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  1. On my commute home last night I noticed a lot of these precast panels at Kerkstra and some of them even had windows already installed.
  2. Howdy fellow Westsider I didn't notice the vintage clothing shop when I rode by there on Sunday. Will have to check it out soon. ... WHAAAATTT!!! Frank's is moving? I'm shocked! I love the old building they're currently in but they'll be closer to my house. Do you have an idea of the timeline for Frank's?
  3. They've been open since spring-ish and every time I've stopped by they've been consistently busy. Albeit, I'm only ever in there on Saturdays it's still good to see.
  4. Those biscuits are heavenly. All the more reason to check it out once it opens and let staff know to keep the spice/flavor/heat/etc ... coming.
  5. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/restaurant-fills-ground-floor-space-at-new-downtown-hyatt-place Their first location in the Midwest. I've eaten at the one in Raleigh and it was pretty damn tasty.
  6. All neighborhoods around east/west streets with bridges over the river are anxiously waiting for this project to be completed.
  7. As someone who was performing jury duty earlier this month and lives close to downtown, it was easier and quicker to take an uber/lyft to the courthouse and walk home versus driving to the dash lot on Scribner and waiting for a DASH bus to take me to the courthouse. If there was parking closer and without a shuttle, I would have just driven myself to the courthouse.
  8. Do you mean being fully occupied with tenants/residents?
  9. The developer is very bullish that they'll fill the space with a grocery tenant soon. Something local? Coincidentally, that's where I parked the last time I was at Hancock.
  10. Reminds me of the multi level walkway from the old parking garage(where the UICA is now) to the City Center/Police Department.
  11. Try cycling through that area, it's complete bedlam. I try to avoid that area like the plague.
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