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  1. Wrong corner. It is the corner with the old town hall on it. Up until recently, the homeless shelter and kitchen.
  2. Looking at the site plan submittal, the first phase is the office building with ground floor retail. Phase two is the hotel tower and the residential tower.
  3. The first phase is just office and retail. The rendering is just the first phase.
  4. GSK's manufacturing is in Zebulon. They do not manufacture anything in RTP.
  5. CHGuy

    One Glenwood

    The steel that I see sticking up looks like it is there support the elevator shaft.
  6. CHGuy

    One Glenwood

    It's load bearing metal stud framing. Similar to wood studs. The steel structure below is the podium. I assume the steel will be fireproofed.
  7. These types of projects are all owner driven. They are not about to pay to completely brick up a facade. The owner has their bottom line and you try to do your best with it. The firms that design most of these projects have made it their niche. They have set unit plans and they can spit out a building design very quickly.
  8. They are probably just doing soil borings to test for bearing capacity and where rock may be.
  9. When you count the floors in the illustrations, there are 12. Maybe Cline Design taking some liberties.
  10. Preservation NC is relocating their offices to Oberlin Rd. In the process, they will move a house on their site and move a house to their site. Maybe this house is the one that they are moving to their site. Just a guess.
  11. CHGuy

    The Edison

    I thought Beacon sold the property to Highwoods.
  12. It all comes down to financing. Since the great recession, it has been much easier to finance apartments than condos. Condos required a certain percentage of pre-sales before a project can get under construction. Apartments can get under construction as soon as they are approved. I assume that the developers only have to show that they will be able to rent them out. Right after the recession hit, banks stopped all loans associated with condos. I don't believe that they have loosened up much since.
  13. Up until the current UDO, any project of any size in downtown Raleigh had to have approval from the city council. The new UDO has changed that so that projects of certain heights do not need city council approval, only planning staff approval. Over the stated heights, you then need city council approval. The standards have actually been loosened, yet everyone is upset about height limitations. The limitations used to be more restrictive. The council still wants to have a say in large projects, just not every project like it was before the current UDO was adopted.
  14. CHGuy

    One Glenwood

    I believe the parking deck will eventually have a hotel in front of it.
  15. The wood portion of the building can only be 5 stories tall. So if you want seven stories, you have a two story non-combustible podium and five stories of wood stud construction.
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