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!
  15. Trump is developing this project. His licensing fee is also about 10X what you speculated.
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