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  1. thebeerqueer

    50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    That's awful!
  2. thebeerqueer

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    I've experienced the sudden stopping on I-196 EB once some has realized they should've gotten over sooner. So dangerous. Is the leadership at M-Dot appointed? Is there a way to report dangerous traffic conditions? They seems so out of touch with anyone that actually uses the highways they build and maintain.
  3. thebeerqueer

    Grandville Castle Apartments

  4. thebeerqueer

    New projects on the West Side

    The coffee shop is staying but the gift/candy/nuts shop is moving.
  5. thebeerqueer

    New projects on the West Side

    Lolzzz ... I'm sure the Calvin kids will still frequent it.
  6. thebeerqueer

    New projects on the West Side

    I was in Ferris on Monday and the shop side is winding down and getting ready to move to their new location on Seward. The employee stated that the space will be filled with more seating for the coffee shop.
  7. thebeerqueer

    New projects on the West Side

    You and me both. That place was a dump when I was a kid going to school at St. James and it's a dump now. Good riddance.
  8. thebeerqueer

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I completely agree with you EastownLeo. That stretch of Fuller is a cluster-F every morning and afternoon/evening, this will only increase that traffic. I can't believe PC or traffic dept didn't lean on the developer to create entrances/exits on Race St.
  9. thebeerqueer

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    FYI ... there's a large lion statue on the roof facing the front entrance. Noticed it on this morning's commute.
  10. thebeerqueer

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Beat me to the punch. I noticed them assembling it yesterday around 2:30 PM.
  11. thebeerqueer

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    Some impressive scale footage here. You can really get a feel for just how massive this project is.
  12. thebeerqueer


    Definitely an odd location. Seemed to always have a steady group of loyal patrons. I could never stop smelling Hubba Tubba in there but some of their beers were pretty taste.
  13. thebeerqueer


    Railtown built a larger facility, literally right next door to their original facility, that would allow them more production, warehousing and the ability to have a kitchen. I would assume they vacated their old space but am not really sure.
  14. For the last nine years, I've had friends visit from Detroit for ArtPrize (on the second weekend), they're always shocked by the amount of free and cheap parking downtown. We almost always park in the Government Center ramp and it's $9 all day in a great location. I realize this is only on one weekend and doesn't include the obvious weekday, business hours, parking crunch but there's plenty of parking during ArtPrize.
  15. I saw one of these BS billboards today on Bridge St and Valley St. It's a total marketing scheme. Anyone up for calling MobileGR out via social media?