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  1. New projects on the West Side

    Thank you for the explanation and your efforts, I certainly appreciated them. I think as Bridge St matures with the recent and pending addition of apartments and those residents start to realize that they need things other than food and drink in their neighborhood, retail might have an opportunity. It will always be tough but hopefully it will get better as the neighborhood grows into its new-ish identity.
  2. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    As a daily commuter on that stretch of highway that doesn't surprise me. That stretch has been treacherous for years. I took Chicago Drive to Holland today and twice the traffic was stopped for significant water over the roadway.
  3. New projects on the West Side

    I'm glad that your pop-up worked out for you guys. It was super cute. Thanks for looking out for your nosy Urban Planet friends.
  4. New projects on the West Side

    Perhaps GVSUChris can shed some light on this situation.
  5. New projects on the West Side

    Whaaa??? That's nuts!
  6. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Sorry, I should've explained that. Thanks for sharing that information here. Neighborhood Associations are tasked with a wide variety of functions (community organizing, crime prevention, neighborhood beautification, code compliance, etc ...) but the primary one is elevating their neighbors voice. If those neighbors have something to say that may not agree with an opinion here in our insular Urban Planet world, should those voices be silenced just because it doesn't agree with a current vision of urbanism? That's why its important that all residents get involved, somehow, to make sure all voices are heard and not just the loudest/squeakiest wheels gets the grease. I'm not trying to throw a pity party for NAs just trying to explain how it works.
  7. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Just a heads up, most of the Neighborhood Associations that you spit vitriol about are primarily funded from CDBG and their focus is on quality of life. If you think you can do better, by all means have at it. Moving on ...
  8. Lake Drive Changes.

    By far!
  9. Staybridge Suites announced for west side

    I believe one of the goals of GR Forward plan wasn't to acquire those properties but to get easements along the river to develop a narrow park/trail that ran along the river and the businesses could remain. It's such an odd area but has so much potential.
  10. Staybridge Suites announced for west side

    I believe this is from the GR Forward plan, particularly the parts about increasing river trail access on the west side north of fish ladder.
  11. Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    I'll still get my Vans at Premier but am pretty excited too. Maybe not as much as your teenage daughters but enough.
  12. Beer

    Founders has been going gangbusters in Europe, even before their 30% acquisition by Mahou, but that deal definitely extended their reach and visibility. My brother lives in Copenhagen and you can usually find Founders at the grocery store by his house. It's a little crazy.
  13. Staybridge Suites announced for west side

    I couldn't agree more. Feels so disconnected to downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods, even though it's actually pretty close.
  14. Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    New retailer for this area.
  15. Predictions for the coming year

    Zing!!! The snark is on point today.