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  1. I-275westcoastflorida

    St. Petersburg Development News

    Just adding these here The Edge: The Edge 31 stories would be built at 300 Fourth Ave. S. Its fiber-optic, backlit northeastern face will change color with the temperature La Vista: The 25-story La Vista would be built at 251 Fifth St. N. It would have 196 loft-style condos and parking on the first six floors.
  2. I-275westcoastflorida

    Tampa Development Thread

    Its the fact they dont have enough leases yet because downtown has plenty of office space and most people work outside of downtown but this is also a tower id like to see built
  3. I-275westcoastflorida

    Mobile Developments

    Ive been to Mobile once and it suprised me its a very nice city seems like florida city but yet has its own charm too lets here it for the best city in alabama
  4. I-275westcoastflorida

    The West's newest skyline king--Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas will continue to grow and prosper it has plenty of room to build and water can be drawn from many places its so that city will do fine
  5. I-275westcoastflorida

    ***Picture of the Day***

    Downtown Dallas Old mixed with new
  6. I-275westcoastflorida

    New Worlds Tallest Building located in Dubai

    "With a great empire there is a greater downfall" Thats what i think will happen to Dubai. Why because so many projects at once is just a disaster waiting to happen
  7. I-275westcoastflorida

    St. Petersburg Development News

    Actually i read the airport restrictions thing right off a official tampa bay site when they were talking about the project
  8. I-275westcoastflorida

    St. Petersburg Development News

    Oh i hope that goes through.
  9. I-275westcoastflorida

    St. Petersburg Development News

    Bayway lofts Floors: 29 Height: 371 ft Groundbreaking: 2005 (projected) Completion: 2007 (projected) Type: Residential Status: Proposed Location: Downtown St. Petersburg Address: N/A Originally proposed by developer Grady Pridgen in early 2004, the Bayway Lofts were supposed to be 510 feet high with 42 floors. After battles with the city over height issues, the project was scaled down to a more manageable 371 feet in July of 2004. The project will feature retail at ground level, and a rooftop restaurant, but is primarily residential. Prices for units are set to range from between $200,000 and $500,000 - lower than other high rise residential projects in downtown St. Petersburg. A parking garage will fill the lowest levels of the project, located at Third Avenue N and Second Street. That really sucks the thing about height issues i never knew St.Petersburg had height restrictions its sad to think we could of had a tower as tall as something in Tampa like i said before St.Petersburgs skyline is really behind EDIT:Wow it turns out that stupid airport is the reason why there cant be tall buildings in downtown St.Pete oh well
  10. I-275westcoastflorida

    New Worlds Tallest Building located in Dubai

    Yea but Dubai and many other Asia cities are pulling ahead of USA in their buildings because they are willing to risk building it and our construction companies arent its sad too hear but some day we wont be the best country in the world