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  1. WOW!!! It's about freakin time!!
  2. MSUBear42

    First Friday Art Walk

    I wish I could have gone, I've got a major cold and finals are coming up
  3. Either way, he's loaded. A lot more loaded any 99% of the people in this area. Some pictures I took today of downtown and Missouri State:
  4. That picture of the fireworks is SWEET
  5. Some pictures of downtown! Some pictures of downtown that I took today
  6. MSUBear42

    Ozarks Coffee House

    Yeah, it's designed to be added on to, another 2500 seats, which would put it at a total of 14,000 I think
  7. Yeah, me too... Does anyone know if they are just continuing onto the next phases for 65/44 or will they stop between phases.
  8. MSUBear42

    Ozarks Coffee House

    I can't stand their quotas... A cop gave me a speeding ticket on my BIRTHDAY and I was going 4 over!
  9. MSUBear42

    Ozarks Coffee House

    Will they seriously give out tickets for circling looking for parking spaces??
  10. MSUBear42

    Ozarks Coffee House

    I thought our video was pathetic.
  11. MSUBear42

    Ozarks Coffee House

    I LOVE the new roundabout in Branson, lets do it!
  12. Crowded with ozarkers driving their first flyover haha
  13. MSUBear42

    ***Picture of the Day***

    Cruisin Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO:
  14. Next week already? wow!