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  1. Lisbon is in Portugal, so we have that one covered too
  2. There has been no word about that Ascot thingy being demolished, has there? That would be great if it were torn down, what an eyesore!!! -k
  3. Apologies for slightly off topic, but all this talk about grocery stores in the same area got me thinking...and Dubones comment on the Dilworth HT. Question: Does anyone think there will ever be a major grocery store built to satisfy the needs ot the north side of Dilworth and South Boulevard area (Wilmore, Camden etc)? If one were to walk, say, from the Pink Building to the nearest large grocery store, they would have to saunter over to Dilworth HT...or alternatively catch the light rail to Uptown and visit Greens. Suggestions? Thanks, k
  4. Not so quick I have been commuting to Louisville every week for the past 3 months, and the cheapest fare I received was $450...9 times out of 10, even with a 3 week advance purchase, the price was over $900. I do agree that some prices are coming down, but as you can see, some things remain the same. Plus, trying to change a ticket with US Airways is a disgrace...sorry sir, that will be an extra $500 to take the 2:30pm Friday flight instead of the 5:00pm Friday flight...I hope THIS practice ot price gouging stops soon! -k
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