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  1. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    Hmmm, not sure how the neighbors on either side would enjoy the rooftop bar but good to see this space being re-purposed.
  2. New projects in Monroe North

    Best ArtPrize entry so far!
  3. I was in the HUB on Friday and the robotics kids were having a great time geeking out there. Cool stuff.
  4. Who's Done This?

    Also, this footage shows off our quaint and crumbly highway road surfaces. How artisanal?
  5. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    I think they nailed the flavor profile with the Green Zebra. My only complaint is that it wasn't available all summer long for BBQs, beach days, pool parties, etc ...
  6. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    FYI ... the taplist at Founders is especially on point right now.
  7. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    Thanks for the tip. Will check it out this weekend. I wonder how busy AP will be this weekend with the heat? Record crowds or slow? On the news yesterday it was reported that votes per hour were higher than any other year so far.
  8. Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    Looks like a scaled down Founders taproom. Obviously I'm a fan.
  9. 234 Market, former Lady Godiva's

    The Dutch are mad for orange when it comes to sports. THE HAMSTER CAGE! At least that's what we called it circa 1999 in East Lansing. I think that parking lot/structure is great but I may be biased. GO GREEN!!
  10. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    The old city water building on Monroe and Coldbrook is being curated by Richard App and is also hosting a food truck carnival/rally thingy that looks promising. I wonder with the warm weather, developments and the improvements to the river path if Monroe North will be bumping.
  11. 601 Lake Michigan Dr (at Lexington) Project - West Side

    The grey brick looks pretty slick. The orange accents, not so much.
  12. 234 Market, former Lady Godiva's

    I really agree with you about how massive this project feels. Has anyone heard what might be going in the ground floor?
  13. MSU Biomedical Research Campus

    Sparty on!
  14. 20 Fulton E, Mixed Use Development

    Saw a few U-Hauls there Saturday morning. People moving in. Do we know what's going to be in the ground floor retail space?
  15. Beer

    Mitten state representing hard!